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The Exhibit

When Alfred was in his last year of high school a man came and tested the students one by one.

It was called a physical, so no one thought too much of it, but as he was sitting there on the cushioned medical table in nothing but his boxers, pads attached to his temples with wires that ran down into a constantly beeping machine, he began to feel an inkling of doubt.

For ten minutes the man in the lab coat asked questions, quiet and kind, brown hair draped down to his shoulders like a curtain. And then he said, “Alfred, do you believe in mythological creatures?”

Alfred blinked, “Uh, no. Not really.”

The man leaned forward, observing him. “If you found out that they were real, would you be interested in working at a facility that strives to protect and preserve their population?”

Not the most creative of thinkers, it took Alfred a moment to conjure an image of what that could possibly mean. Then he cocked his head, “Like a zoo?”

“Yes,” the man smiled warmly, “exactly like that.”

Alfred brightened. He’d always loved zoos. “Well that’d be pretty badass, I think.”

The man beamed at him. “Wonderful.”

Little did he know that that exchange would change his life.

And that was how Alfred became a trapper.

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can i request a one shot about the extended promo scene?

Sometimes, there are moments when she forgets what life was like on the Ark.

She wakes now to warm sunlight filtering through her window, and for a split second she can’t recall the seeping chill of metal walls. She’ll step outside just to feel the wind rustle through her hair; barely remembers the sullen stillness of space. She watches the sky simmer with shades of gold and orange, its colors almost drowning out every memory of the coldness of eternal night.

When Jackson stands in front of her to tell her that Marcus has been sentenced to death, the only coherent thought to rise out of the creeping feel of dread and panic is the bright realization of how stupid she’s really been:

She never left the Ark at all.

The walls of Arkadia are fitted with solar panels and water catchers for life on the ground, but they grew out of the bones of the Ark. The sun shines off of every surface, but the metal is scratched and worn, permanently scarred with the sins of their past.

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A Matter of Trust (Convince Me)

Emma is searching for a way to save her childhood friend, Graham, from the Evil Queen’s clutches, and she hopes that the infamous Captain Hook might be able to help her. Enchanted Forest AU. Written for captainswanandclintasha for CS Secret Santa.

Monica, I went with your first request for a princess and pirate AU, and I’ve been feeling badass Emma a lot lately, so this is what came from that. I hope you enjoy it :)

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A Matter Of Trust (Convince Me)

Clutching her cloak more tightly around her to cover the fine cut and cloth of her clothes and the jewels in her hair, Emma held her breath as she passed the sleeping guards - a little sprinkling of herbs in their ale had done the trick. If it were any other night, she might have admonished them for drinking on duty, but since it was a feast day and they was away from the festivities, perhaps she would have been lenient. Besides, their indulgence had made her night a lot easier.

The air in the dungeons was cold and frigid, but she barely felt it.

She was on a mission.

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