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Oh boy that was amazing! I love seeing a caring negan, and you hit the nail on the head with the part about him being stern and commanding around his men but soft with the reader. I'd absolutely LOVE to see some smut based on the same concept, if you're willing! And if you'd like, in return, I could draw you something negan related for writing these! I'm 100% ok with doing smut as well!

Fragile Pt 2 - (Negan X Reader)

Part 1

A/N: Here you go! <3

Word Count: 1184

Warnings:  Fluff, bad language, Daddy kink/term

Negan held you close in his arms, making sure you knew he loved you with all he was and all he could be.

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“Negan?” You asked quietly, doubt suddenly filling your mind. “Yes, doll?” He replied, his voice low and serious, awaiting your question. “When I grow up- I mean when I get older, will you still love me? Even if I’m not young and beautiful?” Asking the question made you doubt everything you’ve ever been involved in with Negan, but you had to ask, or the question would’ve tormented you for days on end.

You heard Negan groan softly as he shifted on the bed, prepping himself up to see you clearly. “What on earth are you talking about?” He asked, frowning at you, his eyes fixed on you. You didn’t speak, you just shrugged your shoulders, feeling stupid you even asked the question. “Babygirl,” his voice was stern and serious, making your skin grow cold, but you loved it because it showed how much power he had over you, “before you, I didn’t care about finding someone to love. Sure I had my ‘wives’, but that’s done, they mean nothing to me now. You opened my eyes darlin’, and I love what I see in front of me. Heck, I’m gonna love that gorgeous face of yours until the end of time. So, if you ever start doubting yourself like this again, I’m gonna have to teach you a lesson. Got that, princess?” You nodded, sighing realising it definitely was a stupid question, but it was worth it because you could tell he was getting defensive about you.

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Negan suddenly slipped away from you, picking Lucille up to put her away. You still felt rather insecure about it all but tried to accept and trust that nothing would change, even though you feared it would in the future. Maybe the saviours will find more people to join the group, and another girl, prettier than you will turn up and- Your thoughts were interrupted when Negan spoke. “Do you want anything to drink? I’m getting-“ He stopped when he realised the uncertainty plastered across your face. Negan’s jaw became tensed and he groaned lowly, bringing Lucille up onto his shoulder. Your heart on fire, as you realised what he was about to do.

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“I’m sorry. I believe you, I’m just doubtful sometimes…” You said trailing off and he raised his eyebrow. He stood tall, holding Lucille tightly, a smirk etched onto his face before he began to chuckle.

You couldn’t take anymore. Realising just how electrified he made you feel, you bit your lip, watching this man as he lowered Lucille, dropping her to the floor. “I just told you, doll’. Stop doubting yourself, or I’ll have to teach you a lesson. Guess you’ve gotta be shown now, huh?” He walked towards you and smirked, loving how much he made you all hot and bothered. He crawled onto the bed, hovering over you. His hands firmly on your waist as your breathing became heavier, your legs were tightly closed, evident that he was making you go crazy.

He moved a leg to separate your own legs and once he did that you surrendered. You bit your lip as Negan moved down to whisper in your ear. “Are you gonna listen to me, Kitten? I love you, no one else. Understood?” You hesitated to answer, purely because you didn’t want your voice sounding high-pitched due to the fact your breathing pattern was now uneven. When you didn’t answer he moved his hand to your chin, making you look at him, when he asked you again. “Understood?”

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All you could do was nod and then he grinned once again before moving down to kiss your neck. His hand moved from your chin to your neck, then down to your stomach, his hand reaching down to your t-shirt, pushing it up slowly. You anticipated his every move, driving you insane with how much he was teasing you, but he loved to see you at his mercy, letting him do whatever he wanted to you.

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You and Negan had already confirmed that he would only do to you what you allowed him to, and would never do anything to you which you didn’t want him to do. He was a gentleman, who knew when not to be gentle.

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Negan paused to pull off your top, sending a wave of chills over your body from the cold air hitting your skin. However, this was quickly resolved when Negan placed his warm hands on your waist, moving up to unfasten your bra. He paused before unclipping it, raising his eyebrow at you, waiting for your response. You nodded and he took it off, sending another wave of chills through your body.

