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Hello, so I've only just come across your blog and was wondering why you defend Dumbledore, considering that most fans these days pin him as not as great a guy as Harry believes (manipulative, not really caring about Harry etc.)? (or if you already have a post about it I'd love to read it) Thanks :)

I’m not sure that I already have a post.. because defending anyone on here is like a death sentence. But I guess this is the perfect time to put it all out there.

First of all, let me say that most fans don’t pin him as a bad guy, most fans on tumblr do. Yes, there’s a big difference. Believe it or not, before I had a tumblr I loved Harry Potter even more than I do now. When I signed up I expected to find people I could share my love with, but all I saw was hate. Everywhere. It was like the kids here were trying to claim the series for their own, say it was written differently, that it was inaccurate to the true story. They even said they hated JK Rowling herself!!! I mean how?? None of us could possibly be where we are today without her!!

Anyway, I’ve always loved Dumbledore. He reminded me of my grandmother, she was the wisest woman I ever knew. There’s something comforting in people who seem to have all the answers, the people who know best. The people who love you and know best.

But Dumbledore wasn’t a grandparent, he wasn’t even a parent. He was Harry’s mentor, and that constitutes a very different relationship.

JKR: “If Dumbledore had been Harry’s grandfather, why on Earth would he have been sent to live with the Dursleys?” [x]

(Not to mention if Dumbledore had been Harry’s grandfather the blood bond would have prevailed in a happier home.)

It took me awhile to understand why people hate him. I agree that it was harsh of him to leave Harry with the Dursleys, to leave Harry out of his plans, but we forget that Dumbledore’s greatest quality was that he was wise. He knew what he was doing. His master plan was 16 years in the making. And sometimes we seem to forget that every decision he made was explained to us.

If Dumbledore hadn’t left Harry at the Dursleys he would have died. One or even a couple of wizards are nothing compared to blood magic.

Dumbledore hadn’t told Harry he was a horcrux because any child who grows up thinking there is something terrible and evil about them will remember it during every decision they make.

And he certainly didn’t mention to Harry that he was going to die because it is a terribly cruel thing to tell a child, let alone a child who doesn’t yet understand his place in the war.

JK: I don’t want to give too much away, but Dumbledore is a very wise man who firstly knows Harry is going to have to learn a few hard lessons to prepare him for what maybe coming in his life, so he allows Harry to do a lot of things he wouldn’t normally allow another pupil to do and he also unwillingly permits Harry to confront a lot of things he’d rather protect him from but as people who have finished Order of the Phoenix will know, Dumbledore has had to step back a little bit from Harry in an effort to teach him some of life’s harder lessons.“ [x]

The crux of the matter is that Dumbledore ended up caring a great deal about Harry — many characters throughout the book tell him so — but just because Harry is the protagonist doesn’t mean the books are really about him. The whole point of the series is overcoming evil. Dumbledore’s job wasn’t to raise Harry, to parent him, that was left to Remus and Sirius. Dumbledore’s job was to win the war. He didn’t plan on loving Harry as much as he did.

“I cared about you too much,” said Dumbledore simply. “I cared more for your happiness than your knowing the truth, more for your peace of mind than my plan, more for your life than the lives that might be lost if the plan failed. In other words, I acted exactly as Voldemort expects we fools who love to act.” -OotP pg.838

Making difficult decisions doesn’t make you a bad person. Especially when they win a war. When that happens, you are forced to realize that sacrifices must be made for the greater good.

E: “Do you have more fun writing the evil characters? Because Voldemort [the sinister wizard who killed Harry’s parents] is the quintessential evil character.”

JK: “Yeah, he’s a bad one. Do I have more fun? I loved writing Dumbledore and Dumbledore is the epitome of goodness.” [x]

The hate that Dumbledore gets is just like all the other tumblr hate. It’s founded upon the whims of adolescents who are up in arms about matters they can only see in black and white.

