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Actual dad David headcannon

Okay but David would probably start buying Max things he knows Max likes, especially after seeing what Max’s parents get him. David wants to let Max know he cares about the kids interests, be it whatever, no matter how silly or strange it might be.

Imagine David buying Max comic books of Max’s favorite super hero or something cause he know’s that’s what Max likes, and holy hell, “the kid deserves more than just a hoodie!” David has probably said on more than one occasion.


Well… she did know how to open it… (Anna and Remington (my ocs) and 2017) Happy New Year!

Extremely Important Claymore Theory #1

At the point in time where the story takes place, we know the ins and outs of Claymore physiology pretty well. Little details about their regeneration and limitations are revealed with time in the series, and there’s a lot to suggest that we understand their half-yoma bodies about as much as we could ever hope to. But when you think about it, even though the Org has scientists, most of the information had to come from the Claymores themselves, as human scientists can only learn so much through observation. Most of what we know about them has come from a decades-long process of self discovery on their part. And that makes sense, given that most of their special abilities shine through in combat, and they do a lot of fighting. Of course they’ve learned a lot about themselves that way.

But you know what isn’t combat related? The weird way their body processes alcohol. Now, it’s not strange that they would drink and eventually figure it out, but you’d think that they’d assume they just have much higher alcohol tolerance than humans, and not that they can completely control how much alcohol effects them. The fact that they understand it to the degree they do speaks of some form of deliberate research effort.

So like, what I’m getting at here is, at some point in history, at least one Claymore set out to get absolutely shitfaced for science.

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Since you're getting some wonderful asks about weird Terran stuff, I'd also like to add human reactions to pain. I got my chin split open as a kid (which was not fun, wouldn't recommend it) and after the first burst of pain I was just annoyed. What if Terrans aren't as durable but they can handle an insane amount of pain?

Ooooh, let’s see… I can totally see that happening. Coupled with the fact that Yondu probably snapped at Peter not to cry – because it’s annoying, he says, but he simply can’t stand seeing or hearing it – the boy would refuse to do more than go very, very pale and still, like…

The Crack that can be heard when Peter falls off the wall he was supposed to climb over is as loud as any blaster fire, and it makes the escaping Ravagers stop dead in their tracks.


Tullk is the first one back at Peter’s side, trying to move the whimpering, panting child, but Peter gives a strangled sound and rolls tighter together, escaping his hands.

“Move!” Yondu bellows, shoving his men aside as he kneels down next to the child. “Quill. Quill, open yer mouth, what happened?!”

“My arm…!” Peter is talking through his teeth, but already pushing himself up to his feet. They are escaping right now, after all.

Yondu grips the boy’s uninjured shoulder, whirling him around that he can see the arm Peter holds limply against his chest. The forearm shows a strange swelling at one point, visible even through the child’s clothes.

“Tche. Broken.”

Peter goes pale at hearing that, but doesn’t blink, holds the red gaze boring into his. Takes a deep breath. “It’s… it’s okay.”


“Kid, hold on, that’s a clean fuckin’…”

“Yondu, we gotta go,” Peter insists, even though there are unshed tears prickling in his eyes.

The men go silent, both impressed and confused at the child’s behavior. Peter is very open with emotions, easy to read as any book (for those who could read in this crew). He also easily tears up when getting emotional or seeing things that a child shouldn’t see.

But here he stands, with a fresh fracture splitting his forearm, and doesn’t shed one tear. Apart from his clenched jaws and paleness, one wouldn’t even have been able to see that he was injured in any way.

Just what exactly are Terrans made of?

Yondu is asking himself the same thing, but he can’t deny the mixture of pride and satisfaction burning through his chest, quickly stomped down again. His decision is quick yet precise.

“Oblo, ya carry Quill. Tullk, ya stay on his left, Kraglin on his right side. Can’t lose ourselves a good lil’ thief. Now move yer asses, we’re outta ‘ere, boys!”


Peter hisses as Oblo lifts him onto his arms, carefully but quickly arranging the boy that he won’t be in the way and the broken limb won’t be jostled too much.

“Sorry, kiddo,” Oblo says as he starts running and Peter has to grit his teeth again as pain laces up his arm.

“’S okay,” Peter manages. “Really.”

“Terrans really are tough lil’ guys, huh?!” Tullk bellows with a wide grin, looking as if he wants to reach out and pat Peter’s shoulder, but stops at the last second.

“’S probably just how Pete is,” Kraglin argues, sending the grinning child a quick smirk. “Stubborn git.”

Peter sniffles, determined to keep the few tears from falling. That’s the first time the crew as a whole seems to respect him as their thief.

He’s not going to cry and ruin it.

Harry Potter things I found out were real after I moved to the UK:
- boarding schools*
- students walking from class to class
- school houses
- prefects

Another story about my school
  • School: Sorry, we can't afford to replace the soap in the bathrooms or fix the blow dryers
  • School: Sorry, we can't afford to fund any of the arts programs except for the band at all and that's because band makes us look good
  • School: Sorry, we don't want to waste money by using paper
  • School: it's not working?
  • School: Sorry, we don't have enough money to fix it.