You moaned lightly at the way he held you as he leant down placing kissed along your collarbone down to your stomach. As he did this he undid your jeans, sliding them off gracefully as ever, and it suddenly became clear how much you wanted him. His hand moved down to your panties and he brushed across your core lightly, causing you to bite your lip once more, uttering his name under your breath. “What’s that doll?” He said, looking up at you, smirking. “P-please, Daddy…”

“That’s my girl.” He smiled, pulling your underwear off graciously. He leant back up over you, one hand over your core, the other moving up to your breasts. As he rubbed you slowly, teasing you, your breath became irregular, making you want him to hurry up. “D-daddyyy.” This was clear to him that you couldn’t wait, and by the evident bulge in his pants, neither could he. He quickly undressed and hovered over you once more, teasing you for the last time before he finally gave you what you craved. He entered you slowly, making you bite your lip for the hundredth time. You moaned softly as he picked up the pace and you reached up to hold his arms but he quickly pinned your arms above your head.

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Holding your arms with one hand and his other hand on your neck, he leant down to kiss you, picking up the pace even more. You could hardly think straight, let alone kiss him properly before you moaned louder, both of you feeling your climax begin to reach a high. “Ah, fuck. Fuck, Princess. Hmm, Daddy loves you more and more each day.” He groaned, kissing you softly and you lay, submitted beneath him.

You smiled to yourself, kissing his cheek before he moved away from you. “I love you too Daddy.”

He looked down at you, grinning wildly. You realised he would never leave you. You felt pure happiness, watching him as he got dressed. You realised being with him were your only real happy times, and you’d want nothing other than spending the rest of your life with him. You loved him, and even though you’d always have doubts, Negan never failed to show you how much you mean to him, and that you’ll always be his Princess, not matter what.

A sort of Merry Christmas / Happy New Year fic for gospeloforange, you wonderful, dangerously kinky soul <3. Angbang and from Mairon’s POV as is customary, and NSFW as all hell. Oh, and tw: piercing. Enjoy! 

                                    x                      x                        x               

His hands clench within their bonds, the sculpted back of the chair digs hard into his bare shoulder blades as nervously he shifts, as he glances to the dark silhouette of his master standing a few paces away.

So temptingly his master had spoken to him, entreated him; so gracefully had he taken him by the hand. Each caress of his fingers as he stripped the clothes from him was laden with care, each loop and knot of the rope securing his wrists at the chair’s back had ignited a burning cinder of arousal in the pit of his stomach, and yet with his master’s every movement, a curl of trepidation had gripped him.

For before him now his master turns, stepping aside from a low table mostly concealed from his view. 

“Do you want this, little one?” His master saunters towards him, all splendour and concern and such devastating allure, and at the throbbing tenderness in his voice, his breath hitches in his throat.

“I – “

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I Told You I'd Get Lost

Summary: Dan gets lost in Louise’s vlog when Phil’s in America.

Fluff, Slight pre-smut

Word count: 1154

A/n: This is my first phanfic, please be nice, tell me if there are any improvements FEEDBACK WILL GET YOU AN INVISIBLE COOKIE bribery is NOT THE WAY! But still. :P :D

Disclaimer: I am not saying phan is real, and unfortunately I do not own Dan and Phil (oh the possibilities)


 “Daaaaaan. I need to go” said Phil squeezing his boyfriend to his chest before attempting yet again to push him off.

“No” came a muffled reply from his chest. “You don’t need to go, statistically you’re at least 70% more likely to get in an accident if you go outside but if you stay here then its only 10%”

“You know that makes no sense right?” Said Phil chuckling but still trying to prize his arms from around him.

“Yes it does, you just needed to listen properly.”

Dan” Phils voice was less playful than before “Please, I love you but I really need to go” Reluctantly Dan let go, pulling a face and staring in to Phils eyes.

“I hate it when you go away. I always feel a bit lost”

“Bear, Ill be back before you know it, and hey, I’ll skype you everyday.” He brought his hand up to Dan’s cheek but instead Dan crashed his lips into Phil’s quickly before pulling away.

“Go on then butthead, before I hug you again”

“Love you!”

“Love you too” Called Dan as he watched Phil race down the stairs before sighing and closing the door. He’ll have to find something to do whilst Phil was away or he’d just end up laying on the kitchen floor.


Why is Florida so hot!? Thought Phil, stripping out of his jeans and pulling his laptop out of his suitcase. Him and his parent had been out all day, so he hadn’t been able to talk to Dan at all. Loading up Skype he noticed that Dan wasn’t online, this was odd.

Deciding to brush it off in the hopes that his boyfriend was finally able to cope without him, well not in the hopes…he kind of like feeling needed. But he was sure it was nothing.