Please don’t send me any messages in response to this statement. I absolutely loathe fandom wank.

weekend horoscopes!!
  • I know that a lot of people finish their first week of school tomorrow, and that can be stressful, so I thought I'd post this and give everyone some advice and just an idea of what's happening transit-wise. Hope it helps somehow <3
  • Aries: The Sun is squaring Mars right now and that's really difficult for you - you may like what you're passionate about and what's best for you aren't the same right now. I know that having Uranus in your sign for so long must have been messing stuff up anyway, so it's not really looking that good for you, I'm afraid. Just relax, I promise staying still for a while won't kill you. Try to be calm and have some you time.
  • Taurus: Venus is in Libra at the moment, making this a top time for you. Virgo isn't a bad sign for the sun to be in, either. So make the most of the favourable transits and pamper yourself this weekend, or spend time with friends. The Moon and Venus are in sextile currently which makes this a good time for deepening relationships or opening up to partners emotionally. Good luck with whatever you choose to do!
  • Gemini: You really do hate a Mercury retrograde, don't you? There's a slow on your usually quick thoughts and you may have had trouble adjusting to school again (if you go.) Try and put academia out of your mind this weekend by getting any homework done soon, and then engaging in a hobby of yours that doesn't need your brain to not be sludge! Make sure you concentrate hard on that work, though, and don't rush through it.
  • Cancer: The Moon is currently moving through Sagittarius, encouraging you to explore emotionally and this is very important for you. Its sextile with Venus means it could be time to confess to someone your deeper feelings, testing out new ground in a relationship. Don't be afraid - I know that it sounds cliched, but you'll never get anywhere if you don't try. You can do this. Don't worry.
  • Leo: You're always charging ahead, and Mars in Sagittarius is making you want to do so even more, but Mercury retrograde is a time to reflect, not to create, unfortunately. Think back over the past week. What went right, and what went not so right? Think about how you can make sure that the rest of the year goes as smoothly as possible, giving you space to have fun, too. Don't make all the same mistakes again.
  • Virgo: This Mercury retrograde is probably more annoying for you than anyone, because being confused and forgetting something will be stressing you out even more than usual. It is in conjunction with Jupiter right now though, so I would try writing down your feelings - communicating them through any medium could well turn out for the better, and you might even get a stroke of luck and find it's a masterpiece.
  • Libra: Jupiter's about to move into your sign! It's tremendously exciting. Time to prepare for a year of (let me be eloquent about this) pure awesomeness. It's not about to happen straight away, but pretty soon. My advice is to keep your chin up and don't worry too much. Whatever happens now will be easier to sort out when Jupiter moves - you'll feel more at ease, and have a sense of hope and luck.
  • Scorpio: Right now the Sun is trining Pluto; the most beautiful of aspects, and the planet that you feel most at home with. This will result in a general positive feeling for you, although the Moon having recently left your sign may have left you feeling a little disoriented. Try to enjoy the good while it lasts and don't do anything you don't want to, this is a good time for you to be you and no-one else.
  • Sagittarius: The Moon's in your sign and you're lapping it up. Your feelings are going in all sorts of crazy directions, but hey! That's fine by you. You've also got Mars lumped in there and you'll be full of energy if you let yourself. Don't let school tire you out, because this weekend will be crazy fun if you let it. Staying in all the time will drive you insane, so go out and enjoy yourself! You deserve it.
  • Capricorn: Pluto's been in your sign for a while, which was always going to bug you, but right now it's squaring Venus, meaning that your tendency to destroy and rebuild right now could be messing with your love life. For the next few days, stop trying to weed out all the bad, and just enjoy the good for what it is. Perhaps it would be better to address your problems once the Moon moves into Capricorn.
  • Aquarius: Mercury retrograde's getting on everyone's nerves and you're definitely no exception. Don't beat yourself up if you forget the answer in class a couple times, or leave your bus pass at home by mistake. This weekend, get your homework over with quickly and spend time with friends. Don't talk about school, it'll just end up stressing you out, and you won't be in the right mindset to make next week better.
  • Pisces: Neptune's a slow moving planet, so you've been enjoying the effects of it being in its home sign - yours! - for a while now. But currently, it has unfavourable aspects with both the Moon and the Sun, so try not to get stuck in dreams as you often do. Doing so will not be best for you and could land you in a bit of trouble.
The Girl's A Straight-Up Hustler - Part II

Description: The reader is a hunter and used to working on her own still! She has known Dean a little longer by this point…Words: 1,614 Warnings: None Author’s Notes: Yay! The requested part 2 has arrived! Hope this matches up to what anyone wanted! My debate was a less detailed 2 parts or more detailed 3 parts… On that note, Part 3 should be up tomorrow at some point ;) (Read Part I


“That’s not fair, you cheated!” A weedy man in ripped denim jeans shouted at you as you put down the cue and picked up your newly earned $200 off the end of the table.

It had been almost too easy this time around, you had ended up with a group of three guys repeatedly upping the bet once they realised you were good at pool, each expecting that they could beat you. They clearly couldn’t in their drunk and swaying states, but you weren’t going to be the one to highlight that to them. You looked over the man’s shoulder to see Dean was sat a few tables away smirking over the top of his glass.

