i'd do anything to get this card

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I’m so frustrated right now. Tumblr marked my last post wrongly, and still hasn’t reviewed it which is really detrimental to my content. But I have a completely free summer now until I start College in September =) .

Xtale by: @jakei95

For anyone interested, Yes my tarot card thing is still going on but I’m going to wait until Underverse/Glitchtale gets an update because they’re the only two I have ideas for I just need inspiration aha,,

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Tamaki, what would you like for your birthday? I'd like to get you somwthing nice but affordable

Tamaki: Oh, thank you so kindly for thinking of me, my dear anon! I do not ask for much, as I practically have it all… Perhaps I’d like to spend more time with you, my most precious anon. It’s more fun to celebrate a special day with those you love, right?

Kyoya: Sounds tacky…

Mun: That reminds me, Haruhi gave you an early birthday card…

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  • [An eagle owl swoops into the window. Sirius deftly catches the envelope and the eagle owl leaves without so much as glancing at him. Sirius reads the card and blanches.]
  • Sirius: What the hell?
  • Andromeda: [looks over] What's that? [pause] Oh dear.
  • Remus: [rushing over] What is it?
  • Sirius: [flatly] My cousin, Narcissa, and her family, wishes Harry a "happy birthday".
  • Remus: [incredulously] Are we talking about the Malfoys? Lucius Malfoy who wormed his way out of Azkaban, that Malfoy?
  • Sirius: [incinerates the card] They're just trying to get into my good graces because I chose the "winning side" and I'm Harry's guardian. They'll do anything to get their status back, those leeches.
  • Andromeda: She's my sister and even I'd use a stronger word than leeches.
  • Sirius: [looks around] Force of habit. Thought Harry would be within hearing distance.
  • Remus: [looking inside the envelope] She also sent us a fifty galleon gift card for-
  • Sirius: Balder's Muggle Torture Service?
  • Andromeda: Second-hand Death Eater masks?
  • Remus: [side-eyes Sirius and Andromeda] Sugarplums' Sweets Shop.
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