i'd do awful things to him

I still think it’s funny that the writer’s have the characters say nice things about Neal  - but then make him look awful.

The latest side plot about destroying magic makes him look like shit.


1. Because Neal claimed sending Emma to jail was about fulfilling her destiny.But if Neal had destroyed magic, Emma likely would never have had a destiny to fulfill or a family to reunite with.

2. Neal destroying magic opens up a whole lot of questions about what he knew regarding what Tamara was up to. And makes his disregard for Emma’s concerns look even worse - especially since she was RIGHT!

3. It also reinforces that Neal’s actions were about avoiding his father, than helping Emma. Basically he was a coward and Emma paid for his cowardice.

They call him a hero - but he died because he tried to cheat the price of magic and take the easy way out. And it had nothing to do with what was best for Emma and Henry and entirely about what he wanted. Neal didn’t die a hero - he died a fool. I just wish the show would acknowledge that. And stop dragging down other characters trying to make the ass look good.