“I didn’t cheat, it’s all well honed skill, now if you don’t mind boys, I’ve got to go and see my friend.” You said smiling sweetly to the men still sulking over their lost money now stowed safely in your sequinned purse. One looked as if he was going to get confrontational, but was quickly put off by the large dog that appeared at your side, a low growl in her throat. You tickled the dog’s head and walked back over to the table that Dean was sitting at and took the seat next to him.

“Got a drink here for the victor! How much did you get this time?” Dean asked you suppressing a grin.

“Oh, just a couple of hundred dollars, no biggie! But I think we should leave soon, the more drunk they get, the more they think they can take their money back!” You smirked, giving Buffy a few ice cubes from your drink which she crunched up happily.

You and Dean had developed a good act over the past year, he would make a big scene of being the boyfriend that beat you a few times at pool. You would pretend to be annoyed and you’d then put someone on the spot and ask them to play. You’d put a big bet on it, much to the ‘distress’ of your ‘boyfriend’ and the money would start raking in. Of course, this only worked once per bar or sometimes even per town but you’d began to check quite often where the Winchester brothers had their cases. You rarely worked with them, preferring hunts to be just Buffy and you, but sometimes you would team up for a hunt. Sometimes you saw them everyday for a week, other times you may not see them for a few weeks. You enjoyed Dean’s company especially but so many years of working alone had just made solo hunts seem easier.

The pair of you finished up your drinks and wandered outside into the cool evening, still on a high from the money you’d managed to earn. Unlocking your car, that was parked next to the impala, you let Buffy hop in and took off her pink collar. Grabbing the duffel in the back you also changed your shoes back to practical wear and slipped on jeans. You then grabbed a tanned leather collar and putting the more natural looking collar back on Buffy.

“You are definitely going to get into trouble one day, Y/N.” Dean said looking at the discarded pink collar and heels.

“I’ve been doing this since before I met you, Winchester, or don’t you remember how we met?” You raised an eyebrow at him.

“I am never going to live that one down, am I?” He said, chuckling slightly.

“Nope. The great Dean Winchester beaten by a girl in a dress with a dog called Fluffy. It doesn’t look good on your demon slaying résumé!” You playfully tried to punch him on the shoulder, which he caught with ease, brushing it off as if it were nothing.

He opened his mouth but before he could come up with a witty response, Dean’s phone started ringing. He sighed, patting the various pockets of his jacket to work out where it was coming from.

“Bottom left, it’s lighting up.” You said with a wink.

“Whatever, smartass.” He muttered, grabbing the phone. “Hey Sam, what’s up?… uh huh… Right… yeah, I’m still with her… yeah sure… okay, see you later Sammy.”

“That was quick.” You nodded towards the already hung up phone.

“Sure was, hey, any chance you’re not shooting off out of town tonight? Sammy’s found a case back near the bunker. He said you’d be a big help.”

“I’ve heard of some elaborate ways to get a girl back to your place, but getting your brother in on it is pretty inventive!” You said without thinking. Sure, you and Dean flirted and a few months ago you’d even been drunk and kissed but neither of you had mentioned it since, so that comment felt a little too forward. You could feel the heat rise to your cheeks like an embarrassed school girl.

“You clearly see right through me,” Dean laughed it off and shrugged, you thought you saw him blush but that was probably just the low light. Thank God, he hadn’t even noticed it.

“In seriousness though, is Buffy okay in the bunker?” You said pointing a thumb towards the dog lounged out in the back. You knew Dean was against pets, but he had grown quite the soft spot for your big eared pal.

“Yeah, she’s fine, we’ll sort something out, follow my car there then?” Dean said.

“Will do, just don’t take off like a bat out of hell, I have a dog in the back who doesn’t like being thrown around.” You laughed, closing the back doors up.

“I won’t, can’t let little Fluffy get hurt!” He threw back over his shoulder as he clambered into the impala’s driving seat.

He didn’t exactly go slowly, but then, it was just like Dean to speed off and show off his ‘baby’.

——- 18 hours later ——-

You’d arrived at the men of letters bunker a few hours ago. Sam had shown you a room you could have that was close to a door for letting Buffy out, she was well trained but at the end of the day, she was still a dog! Sam had changed bed sheets before you arrived, which was sweet, with the amount of motels you’d stayed in, another grimy bed would have been the least of your worries. You couldn’t get over quite how large the bunker was, you’d been shown the living quarters and garage for your car but there were so many doors that looked like even the boys hadn’t opened them.