“Here’s what I know about Dean Winchester”

> final version

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Can you write a fanfic, where Alan and Liz are in a dynamic like how she was in with Tom is season 1 episode 1 and Alan gets tortured by Zamani?

hoooooooly shit, anon. Let’s do this. Let’s do it. Let’s just picture this for a second:

Let’s rewrite Season 1 - without Tom. Instead, we first meet Liz while she’s scrambling out of bed, having forgotten to set the alarm on her phone. It’s her first day of work, first day at the new job, and she’s already running late because her boyfriend took her out to dinner the night before to celebrate a case well-won (and also - as Liz secretly suspects - to finally get her to don on that lovely evening gown with the low-cut back she bought a few weeks ago).

(The romantic in her had secretly hoped that he would propose to her, get down on one knee in the middle of the restaurant and flash an elegant engagement ring at her, his voice low and catching slightly as he asked her to become his wife.)

And while Liz is hastily getting ready for work - brushing her teeth while clumsily stabbing her legs into her skirt, almost ending up combing her hair with her marmelade-clad knife when she isn’t concentrating hard enough on doing two things at once - Alan isn’t much help either. He just keeps trotting behind her like a forlorn puppy, following her around the apartment / hotel room suite in his t-shirt and sweatpants, trying to be a helpful, supporting boyfriend by piling the things he thinks she may need into her bag (a total desaster, because she sure as hell won’t be needing 30 tampons today - or this week, for that matter).

And then he’s seeing her off at the door, kiss on the cheek and an uplifting motivational speech (which she thinks he might have drafted the day before during lunch, when he had told her that he was working on a closing statement). But their moment together is interrupted when Ressler shows up, intimidating helicopter-for-show in tow.

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So I read your tags on the malec post where magnus opens the door and is like "finally someone to admire my hard work" (which, like, so true) but I'd also like to add that he looks Extra pleased that it's alec like his eyebrows raise and his eyes brighten at the fact that he can show his handiwork off to his boyfriend :')

dfhbdsfhbsd yess and the fact that hes greeted immediately with a “wow” like honestly could these two get any gayer

Not One to Forget

A/N: I can’t believe that my first Gravity Falls fanfic is a 9k fiddauthor angstfest that was originally just a short Fiddleford character study. What a hell of a way to come off a 5-month writer’s block lmao. 

Shoutout to @tallykale whose amazing fiddauthor fics MAY have influenced me writing this (seriously, pls read their stuff, it’s so good!!). Also thanks to my friend @toobookishtohandle for listening to me wail about my own writing and who implored me to give this a happy ending and tone down my angst for just ONCE in my goddamn life (I failed, btw). 

Also available on my brand spankin’ new Ao3

Warnings: fluff then devastating angst, non-consensual touching, lots of anxiety, blood, and a few other disturbing things. Nothing too harsh tho, I think. Also mostly canon-complaint? Just with a lot more gay. 

…anyways, welcome to run-on sentence hell… hope you enjoy!

Fiddleford Hadron McGucket wasn’t one to forget things.

It wasn’t to say he didn’t forget things, or that he didn’t have a few memories he’d rather not remember, but he’d always been good at seeing the truth of things. Like how when he introduced himself with his full name, soothed by the Southern accent he’d inherited from his Ma, people tended to either snicker or look doubtful that he was in college in the first place. Or when he first walked into his dorm to the sight of his future roommate dropping a stack of too-many boxes filled with too-many papers all across the floor, and the man had stammered out a quick apology at the same time he introduced himself as Stanford Pines and practically threw himself at Fiddleford, offering him a handshake before remembering his insecurities and wincing as Fiddleford grasped the six-fingered hand. In the space of that time, Fiddleford saw a lot; this was a man that had been ridiculed just as much as him (for a birth-defect rather than just a silly accent and a big brain, Fiddleford thought), someone unused to social interactions, someone that with a wince said silently, “Let’s get this over with…”

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Carmilla speedpaint 

(also it’s transparent bc why not)

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I'm honestly starting to think Netflix hates Asians at this point you can now add another Asian inspired show as whitewashed The Legend of the Monkey based on Journey to The West I'd also like to add that Asians are not interchangeable

You wouldn’t be wrong honestly. Netflix and a lot of other entertainment have no respect for the cultures of Asia and think they all look alike and anyone can play anyone else.

mod v

Fakiru Week 2015 | Day 4: September 27th | Noise

I headcanon that sometimes Fakir and Ahiru will just go out on a dock/beach/shoreline somewhere and listen to the water lapping/washing in while enjoying each other’s company and occasionally some splashing, dunking, and other antics.

Happy 20th anniversary for Red/Green and announcement for Sun/Moon <3