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I just read that drabble you wrote two days ago -- the one where Kitamoto gets hurt -- and and and... COULD THERE PLEASE BE A CONTINUATION?? I really want to see how Nishimura and Kitamoto react to flying on Madara and their realization that Natsume indeed can see youkai and and and I'm imagining Natsume being terrified that they'll be too scared to approach him from now on but they're just like dude, you're our friend and always will be, and it'll be Tanuma's first time flying as well and AAHHH

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Disappearing cats and disembodied voices are both things that Satoru was not prepared to deal with during their overnight camping trip; right alongside his best friend breaking his wrist, and the four of them gearing up for an admittedly treacherous hike back down the mountain in the dark.

But Natsume’s face is white with real fear, and his eyes are as dark as they were the day Satoru met him, even if his expression doesn’t really change much. His arms are curled around his middle the way they’d usually be curled around his cat, like a guard – as if those frail hands could shield him from anything that really wanted to hurt him – and, remarkably, Satoru can put aside everything else that’s going on to frown at his friend.

Sure, there was a violent curl of wind and a screen of white smoke, and Nyan-nyan-sensei vanished into thin air. Kitamoto stumbled back a few steps in alarm, but Tanuma was there to keep him steady, which leaves Satoru free to jab a finger at Natsume and snap, “You look like you’re gonna pass out! Take a breath!”

Some of that awful, bleak dread in Natsume’s face recedes to make room for bewilderment instead. Satoru has that affect on people.

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So regarding Markiplier’s most recent video, I’m actually not gonna rag on him about what’s bumming him out. We’ve all got things that bother us, and while it may seem very first-world-problem-y, I won’t hold it against him to feel bad about his own problems.

But there are still issues, which are twofold:

1. He did not and still hasn’t spoken up to protect others when talking about *other peoples’* issues in videos. When the PDP thing happened, he simply asked everyone to calm down, and didn’t add on that certain types of speech are straight-up inappropriate. He could have used his platform as a voice of reason against hate speech, but instead treated the majority of speech as hate.

2. This recent video comes at a time where those previously hurt individuals are now even more silent without Markiplier’s voice actively supporting them. That he talks of his own problems so deeply and heartfully, while not doing fully for others in their time of need. That he looks for guidance and approval from his audience, while not giving the same attention to some of the disenfranchised within his audience.

I just want him to understand that the disconnected feeling is more than a scale or fame thing. He may have forgotten in the scope of the internet that his audience is full spectrum: girls and boys, women and men, gay, straight, religious or atheist, and everything in between. It’s easy to default all comments behind one voice and many avatars.

So when he does what he needs to, and feels more reconnected with his audience, I hope he remembers that again. And more importantly, that he then stands up for his followers first, and protects them against hate speech as his followers do for him.

TL;DR: I have no sympathy or ill will in regards to the video. I just really hope he learns and understands why some of his audience feels the way they do in the wake of this.

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i'm so glad ur back to making gifs!!! i thought u were sick or something lmfao

I’ve just been busy fucking all these hoes and getting this money… and studying/practising to get my license, which I’m in the process of getting. So, if you see a beautiful, long-haired creature riding a motorcycle through your town to the tune of Born To Be Wild by Steppenwolf, it’s me. 


Animatics for The Adventure Zone are the best thing


you’re the first person in my life i could actually count on.