i'd be terrible in time of crisis now i know it

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Oops I stopped reading the list like halfway through but also 40 is one I'd be immensely interested in hearing your answer to.

What’s that? How would I fix Crisis Core? Wow you caught me completely off-guard on this subject I clearly have never thought about before, guess you’ll have to bear with me!

Prequels in general should contribute context and understanding rather than just a series of things that happened, and Crisis Core did not do that. It wasn’t very good at being about anything, when it should have been pretty clearly about one thing: Shinra is terrible, and working for them is a spiritually and morally corrosive experience, regardless of how apparently decent you are as an individual

In VII we see Shinra kick a puppy every couple hours, but their real bone-chilling atrocities all stem from a complete disregard for life beyond that which is exploitable. Their real damage is expressed through the characters we meet that they have destroyed. A prequel’s the perfect place to look at that in greater depth, and from the inside. 

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les mis songs in summary
  • look down: angry work song
  • valjean arrested/valjean forgiven: everyone hates valjean (except, for some weird reason, the bishop)
  • valjean's soliloquy: valjean is confused about whatever he's done now
  • at the end of the day: who is fantine and why is she relevant to this story? i don't know but the harmonies in this song are freakin great
  • lovely ladies: who knew prostitutes could sing (also: fantine cuts her hair and is not happy with the results)
  • i dreamed a dream: fantine had some high hopes up until this point (never a good idea)
  • fantine's arrest: fantine gets her claws out and doesn't actually get arrested
  • the runaway cart: valjean can, for some reason, lift a really heavy cart
  • who am i?: valjean is confused about his actions (again) (also: javert learns valjean's secret!!!! woah what a surprise)
  • fantine's death: fantine has some hardcore hallucinations and then dies
  • the confrontation: javert and valjean are angry about very different things
  • castle on a cloud: a small, dirty child sings about things only found in her imagination
  • master of the house: the thenardiers are terrible foster parents and surprisingly good cons
  • the waltz of treachery: is valjean secretly a child slaver? no? alright good.
  • look down: poor people complaining (ft. gavroche, aka my son)
  • javert's intervention: it's jaVVVERETTTTTT (in which javert sticks his nose where it doesn't belong and almost catches up to valjean)
  • stars: javert is passionate about astrology and the law
  • eponine's errand: eponine's in a one-sided relationship
  • the abc cafe/red and black: enjolras wants a revolution but everyone is too busy with marius's love life to pay attention to him
  • do you hear the people sing: everyone finally listens to enjolras and now it's revolution time (no one is a fan of the french government)
  • in my life: cosette sings about her feelings
  • heart full of love: complete strangers (aka marius and cosette) talk about their love for each other
  • attack on rue plumet: eponine saves the day and thenardier is a little bitch (as per usual)
  • one day more: everyone ever sings reprises of every song ever
  • at the barricade: just. at the barricade.
  • on my own: eponine is lonely (not a surprise)
  • building the barricade: they're just building the barricade? that's literally all that's going down.
  • javert's arrival: wow what a surprise javert is once again being a dick because he cares way too much about the law (priorities, man)
  • little people: my son gavroche sings a song that will undoubtedly make you cry when he sings it again (also he calls javert out on his shit and is my actual hero)
  • a little fall of rain: is marius finally returning eponine's affections? no? i thought not.
  • night of anguish: oh no. eponine died.
  • first attack: loud screaming about fighting and dramatic music
  • drink with me: enjolras and grantaire are really gay and everyone suddenly loves alcohol
  • bring him home: valjean just REALLY wants marius to come home (we get it dude no need to repeat yourself four hundred times)
  • dawn of anguish: drink with me reprise
  • second attack: that little people reprise i was talking about (have fun droWNING IN YOUR TEARS)
  • the final battle: everyone you care about dies
  • dog eats dog: thenardier has a bit too much fun in the sewers
  • javert's suicide: javert still cares way too much about the law and has an existential crisis because valjean was nice to him (then he jumps off a bridge, you know, as you do)
  • turning: women mourning people they didn't even know (why? i'd tell you if i knew)
  • empty chairs at empty tables: marius hallucinates about his dead friends (he probably got it from fantine tbh)
  • every day: cosette and marius talk about their love (they're no longer strangers so it makes a bit more sense? i guess?)
  • valjean's confession: valjean's done some bad shit and owns up to it (good job)
  • wedding feast: the thenardiers interupt a perfectly good wedding
  • epilogue: EVERYONE IS DEAD but it's okay because the ending is just. so beautiful.