i'd feel awful too

perry falls in love with heinz as he learns more about him; it’d be impossible not to, listening to all his stories and hopes and dreams and gradually starting to understand what drives him, what he fears, what he needs

but heinz just sort of sees perry and thinks, this is all i need to know

I genuinely feel bad for all the boys on this site and there’s not nearly enough positivity posts so to all my male followers I just wanna say:

You are not ugly, gross, selfish, rude, sexist or inherently a bad person just because of your gender. Your gender alone doesn’t necessarily mean that you get everything handed to you, that your feelings aren’t valid or that you don’t face any problems. Whether you’re cis, trans, gay, straight, bi, ace or anything in between, you matter and you are always worthy of love and acceptance, and please don’t believe anyone who tries to tell you that you’re not. ♡