i'M a MESS


I was already broken by Maggie’s Coming Out story, but you know how my asshole brain broke me even more? 

By suggesting that after hearing Maggie’s HEART WRENCHING STORY, Alex went and called Eliza and, despite all her flaws, Eliza Danvers got on the first plane (or called Kara) and flew out to National City and went straight to Alex’s apartment and just ENVELOPED MAGGIE SAWYER IN A TIGHT HUG AND APOLOGIZED FOR EVERYTHING BAD THAT EVER HAPPENED TO HER AND PROMISED THAT SHE WOULD NEVER HAVE TO FEEL THAT WAY AGAIN AND I’M NOW CRYING AND MY HEART HURTS AND I JUST

taetaeslaugh  asked:

do you like and/or stan any other kpop group besides bts? or any other k-idol(s) in general? btw, i love ur blog sm!💜 keep up the great work^^ ly~

First of all- thank you!! I’m glad you like it 💛💛
And oh gosh where do I start??? I pretty much like every single kpop band that has ever walked this earth haha jk but it seems like it… honestly… I think I like every band out there. They’re all so talented and so different I can’t imagine only liking one of them!
And my ult. Bias isn’t even in BTS 😪 IM A TRAITOR I KNOW IM SORRY GUYS HAHAHHA but the heart wants what it wants 😭😂

Sorry about not posting art lately, I’ve been having slight issues functioning, both physically and mentally. There’s so many things to be worked on and I really lack what it takes. I’ll hopefully get back to posting more art soon!

I’m currently working and over 40 intersecting stories that, a majority of them, have to be re-written and re-drawn, so there’s a lot on my mind.

If there’s any of my characters that anyone likes in particular I’ll draw them! Or characters from media… or anything…


“I will come as the rain.
I will come as the first snowfall.
I will beg the Heavens
to let me do just that.