Rounding a corner that Sam had said lead to the kitchen and library, you heard raised voices from what seemed to be said lobrary. You held a hand up indicating to Buffy, who was padding along behind you to stop.

“We are not using Y/N as bait.” Dean said firmly.

“It’s our best bet, you’ve got to see that!” Sam argued back. You edged closer to get a peek of what was going on.

“No. Absolutely not happening.” Dean rubbed a hand over his jaw angrily.

“Y/N is a hunter, normally she hunts alone, she’ll be fine.” Sam said sighing.

“You can’t guarantee that, so was Jo, Ellen, Bobby and hell, even Garth was before he became a werewolf!” Dean slumped back against a book shelf.

“Dean, you can’t compare-” Sam started.

You cleared your throat to get the brothers’ attention.

“Does Y/N get to air her opinion?” You said from the doorway before striding in, you enjoyed the dramatic flare moment. “Look, I know the risks, I’m used to it, I’ll be okay.”

“You normally go in to kill things, sure, but not as bait! You can’t have a gun in your hands when you’re bait like this.” Dean was worked up, you appreciated the care, you’d not had much of that in life, but it was very unnecessary.

The problem was a demon was kidnapping and killing young women who walked dogs in the local area. The women vanished with the only clue being their dog wandering lost and smelling of sulphur, then they would turn up a few days later in an alley. There had been three disappearances already now and you were volunteering to be number four so you could put an end to it. It really didn’t seem that ridiculous an idea.

“I’ll be just fine.” You reiterated to the flustered Dean. “Buffy has better senses than you or I, she will give me fair warning of when the demon’s coming. Then I lure him in, you hear the commotion and we all finish old black eyes off. It’s not complex.”

“You’re relying an awful lot on the dog.” Dean murmured, green eyes shooting accusingly in your direction.

"Hey! She’s been my hunting partner longer than I’ve known you. You’re not actually my boyfriend despite our act, you know!” You snapped, it was harsh but Dean had never been argumentative like this with you before.

“She’s a dog. She can’t use silver weapons, guns, salt or start an emergency exorcism!” Dean retaliated, visibly swallowing hard.

“No, she can’t, but she doesn’t argue back and she let’s me do what I want.” You huffed ignoring how childish you sounded before turning to Sam. “I’ll do it, what time do you suggest?”

Sam’s eyebrows were raised so much at the exchange between you and Dean that they were practically in his hairline.

“Um, well, I’d like to check some maps for some safer routes but really as soon as you’re ready.” Sam said.

“Give me a couple of hours.” You nodded to Sam before turning, ignoring Dean’s protests and letting your hair swish out behind you dramatically as you left.

part III here…

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Just saw your posts that you're accepting requests and I'd love some domestic Vikuuri domestic!fluff. Maybe they settling into their daily routine after the championship and Yuuri getting used to living with Viktor. It's okay if a bit angst is involved *coughs*. I'd be forever grateful :D

(Thank you so much for the ask, and I hope you enjoy!)

Yuuri always had problems with jet lag when they travelled. Victor was okay with that because it gave him some time to think. Just sit and think. Currently, he was watching Yuuri sleeping, his soft breathing soothing to listen to while the first rays of light began to shine through the window. It was set to be a fairly overcast day, but some sunlight was managing to peek through, just enough to generate a glint off of the ring on Yuuri’s finger.

Victor smiled and leaned forward to press a kiss to Yuuri’s forehead before finally getting out of bed. The other man snuffled quietly and Victor could swear that he saw a hint of a smile on his sleeping face.

He took a quick morning jog to the beach and back, something he had missed doing, though it was just as good at Hasetsu. They had spent a couple weeks in Japan after the Grand Prix so Yuuri could celebrate and visit with his family before moving to St. Petersburg with Victor. Victor could almost imagine that it had been like a honeymoon before they had to get back to training.

Yuuri was still sleeping when he got back, so he took a shower and worked on making breakfast. He would wake Yuuri up soon if he wasn’t woken up by the smell of food cooking. It was only their second day back in Russia, so he deserved some sleep.

He was almost done when there was some noise from the bedroom that Victor knew wasn’t Makkachin since the dog was lying underfoot hoping for a scrap of something to fall into his waiting mouth.


Victor smiled and turned around holding two full plates of breakfast.

