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 Countdown to Chris Evan’s birthday with gifsets [8 more days]

“The best [fan] encounters are with little kids. I remember getting a beautiful drawing once done in crayons and spelling mistakes. It’s adorable…it’s the best part of my job.”

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: i wish fandom would stop turning the blue food into something fun and cutesy, it’s a very powerful symbol that connects mother and son and represents small acts of bravery and glimmers of hope in the form of adversity, which is what the series is all about. sally made everything blue because an abusive domineering man tried to take away simple pleasures from a child and she needed a way to show percy that it was going to be okay. i’m certain she paid the price for that small act of rebellion later, but she kept at it because she believed in the power of little miracles, that there was hope for the future, that she could make even the smallest difference while struggling under the hand of her abuser. it’s a symbol for sally and her immense impact in shaping percy into the person he is today, which is why he drinks a toast of blue coke to her upon her death, which is why a blue cupcake represents building a new life together, which is why percy clings to blue food when he’s homesick and doesn’t know if he’ll ever see his mother again. it’s certainly fine to use it to represent happiness because that was sally’s ultimate goal, but by god, don’t strip the meaning away from it.