i'd eat them all

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A yandere merformer takes a human as their child, the human is happy with the merformer. But some of the locals did not like the idea, the human ends up getting killed. Fast foward about a hundred years later, a human comes to the local area for some reason. They look like the human who died. The Merformer sees them, and is hell bent on having them.

I’m so here for this!  :D :D :D

I imagine the merformer is going to be Extra Protective of this human if they ever get their claws on them.  We’re talking dragging them down and keeping them trapped in an underwater cave for their own good kind of protective.  Yikes!  DX

Marshmallow Dreams

Imagine a pocket-sized you with your arms squished around a soft, sugary marshmallow as you waddle over to the other ones you lined up on the coffee table. This was the fifth one you carried over, but they were going just as quick as Jimin could throw them.

The rules to the game you and Jimin (mostly Jimin) were playing was simple. If the marshmallow made it into Namjoon’s loud, snoring pie hole (or more like marshmallow hole) it was ten points. If it hit his chin, cheeks, or nose it was five points, and if it hit his eyes or forehead it was only one point. So far Jimin had twenty seven points and a few close calls of Namjoon waking up from his nap.

The last one bounced off of Namjoon’s forehead and landed in his hair with the other five Jimin overshot. Jimin eyed the very last marshmallow before he pinches it in between his adorable short fingers. With his tongue sticking out of the side of his mouth and eyes squinted in concentration, you stand on your tippy toes to get a better view of the target before Jimin flicks his wrist forward and lets it go. You both watch the fluffy sweet treat fly through air and straight into Namjoon’s mouth. A wide smile is on Jimin’s face as he turns to you for a high five with his pointer finger, but you both stop where you are with big eyes. You both look over to see Namjoon coming out of his nap and you two don’t have time to stay so Jimin picks you up from the table making a run for his room. But before he can shut the door you can hear Namjoon coughing and confused on why there were so many damn marshmallows around him.

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ok, so i am not part of the fandom, but a friend of mine is seeing the backstreet boys in concert soon and we were talking about boybands and closeting and i started to investigate a little... and let me tell you, having NEVER heard a song, watched a single clip or their movie, after half n hour just looking at photos and then reading about the "coincidences" - if larry isn't real i'd be very happy to eat my own shoes. all of them.

-Sebbie xx