i'd go back in time

i just spent the last two hours going through all my old posts to tag certain ones, basically up to the point I started college, though they kept going for so much longer

i feel like i barely recognize the person who was making posts in 2014. it’s so strange. she’s familiar, but she’s definitely not who I am now. i have to be up for class early tomorrow but im overcome with something between nostalgia and a sense that no time has really passed at all. 

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness


1984 Half Moon Theatre production of Dracula starring Daniel Day-Lewis as Count Dracula, Peter Capaldi as Jonathan Harker and Victoria Hardcastle as Dr. Tanya Van Helsing. 

The year is 1880, the place is Transylvania… Just down the road from Castle Dracula, newly weds Jonathan and his young bride Lucie Harker, are honeymooning at a fully-modernised Transylvanian holiday dwelling just down the road from Castle Dracula.

However the conjugal bliss is disturbed by an invasive and every more sinister succession of bats, wolves, mysterious illnesses, mirrors without reflection and locals breathing the pungent smell of garlic…

I finally watched the history boys. It was about 200% gayer than I anticipated. I’m still crying tbh. Posner broke my fucking heart. Also shout out to Dakin for finally allowing me to understand the subjunctive. Irwin! I can’t. Fuck. I’m not getting over this film for a very long time.

A lot of you know that I work for a university as a writing tutor. I work with graduate students and adult/evening students, which basically means that most of them are in their 30′s or older. 

So the other day, this 30-something grad student brought me an essay to look over; she sat down, rifled through her bag for a minute… and then pulled out a glossy black notebook folder with Sesshomaru’s image emblazoned across the cover. (Like the kind of swag you’d expect to find at Hot Topic.) She must’ve noticed me noticing it, because she said, “Oh, I’m not really sure who that is, but my brother-in-law gave it to me for free, so… *shrug*” 

And like. I really wanted to say, “It’s okay, fellow Inuyasha fan. You do not have to lie to save face. I too know the light of dog-boy. You are among friends here. Nerdy, geek-ass friends.” 

But I wasn’t quite prepared to call her bluff, so we just started reading her paper together and didn’t mention it again. XD


FFBE sprites ⇢ Jack;

Skam is like a great book. You read it through so fast and you get sucked into the world and the lives of the characters. You get obsessed with it! And suddenly you’re at the end and you’re forced to close the book. Then you get this empty feeling because the same story won’t continue and there are still questions you want to get an answer to or want to read about some of the moments that have not been written about. You just want more, but you have to wait. And then you start thinking about how you wish you could go back to the time when you hadn’t even heard about it, but someone recommends it to you. And you want to know more. You want to go back to the beginning when you read the first sentence and know instantly that you’re hooked. You want to experience the story again for the first, even though you know you can’t do that.
But you wish you could.

Random thought, as I’m noticing my gald total going through Berseria’s final dungeon:

  • Tales of Zestiria: Always broke, constantly skyrocketing equipment fusion costs.  The only thing Sorey and Mikleo eat is fried shrimp from that one inn made of tents in Lohgrin to keep the gald income going because, hey, when you have a ton of Acqua stacks and the ability to negate enemy water resistance, Aqua Limit does a shit ton of damage and breaking 10k is suddenly not so difficult.
  • Tales of Berseria: The entire crew eats whatever they want, Barbatos’ Palmiers being a favorite because damn look at all that loot plus I’m sure there’s a swimming pool on the Van Eltia filled with nothing but gald for Magilou, Eizen and the rest of the pirate crew to swim in whenever they want.  I’m up to 1.4 mil gald and no clue what to do with it.

Someone go tell Velvet to stash that loot in a bank and call that the Emergency Save Phi fund, lol.

  • Hermione: If you could go back in time, what would you do?
  • Harry: I'd go and se-
  • Draco: You'd see your parents, you'd see Sirius, you'd kill Voldemort, you'd save Dobby, so what? You know what I'd do? I'd go to a pri-
  • Blaise: You'd go to a primitive Muggle civilisation and use magic to become their god, we know! We got the list of things you'd do if you had an army of followers!
  • Ron: And can I say, that itinerary was an inappropriate use of a Howler. My mum's forbidden you from the house. I'd go to Tu-
  • Ginny: You'd go to Tudor times so you could gorge yourself on all the various meats and cheeses without judgement, you've mentioned. I'd take part in the fi-
  • Luna: The first Quidditch league championship, so you did say twenty-three times. I'd go to the formation of t-
  • Hermione: The Unknown Creatures Discovery Club, so you could bring back a Glubwhompher, as you already told us. Does nobody have anything original to say?
  • All: *shrug*
  • Draco: You know what you could say that you've never said to me before-
  • Hermione: Yes?
  • Draco: That's the one!
  • Hermione: ....

The K2 Episode 8 Preview

This is a WIP of a project that I’ve been working on on and off since I think November!! It’s an animatic that was inspired by @the-ice-castle ’s video of Bill singing “you’ll be back” from the musical Hamilton to Ford!! I thought it was so amazing that I wanted to start something of my own!! OKAY STORYTIMEEE SO
Bill’s trying to mess around with Ford by taking him back to a lot of the really bad times in his life, from arguing with Fidds to Stan getting thrown out and reminding him of the mistakes that he’s made just by himself and also by trusting him. And here’s the beginning!!
More to come!! I can’t wait to finish this!!


jul0798  asked:

Does the fact that we've already returned to Ravnica once greatly affect the chances we return to it a second time fairly soon? I'd love to go back to it.

If enough audience wants to return to a world, chances are good of an eventual return.