After checking twitter he felt like going on Youtube, mindlessly scrolling through his subscriptions and being mesmerized by Charlie’s new Dance video he found a Sprinkle of glitter vlog, he hadn’t seen Louise since Vidcon, so he had a look.

Aloha sprinklerino’s, me, Matt and Darcy thought we would go into the land of londals, I mean London….incase you didn’t…anyway, today as I need to get some birthday presents and we thought we’d meet up with the lonely Danisnotonfire and yeah, well, that’s what we’re gonna do!

Phil chuckled, he shouldn’t of worried about Dan, they had great friends who wouldn’t let him get too lonely.

Half way through the vlog, Louise came on looking a bit panicky.

“Ummmm, so We-un seemed to have lost Dan” She looked off the camera, towards Matt

“Well we were just in topman he couldn’t of gone far”

“oh god I feel like an overprotective mother”

“You are Louise, it’s just rubbing off onto fully grown men now”

“Ahhh, he just seems so helpless sometimes when Phil isn’t here, it’s really adorable but a bit worrying if you’re trying NOT to lose an internet celebrity!”

“You know I always thought it would be Phil who got lost and stuff he seems like the less organized-no-not organized…well you get what I mean.”

“Well, we shall just have to keep looking Matthew, come on Darcy.”

Phil paused the video. IT was quite amusing hearing other people talk about them when they weren’t there. Hearing other peoples assumptions, well, that he supposed is what the entirety of their fanbase did.


“We found him guys! Ugh I was just getting used to not having to look at you”

“Oh thanks Louise, I see what our friendship is worth” He flicked a nonexistant piece of hair out of his eyes sniffing dramatically “No, don’t even LOOK at me!”

(Matt) “We were just discussing your ability to always get lost”

(Louise) “Yeah, like a little bear wandering in the woods” Dan went bright red,

“Well…yeah-hahaha that’s me! Umm”

Phil was laughing his head off at the expression on Dan’s face


“Well farewell peasants, for I must be gone” With that Dan sauntered off, swinging his hips until he rounded a corner

“He’s so fabulous”


“Well he is look at him!”


“Well my little chubby bunnies of joy, I think Darcy is in need of bed times and…well….Love you all!”

The video ended and Phil was still giggling like crazy. He would NEVER let Dan forget this, it was just gold.

******Phillip is back in the motherland*****

“Dan! I’m home!” Phil shouted into the quiet apartment, half expecting, half hoping that Dan would come bounding down the stairs, but he didn’t. Shrugging Phil lugged his suitcase up the stairs and into his room and let out an audible squeak at what he saw. Dan was curled up on his bed in his York hoodie.

With a kiss to the forehead and a sigh of, “You’re so cliché Dan Howell” He got under the covers and fell asleep.


Phil woke up to an empty bed the next morning, after about a minute of blind fumbling for his glasses he went to the kitchen to find Dan humming making pancakes.

Wrapping his arms around him from behind he whispered into his hair “You’re even more cliché than you were last night, I missed you, and you have pancakes so I suppose I have to love you”

Dan elbowed him in the stomach, “Shut up, I can take care of myself and you if you don’t stop being mean to me”

“How is calling you cliché being mean?”

Dan paused for a moment, “Ummm, ask me again later” Phil chuckled again and went to the toilet before breakfast. When he was coming back into the room he had an idea.


Dan froze. Then looked up at Phil, he looked horrified. Phil made his way over to him kissing his nose, “I said you’d be fine, my little bear wandering in the woods.

“Hey I told you I’d get lost!”

“Yeah but I didn’t mean it quite so literally”

“Shut up, I wasn’t even lost”

“Make me” Phil challenged, an eyebrow raised.

Dan grabbed his face and pulled him in for a kiss.

“Hmmp……ok….this’ll work” They carried on kissing for a while, gradually becoming more heated. Phil broke off too kiss down Dan’s neck, smirking at the noises he received

“I um…..didn’t start-oh-c-cooking the…….pancakes” Dan moaned tightening his grip on Phil’s hair

“Good…cause you’re coming with me”

“That’s what she said” At that Phil bit into Dan’s neck again to shut him up. “Oh god Phil, ok right wrong-ah-moment”

Phil hated it when he had to go on holiday, but it always made everything better when he came back. They were always slightly more desperate, yet slightly tenderer.

Dan may have told him he had will get lost, but Phil will always be there to find him again.