i'd eat that all day long

i’m watching all the jibcon videos and getting SO emotional and i really want to go to njcon this year. i’m deciding if i can drop that much money rn but i’m heavily leaning towards “treat yo self”


[@JuN97L] Thank you for coming all the way to Incheon despite the cold weather today, KissMe! I got strength and performed well on stage thanks to you! Thank you to the KissMes who were not able to make it but still cheered on us from afar as well hehe💕 Get home safely and don’t catch a cold~!💗 (x)

Fifty Shades of Grey » CHAPTER THREE {x}

We walk four blocks before we reach the Portland
Coffee House, where Grey releases me to hold the
door open so I can step inside.

"Why don't you choose a table, while I get the
drinks. What would you like?" he asks, polite as
"I'll have... um - English Breakfast tea, bag out."
He raises his eyebrows.
"No coffee?"
"I'm not keen on coffee." He smiles.
"Okay, bag out tea. Sugar?"

For a moment, I'm stunned, thinking it's an
endearment, but fortunately my subconscious kicks
in with pursed lips. No, stupid - do you take sugar?

"No thanks." I stare down at my knotted fingers.
"Anything to eat?"
"No thank you." I shake my head, and he heads to
the counter.

I surreptitiously gaze at him from beneath my lashes
as he stands in line waiting to be served. I could watch
him all day... he's tall, broad-shouldered, and slim,
and the way those pants hang from his hips... Oh my.
Once or twice he runs his long, graceful fingers through his now dry but still disorderly hair. Hmm... I'd like to
do that. The thought comes unbidden into my mind,
and my face flames. I bite my lip and stare down at my
hands again not liking where my wayward thoughts are headed.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Grey is back, startling me.

I go crimson. I was just thinking about running my
fingers through your hair and wondering if it would feel
soft to touch. I shake my head. He's carrying a tray, which
he sets down on the small, round, birch-veneer table. He
hands me a cup and saucer, a small teapot, and a side
plate bearing a lone teabag labeled 'Twinings English
Breakfast' - my favorite. He has a coffee which bears a
wonderful leaf-pattern imprinted in the milk. How do they
do that I wonder idly. He's also bought himself a blueberry
muffin. Putting the tray aside, he sits opposite me and
crosses his long legs. He looks so comfortable, so at ease
with his body, I envy him. Here's me, all gawky and
uncoordinated, barely able to get from A to B without falling
flat on my face.

"Your thoughts?" he prompts me.
"This is my favorite tea." My voice is quiet, breathy. I simply
can't believe I'm sitting opposite Christian Grey in a coffee
shop in Portland. He frowns. He knows I'm hiding something.
I pop the teabag into the teapot and almost immediately fish
it out again with my teaspoon. As I place the used teabag
back on the side plate, he cocks his head gazing quizzically
at me.

"I like my tea black and weak," I mutter as an explanation.

In the story of my Cousland, one of Alistair’s fondest memories was when he got to spend an entire night alone in the bushes with his special lady…

…heaving their guts out because Sten made the camp dinner that night.

It was so romantic.

They passed the time by making bad Sten puns between sickness bouts.

“I’m never eating a-Sten.”

“I don’t under-Sten-d how it could’ve been this bad.”

“We should have paid more a-Sten-tion to what he was putting in there.”

“Next time we should be more insi-Sten-t on someone else cooking.”

“Do you think he in-Sten-ded on making it this bad?”

“As long as we remain Sten-acious, we can make it through this.”

“That and some Sten-der loving care.”

Soooo lately there’s been some talk on the lack of Noragami fanfic

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we had some sort of Big Bang to encourage writers to write stories for Noragami? It could be a week or a month. And it could be anything from Yatori AUs to one shots of Yukine eating strawberries or long-ass plot-centric stories

What do you think?


Right guys, I’m going to be keeping this ridiculously brief, bc I’m tired and lazy! Like seriously; I’ve been awake for 29 hours now, I think?!
This post will be an all over the place MESS! 😂

This whole holiday was a ten day event, not just the three day weekend! It was my first ever trip outside of the UK, and wow, what an amazing time I had! Literally from sunrise, to sunset, I was out and about, in and around Atlanta!

