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Hello? 911? I’d like to report a murder. This man killed me


It cries in my heart 

 Like it rains in the town 

What is this languor 

That soaks to my heart?

“On the dark street of a foreign city, surrounded by the sound of the rain, he pressed his face into his hands and sobbed.” 

-Blackbird an amazing fic by @thetwoguineabook


Relevance was such an all-around great episode with so many good scenes, but this one really stuck with me. I knew very little about the show or Shaw as a character when I started watching so I had no idea what to expect. Shaw, despite what she says, is a badass in this episode, and I fully expected her to be shown here as the cold-blooded killer who guns down everyone in the room, makes a quip about it, and then has a beer. Because that’s the type of narrative I’m used to seeing in media. Which…almost happened. But then she let Louis go. She stopped, thought about it, decided Louis wasn’t someone she needed to kill, and let him walk out (and then had her beer). And, for me, that helped frame Shaw as a character. Absolutely someone who could kill without remorse when needed, but not someone who would kill a relatively harmless, unarmed man with his hands in the air. Not because she’d feel bad about it, but because that wasn’t how she chose to do things.




5x13 Commentary | Katie McGrath & Julian Murphy 

This was actually mine & Colin’s idea when we came to filming. It’s - it’s like back in season 2 where he poisons me and he holds me as I die. He does it very well because there’s compassion in it even though it’s very violent. Exactly! It’s like he doesn’t hate you. He does hate me. I don’t think he does. He feels sorry for me but he knows it’s his own fault, whatever, get over it 


Rei!! I swear… I’ll get revenge for you!


Mary mourned her husband’s death with deep and unaffected grief. She invented a device and motto for a seal, appropriate to the occasion: it was a figure of the liquorice-tree, every part of which is useless except the root, which, of course, lies beneath the surface of the earth. Underneath was the inscription, in Latin, Dulce meum terra tegit, which translates into “The earth covers my sweet one” or “The earth hides my treasure”.

Jacob Abbott, Mary Queen of Scotland (Makers of History #2)


just Jongdae being his usual unfly cute self


The world of Sense8: where it’s completely normal to react to a stranger suddenly appearing next to you out of nowhere by baring your souls and smoking up.


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