“Good afternoon, sleeping beauty. Did you sleep well?”

He never got tired of the blush that tinged Yuuri’s cheeks whenever he said anything nice or complimentary.

“Yeah, sorry I slept so late. I can’t shake the jet lag for some reason.” Yuuri rubbed at one of his eyes before putting on his glasses which he’d been holding in his other hand and smiling at the plates that Victor had set down on the table for them to start eating.

“That’s okay. It’s only been two days. I’ll start making you get up early tomorrow.” Victor was completely serious, but let his smile do the talking as Yuuri looked floored for a moment. “Besides, I really enjoy waking up to you laying next to me.”

“Victor, please. Don’t say things like that.” Yuuri’s blush had deepened as he sat down and stared at his plate. “It’s embarrassing.”

Victor laughed and kissed the top of Yuuri’s head before sitting down himself.

“Don’t tell me you’re embarrassed of me. That’s cold, even for you, my Luchik.*” Victor pointed his fork at Yuuri, still smiling. Yuuri still didn’t raise his head and poked at his food, staying silent. Victor could tell something was on his mind, but he would let Yuuri take his time to say it. It never helped to push the younger man.

They ate in relative silence, save for the occasional begging whine from Makkachin. Victor wasn’t about to have another steamed bun type incident though, so he’d banned any scraps from going to the dog.

It didn’t take long for them to finish eating, so Victor took the dirty plates to the sink to wash. Yuuri followed him and dried the dishes as Victor washed them, still very obviously thinking hard. Victor didn’t mind the silence and knew it was better for Yuuri, who did look close to saying what was on his mind. They were on the last dish when he finally spoke up.

“Victor, are you… are you sure about all this?”

Victor cocked his head to the side a little and opened his mouth to ask what Yuuri meant, but Yuuri stopped him.

“All of this. Living together, being… engaged. All of this. You could have anyone in the world. All better than me.” He was idly drying the same spot on a plate over and over again, refusing to look Victor in the eye.

Victor however was staring at Yuuri, jaw slack. They’d sort of had this argument before, and it was always incredibly irritating to him.

“Why do you always have to insult me?” That got a reaction from Yuuri, who started and finally looked at Victor again.

“Wh- I’m no-”

“Yes, you are. Yuuri, if I wanted any other person in the world, I would have chosen someone else.” Victor took the plate from Yuuri and put it on the counter, stepping closer to the shorter man. “I’ve only wanted you. Since that first banquet, I couldn’t stop thinking about you, and then I thought you were inviting me to Japan again skating to my routine. I mean, that was all a huge misunderstanding, but it worked out in both of our favours, and I would never have it any other way. Unless you are having second thoughts, in which case I will fight hard to keep your heart.” He took Yuuri’s hand with the ring and brought it to his mouth to kiss it softly. Yuuri had tears in his eyes when Victor looked back up.

“Victor… Of course I’m not having second thoughts. I just can’t wrap my head around the idea that you would choose me. Of anyone you chose me and that’s unbelievable to me.” Tears had started to fall from Yuuri’s eyes then and Victor leaned in to kiss some of them away.

“I will tell you every day that I love you if that’s what it takes. I love you Yuuri. My beautiful katsudon.” He brought a hand up and wiped away more tears with his thumb as Yuuri covered his hand with his own.

“I love you too Victor.”

Victor smiled and pressed his lips gently to Yuuri’s. They stayed like that for a couple minutes until Victor pulled away to smile wide.

“Why don’t we get ready and go to the rink to practice?”

Yuuri smiled and brought Victor’s hand to his lips.

“I would like that very much, Lyubimaya moya.**

Victor could never have been happier.

(*ray of light, **Darling or my sweetheart)

YoI episode 9

[You can read my previous mega-posts here:

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Also known as “I always suffer with the Free Skate”. Why? Because if you fail a SP, you can still find redemption in the Free Skate. But more often than not, you skate a good Short Program and then mess up during the FS.

I don’t mean to say Yuuri will fail, but anything could happen. If he’s worried about Makkachin, it could affect his performance. While I think he can still function without Viktor, it’s obvious that his absence will play a significant role in his performance during the FS because that’s what coaches are for. They are supposed to help you calm down.

So what did I expect from this episode?


-Skaters messing up their programs

-A full program with Emil because we still haven’t seen him

-Please let Asshole lose

Meanwhile, we have Viktor dealing with Makkachin’s illness, and I expected to see something about Viktor’s past as well as Makkachin getting better.

Keep reading