i'd be doing the same as her tbh

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tbh if that's true then that makes him look like an asshole. like it's her bday the least he could do was to visit/congratulate her even as colleagues? if he made her come to him it's just..... most of the positive press he gets is from her and she already established herself. her individual ig posts get like 2 millions likes (i'd say she's on the same level as kendall with popularity minus the negative pepsi press). in gp's mind she's a hard working lucky girl, and z is a fake edgy wannabe 1)

2) he is just not doing enough to rehabilitate his image. g*gi knows they’re worth more as a couple so she’s gonna keep this up until someone bigger comes along, but i still think it’s unprofessional of him to put in like no effort when he’s benefitting from her too. i also recall he said he didn’t send taylor anything on her bday during idwlf* promo.. you know what i mean? the least he can do is send flowers, they had the collab out. idk i don’t like this at all

You seem like a Gigith stan, nahhht gonna lie. Ok, so a little Business Hoe 101 here.  I’m going to assume, judging by how awkward Zayn and Gigith’s body language is, they are not friends.  Zayn and Gigith’s arrangement is purely business, and you can work with people that you don’t necessarily personally get on with. Because of that, that means that the Zigi contract is likely compromised of negotiated give and takes. Both of them have valuable separate brands, and even the social media promo you see from Gigith? That shit’s negotiated. 

 It doesn’t look like Zayn went to her birthday party, but Zayn’s a pretty decent dude, so I’m going to assume he at least wished her a happy birthday if he actually saw her on it. Its a fair reminder Zayn also currently has an instagram post labeling her his “Everything,” so I’m not sure what more you actually wanted for him to do for a work colleague on their birthday. 

 I’ll be honest with you, its questionable whether or not Zayn and Gigith took those photos on her actual birthday, or whether he’s even in New York. Nobody has actually seen Zayn in real time since he shot his music video around April 7 or 8, and we have no idea when he actually got the tattoo in Southampton. 

That aside, I think you’re giving way more credit to Gigith’s career then you are to Zayn’s. Gigith’s relationship to Zayn did a lot to catapult Gigith into the GP’s mind, just like its also benefitted Zayn in some ways. As far as social engagement, Gigith’s average likes are closer to 1.5 million, which is pretty much the same as Zayn’s (and actually, while Gigith has more followers, Zayn has better social engagement).  Additionally, Yolanda and Gigith hit pay dirt with Zigi. I’m hard pressed to think of a comparable celebrity  who’s current promotional situation would have allowed Gigith to inadvertently highjack 90% of everything he does and I’m almost positive that at least Yolanda is aware of that. 

Lastly, the whole “Zayn isn’t doing enough to rehabilitate his image” is assuming that Zayn actually has control of that, whichhhhh I don’t think he much does. Zayn has a 360 degree record deal, is still with Syco as far as we know,  and with that, the contract he signed pretty much gives the label control of how his image is portrayed (never mind the fact that I don’t believe Zayn is the one behind his social media channels - he has two social media managers that do that).  

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can you do a really fluffy 15 with Michael where he's like "I'd rather take her on a date first tbh" thanks, you're a really good writer!! :)

(Awww thank you darling! This wasn’t too fluffy?? But I hope you like it 💚)

15. “I swear, you guys should just fuck.”

You actually like Michael. Like more than a friend. But you know he doesn’t feel the same way. It’s obvious. If he did, he would have done something about it already right? Friends for 2 years now but you were getting tired of seeing girls all over him every time you went out. It was getting annoying.

You were tired of the constant waiting. Would he ever feel the same way? You couldn’t risk telling him about this. Not at all. But apparently the rest of the boys thought it was pretty obvious with your blatant stares of affection and the way you talk about him like ‘he’s the one’ as Ashton would put it.

The relationship you had with Michael was quite flirty. But of course he only thought of it as best friends just joking around with each other. If only he knew…

As you were getting ready to go out tonight you made your way to the living room where the rest of the boys were waiting.

With your tight black dress going just mid thigh, blood red lipstick, and your hair bouncing like a basketball with the curls you attempted to make look good, Michael couldn’t take his eyes off you.

“You know, a picture would last longer.” You spoke, snapping him out of his thoughts.

You saw the faintest of a blush cross his cheeks but quickly disappear. “I already have a picture of you babe. And I jack off to it every night.”

“You’re fucking disgusting.” You laughed while pushing him as you sat down on the couch.

“But honestly Y/N, you look really great.” He wiped a bit of a lipstick smudge off the corner of your mouth.

You smiled at him, resisting the urge to kiss him right then and there. See, he does shit like this that makes you think he might just like you.

“Really guys.” Calum said, ruining the moment. You glared at him making him smirk in return. “I swear, you guys should just fuck.”

“Suck my dick Cal.” You brushed off, hoping Michael couldn’t feel your temperature rising at the comment.

“I’d rather take her out on a date first mate.” Michael replied, staring at you with a smile waiting for your answer.

“Wha, What?” You stuttered back, looking at him to see if he was actually being serious.

“Well?” He asked again. “I mean I’d prefer to get some dinner first but unless you want to go straight to third base I’m all for that too.” He grinned.

You laughed pushing his chest, but he caught your wrist in the process, interlacing your hands.

“Only if we get pizza.” You answered, brushing his fringe off his forehead.

“This is why I chose you.” He whispered back, smiling.

finishing up the blurbs!

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Honestly if the boy I liked "big moment" with me was giving me a jelly bean that he used to chose between me and my best friend, I'd break up with him right there.

Same, tbh. If you’ll indulge a tangent though:

I think a lot of people miss that Lucas never actually told Riley exactly HOW he used the jellybeans. He says:

“We put these jellybeans on a scale… when I was trying to think about all of the things that I like about you, and I was trying to decide what I needed to do.”

Riley kinda makes a “huh?” face at that so MAYBE she did the arithmetic and figured out he was weighing her directly against Maya, but we don’t know for sure that she did. Lucas never actually makes it clear to Riley exactly how he used the jellybeans, but more importantly: Riley doesn’t actually know what Lucas specifically said about her (and Maya), much less that he negated the whole “she fell on me so it’s fate so it’s always been Riley” concept by acknowledging that Riley did not actually just “fall” and by talking about who Maya is as a person.

All Riley knows is that the jellybean means Lucas chooses her because that’s pretty much all he tells her about it (side note: “choose” rather than “chose” is a huge red flag word choice-wise considering the storyline IMO), but the audience knows WAY more about the jellybean stuff than Riley does…we know what it actually represents to the narrative because we got to see it all go down and Riley didn’t.

And that’s to say nothing of how the GM Crazy Hat sugar lesson and the GM Smackle “wrapped up all pretty” lesson tie into this whole thing.

Anyway. The lack of real emotional depth in that whole exchange is astounding, cutesy and cloying as it is. It’s a SUPER weak “moment,” especially considering the fact that people assumed it was “supposed to” be a kiss for like two years…and then it wasn’t. Not even close. And the writers even encouraged that assumption via sketchy twitter answers. Anyone who still thinks the GMW writers aren’t huge, huge trolls is either in denial or not paying attention. 😂