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Izzy and Alec are the best we’ve got.

reblog & tag which bnha character you would want to be stranded with on a tropical island and why


Your missus wouldn’t approve. How the hell did you get here? Followed you from Darillium, on the explicit orders of your late wife, River Song.


The Three Sweet Commanders


“I’ve always heard every ending is also a new beginning, we just don’t know it at the time, I’d like to believe that’s true.”


God it’s been a long time since I attempted to animate a thing

This was mostly a test for a bigger thing I wanted to put together, but since I only have so much time this weekend, this is as good as it’s gonna get for now.


japril appreciation week’17:
↳ day 5: scene(s) you wish happened - japril + dating

reminders about adam young:

  • his subconscious reaction to learning about environmental issues is to replace a nuclear power plant with a lemon drop full of eternal clean energy and regrow the rainforests
  • he turned a terrifying nightmare hellhound into a fluffy puppy with a funny ear
  • he wrote a book about a detective that somehow involved cowboys, dinosaurs, and a spaceship
  • his love for his hometown was so enormous that an angel could notice it
  • he accidentally made aliens who were worried about the ozone layer appear 
  • he fights and defeats satan and his destiny because he loves his friends and his world and he wants to protect it
  • he could do literally anything he could think of and with that power he reset the entire world so everything was okay and made chain stores and big highways avoid his town 
  • he is the most wonderful person ever and i love him with all my heart
Allura and Lance BROTP Headcanons #2
  • If Lance is doing Pidge’s hair Allura will sit right next to him with a bunch of hair pins and other stuff in her hair so that Lance can get to them easier. (She’s basically a pincushion with less hurty pins)
  • Allura and Lance will sometimes had a day to just themselves and head on to the beach and swim and try and dunk each other in the water.
    • Allura manages to grab a small white reef tipped shark and holds onto the baby and lets Lance pet them.
    • They let him go and leave, only to return with food/chum for them and they feed the sharks.
  • They went to some tropical islands once and fed the eels there.
    • Allura was not having it, she pretty much stayed out of the water while Lance let them swim and slither across his ankles.
    • He managed to convince her to feed a few and touch one.
  • After a day in the sun they compare skin tones to see who got darker. (Allura usually wins)
    • Sometimes she gets these weird iridescent pink freckles and lance will poke at them to see them shine and change color in the light.
  • You talk shit about Allura she doesn’t really much care, you’re not worth her breath. You talk about Lance however she will fuck your shit up because that boy is worth more than your life and she will demonstrate as much. (And vice versa)
  • The only sweaters Allura wears are from Lance since he knows what she likes and what fabrics are comfortable on her skin.
  • If Lance is having a bad day Allura will splurge on him a bit and take him to all his favorite places
    • She uses it as a distraction to keep Lance busy while she has Pidge and Hunk found out why he’s down and who caused it so she can drop kick them to the moon herself. 
  • Someone talking about Lance from across the room at whisper sound level and not in a good way.
    • *Allura sliding into the conversation like she just wasn’t on the other side of the building*: I’m sorry what? Could you please repeat that for me? ( ͡ಠ ͜ʖ ͡ಠ)
  • They have sleepovers in Allura’s room just to talk or gossip
    • Allura will show him different movies and shows she has and they watch those and she explains all the jokes and other stuff he doesn’t get.
    • Some nights it’ll get so late Lance just falls asleep on her and Allura will smile and just turn off the tv and make sure that they’re both covered before she falls asleep as well.
    • They wake up the next morning and head down to breakfast and everyone is staring at them because Allura has Lance’s shirt on and Lance has her robe on (It’s soft af okay you’d wear it too if you could I’m sure)
    • Hunk: Um…are you guys??? *points at their clothes*
    • They each look down and Lance is fucking laughing his ass off within the first two seconds and Allura is trying to hold it in but she’s failing and in tears at this point.
    • Allura finds it even funnier than it is because she’s 100% aware of Lance’s crush on Keith even if he isn’t quite up to speed himself.

I’m practically taking an expression screencap from every episode lately to use in chats because they convey more than I ever could express with words