I just couldn’t stop myself from admiring the architecture; watching the people, wishing there was a way I could send people what I could smell, and just general flailing because of how grateful I was to be there in that beautiful city!
I also think I annoyed the shit out of my brother by going “Carol and Daryl dropped from here, in the van!”, “Beth got killed here…”, “This is the walkway where sleeping bag walkers were!!”…he just kept “wtf-ing” me!

One of the highlights of my stay, was taking a walk round Fernbank Forest. Wow, seriously. It was just so beautiful!

(I love how I’m just jumping from one topic to another, without a care in the world…sorry!)

Walked Stalker Con was out of this world! I’ve never been to a convention in my life, so was absolutely buzzing to be attending this event! I felt so happy to be under the same roof as so many people, who share a passion and love for something so great! The atmosphere was incredible! I loved watching people hug it out; seeing the happy smiles of people who had just met their faves, listening to the delighted flailings of people meeting up with others…it just makes me sigh with happiness!

Just a quick shout out to the amazing people I had very brief meet ups with! @carol-on, @leigh57, @illusianation, @silver-89, @princessnerfherder, @faith5by5-1013, @krazy-jenni, to the people who recognised MiniC and stopped me for a chat; to the others who don’t have a tumblr, but who follow on Twitter! Seriously, thank you guys so much!
One of the main reasons for this trip was wanting to meet with the amazing people I’ve met through social media, and even though they were very brief, I will literally treasure the memories forever!

Now that I’ve bored you to the point of wondering why you even read this post, I’m going to tell you about meeting with The Queen!

I love queues.
I’m British, all we do is queue.
So, I loved nothing more than standing in a queue with so many others, who felt sick with excitement about meeting her.

My brother was ahead of me, so got to meet her first. And literally the first thing he said to her was “I’m dying…” 😂
He was so thrilled to be meeting her, that he just said the first thing to enter his head! It was brilliant!

Now, my brother and I are dickheads, so we each wrote a letter to Melissa…(I’ve already mentioned the British-ness, and we love nothing more than to write letters, ok?!)…so he handed them over, declared what was in the envelope…

And you know what Melissa did?!
“Oooh, you’ve wrote me a lettah!”
I was almost pissing, then thought, shit…we actually say letter like that?! 😬

Melissa + British Accent = 😍👌

I zoned out a bit after that, I wanted my brother to enjoy meeting her without me being all 😁😍 stood beside him.

Then it was my turn.
Holy shit I thought I was going to burst in to tears, right there and then. I had to distract myself before I turned our meeting in to a snot fest, so I just plonked MiniC on the table in front of her, and smiled.

(I’m such a dork, I swear.)

After telling her it was MiniC, she sort of frowned at me.
Then looked to my brother, who was waiting along the side, and frowned.
Then frowned at MiniC.
Then repeated the frowning process.

She then smiled, recognition written all over her face, and says “Brother and sister?! You’re short, he’s tall…and you’ll have MiniC on you?!”


But on the outside I was just “Yeah, that’s us!” Again, such a dork.

She then gave me the permission to take a picture of herself with MiniC! (My son is delighted with the picture, and keeps saying “Mummy Carol is with her toy Carol” and I’m just all “T. you’re melting me, shush!”)

She then signed the autograph, I thanked her for her time, she thanked me…and that was it!

My brother and I went to sit down, which is when my resolve completely broke, and I sobbed. Like proper snot faced tears and everything! (Thank you to the lady who handed me a tissue, and offered a one armed hug! 😘)
Carol Peletier was the inspiration I needed, and coming face to face with the woman who essentially helped me change my life, was more amazing than I ever could’ve imagined.

I don’t think there’s much to say about the photo ops; apart from Melissa is a trooper, Norman smells great, and the queues were amazingly long!

And that wraps it, I think?!
I would tell you about my four days in Atlanta after the con, but it was basically me walking round the city all 😱😍, eating southern inspired food, and trying not to annoy my brother again!

It’s been one hell of a holiday, but I can’t wait to come back, and do it all over again! 🍻🤘