i'd apologize for putting all this in the tags

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So, Sara's plagiarist took the story down and put up a weak-sauce "apology" claiming that the story came to her in a dream and she'll never write again. Which, whatever. She's embarrassed at being caught and looking for sympathy. I'd advise Sara to keep half an eye out for this person reposting the fic under a different name though, because no lessons have been learned and it would be true to type.

Thanks for the tip, anon! I assume you told Sara but just in case I will tag her: @captn-sara-holmes.

Well done, fandom :) Thank you all for helping out.

The “I will never write again” response is typical of kids who get caught plagiarizing – the idea is that someone will scold us, how dare you run someone out of fandom this way. But we don’t want plagiarists in fandom anyway, so you know…good. Stay out until you learn how to behave.

“Share details” my ass. “Stole dialogue” is the phrase she’s looking for.