i'd be mad too!

Grisha “Let’s project my rage and suicidal pipe-dreams on my innocent children and totally fuck them up mentally and emotionally. Also, I can’t even read these historical texts to tell what they say for sure, but I believe in Ymir blindly, ‘cause down with the government and stuff.” Jaeger

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don't forget miiko and leiftan. i hope they're going to feel bad af too. and even tho i know it won't happen, i want gardienne to stop confessing to the blond and black haired boot-licker. his "apologies" were... idk. i just despise him now. i didn't even feel sorry for his loss just like he didn't feel sorry for gardienne after the damn potion mess. "you're exaggerating" lol. and what about you stop bothering gardienne with your absolute, utter, complete and pure bullshit ?


Racist Character Learns That Being Racist is Bad, Subsection of Fandom Misses the Entire Point of the episode

Whether Steven likes it or not, he should know that he shouldn’t make all the decisions for the entirety of a mission. They all have to work as a team. I hope once Steven returns to Earth, everyone is just pissed with him for making such a big decision to going to homeworld. Not only is he putting himself in danger, but everyone else too! It’s kind of obvious the diamonds want to destroy Earth under a few accounts of it and him giving out word of what he is is not helping their case.

Imagine your OTP

Person A and Person B are in a grocery store. (Note: the dialogue here is flexible, it doesn’t have to be word for word.)

A: You know, B, I’m really glad I met you.

B: Me too…

A: No, really. I just feel more… complete, when I’m with you.

B: Person A…

A: B.. The truth is, I… I think I…

Random customer: yo could you two move you’re blocking the crackers

A and B apologize, move over and then proceed to not talk to each other for the rest of the day out of awkwardness.

Bonus: Everyone else in the grocery store calls out the customer for breaking the mood.

Oh boy I miss the Boueibu game