A Series of Supergirl Screw-Ups
  • Superman was used to promote the new season
  • Kara and James say “nahhh” after a season of build up
  • Cat Grant leaves the show and Kara’s new boss is a man
  • The relationship between Kara and Alex is minimized
  • Jeremiah Danvers apparently doesn’t exist this season
  • Maggie is given minimal backstory and is only there to further Alex’s coming out arc
  • Floriana Lima being Italian and playing what was meant to be a Latina
  • Mon-el takes up an inordinate screen time from the original cast
  • Mon-el is emotionally abusive and a shitty person and this is not fully addressed
  • M’gann leaves Earth
  • Karamel is given more time than sanvers in an episode that was supposed to be sanvers-centric, all sanvers scenes seem rushed
  • Mon-el is put in a romantic relationship with Kara despite said emotional abuse
  • Feel free to add on

why can’t people understand that you can still be a “girly girl” and like soccer? Like what is so hard to believe? I like makeup and clothes and all that shit I’m just like you, but I still enjoy soccer very much , and no it’s not because the players are hot it’s because I enjoy this sport and who plays in it .

She had a braille pin.

He mocked a disabled reporter.

Tell me again how they were the same.

[Image description: a person’s fingers are touching a pin with Hillary’s campaign slogan “Stronger Together” in white lettering on a blue background, thus reading the same message etched in Braille on said pin]

  • Anti r/ylos: searches in the reylo tag, saves screen shots of reylo material, then proceeds to bitch about said material on blog.
  • Also anti r/ylos: can't believe I saw this with my own two eyes!1!
  • Me: well Brenda, if you would have stayed in your own fucking lane and not gone purposely searching for material that ain't your business, you wouldn't have seen it, and you wouldn't feel the need to bitch about it.

Is it possible for hardcore anime fans to not bitch about English dubs or did they sign a contract explicitly saying that they have to comment on every English dub video on YouTube with “This is cancer”?

Yes, it’s personal preference but nobody gives a shit if you didn’t like the dub so why bother being a douche about it?

Go watch the subbed version instead of wasting your time on the dubbed if that’s how you feel.

Ugh, I’m just so sick of this…

Please stop giving credits on imagines on other platforms by saying ‘all creds to tumblr authors’.

That isn’t cool. People don’t read descriptions a lot, it’s much more likely they won’t realise those imagines aren’t yours, please - especially on Wattpad where I am seeing this more and more - please give credit in chapters to the individual authors by name. If you can copy and paste, you can also copy and paste the URL.