i' m only 19 why a m i like this

12 Years Durch Den Monsun  🎉❤️

Guys, 12 years… oh my god! I can’t believe it. 😱 Time flies so fast. August 15th, 2005 was the day when I found my first love (😜)… oh wait ☝, he’s still my love - Bill Kaulitz! 😁😅 He will always be my Best Of. He’s my favorite. I was a little girl, when the song was released. And now? I’m 19 years old and I still love their music. The guys are crazy like me and this is one of million reasons, why I love them! 😂❤ Their development is unbelievable. Furthermore, I had a wonderful childhood and youth. I’m so proud of them!!! And I can’t describe HOW proud! There was a bad time in my life and their music helped me - especially the songs of Kings of Suburbia. 👑 So, what should I write? 🤔 There are only two things left: THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING POWER RANGERS!!! ❤ Love You! 😙

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I wanted to know about the translations for Vanitas No Carte chapter 19. I went on the site you had saved on Google Documents but it wasn't in English. I'm not trying to be rude or picking here i'm only asking out of curiosity. It is all right if it didn't come out yet or if you don't have one, i was only confused when it didn't show up. Thank you.

We are not the ones uploading the chapters so i have no idea why it isn’t uploaded yet or when it will upload. I’m sorry. 

- admin Neko

edit: seems like you can read the chapter here 

19 Gays: He Tian the Man Talker
  • He Tian: you shouldve called me right away when you got into trouble you know
  • Momo: why? Its not like were friends
  • H: but i care for you
  • M: Y-you don't have to..
  • H: You're my precious cook
  • H: My precious boyfriend who cooks beefstew for me and only for me.
  • M: *blushes aggressively*

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So I was lesbian for a while and now id as bi but still have only had sex w people w vaginas. I have a cis boyfriend and i keep trying to have sex with him but even when hooking up w him feels physically nice sometimes a part of my brain is like "nono stopstopstop" and I don't know why? I'm a 19 yo virgin & it's hurting our relationship. Am I just gay? Or ace? Or should I go to therapy? I feel attracted to anyone but whenever im touched/kissed my body is like nooope ive been like this for years

So right off the bat, I’m going to address the therapy thing, because I do feel like it’s an important issue. It’s a tricky subject, especially for ace people because queer people overall have a long history of being declared as needing treatment when there is nothing to actually treat. 

If you used to feel sexual attraction and you suddenly find your libido declining, it might be indicative of either hormone imbalance or depression, which requires professional treatment in the form of therapy, medication, or a combination of both. If you find yourself suddenly lacking a sex drive when you used to have one, go see a doctor that you trust. However, if, like most ace people, you’ve simply never had a sex drive and have no desire to have one, you’re okay. What it comes down to is comfort level. Are you okay with having low or no sex drive because you just never have had attraction? Then you don’t need to see a doctor. Is it distressing to you because you’re body isn’t behaving like it normally does and your worried something is wrong/something has changed? That’s when you need to seek therapy. People just don’t turn asexual, just like people just don’t turn gay. But if you’ve always felt a lack of attraction or libido, you’re completely fine.

As for your specific problem, I would say slow it down. I don’t know how long you’ve had this relationship or what you’re comfort level is with things like touching, kissing, etc, but forcing yourself to do things you aren’t comfortable with is only going to make it worse. Sit your boyfriend down and explain the problem to him. Tell him that he’s the first boy you’ve ever been with and that you need time to adjust and get comfortable with the relationship. Assuming you still want to have a relationship, explain that you love him a lot, but that you don’t quite feel comfortable with sex yet and that you need to take things at your own pace. If he doesn’t respect that, then he isn’t the guy for you.

I would also do things to show him you love him. Leave him love notes on his car, buy him flowers, offer to give him a back massage. The lack of sex probably isn’t what’s hurting the relationship, it’s the lack of communication. Assuming that this guy isn’t a virgin, he’s probably used to a relationship where people express their love and commitment through sex, so you cutting him off probably feels like you don’t love him enough. If you explain why you’re nervous and why sex just isn’t doing it for you but you compensate in the romance department, it should take some of the strain off. Open, honest communication is the building block to every strong relationship. But actions speak louder than words, so find little ways everyday to show this guy how much he means to you despite the lack of sex. 

If you identify as a sex-repulsed ace, then sex probably will never be in the cards. If you’re sex-neutral or sex-positive, then take it slow and wait until you feel comfortable again before initiating. If you’re demisexual, then it’s a waiting game for the sexual attraction to show up. 

As for whether you’re just gay or bi or some other thing, that’s something you have to decide. You should do some self-reflection and compare this relationship with others. If you feel like you’re forcing yourself to be with this guy, then you should just break-up with him. It isn’t fair for you or for him. That doesn’t mean you aren’t attracted to men, though, it could just mean that this was the wrong guy for you. But regardless, you should take some time to really think about it. 

I hope this helps! Good luck!

jooh*en voice: jOOOooOheON ! anyWays hi i’m ira i’m 17 nd i use they/them pronouns nd i’ve been gone from the krp scene for Too Long but i figured since i’m done w whatever i need to do nd i have a free summer, why not … apply 2 a group ?? ngl tho i was . intimidated by the size of this place Lmfao !!! hgkjahsd uM !! below the cut are some bullet points abt my baby eunjae !!! if u want to plot w him hmu but … i warn u rn i’m Rly bad at plotting so i’D RLY APPRECIATE IT,,, if u already had smth in mind jhfjka,,,,,, im Sorry,, inhales ok let’s go 

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Ship for @speddiepie98 ▪▪▪

Hey there!
Just wondering if I’d be able to get a couple of ships done??
I’m just going to name a couple and if you can’t do some of them than I don’t mind 😊😊
Vampire diaries, teen wolf, supernatural, the originals, riverdale and 13 reasons why

I’m 19 years of age, long blonde/brunette, blue eyes and about 5 ft 4
I’m average intelligence, like to think I’m funny, don’t forgive easily, am VERY stubborn, very emotional and base all my actions on emotions and guy instinct
😊😊 thanks


I ship you with Dean, why simple it would seem that you snd him have good chemistry together. Not only are you his type with the hair and eyes but he would find you to be a great partner. Maybe at first he would try to distance himself due to your age difference but seeing as how your VERY stubborn i know you wouldn’t give up on Dean. He would see it as protecting you but would give in eventually, you guys would mostly be that ‘IT’ couple, you knie the one where everyone wants to be like y'all because you both seem so carefree together. Knowing how protective Dean gets he would wanna keep the guyd away from you in the bar if y'all ever go out there.

Just so we’re clear, I don’t only hate het ships. I’m anti-RoadRat and anti-DoomCio. Just so y’all don’t think I just hate straight ships. I am okay with minor age gaps, like 9, maybe 10 years at most. But when the age gap is getting close to or over 20 years, like its is with RoadRat (23 years) and DoomCio (19 years), that’s where I personally draw the line. Also, with DoomCio, even if they were close in age, I still wouldn’t really ship it because I feel like their personalities don’t go together, but that’s not why I’m anti-DoomCio. But yeah, I get it, height difference and all. Height differences are pretty cute. But, in my opinion, they aren’t cute when caused by an age gap of almost 20 years. I personally think that Roadhog and Junkrat might have sort of a father-son relationship. But fine, ship those if you want, I guess. I can’t stop ya.

Again, I don’t only hate het ships.

Maybe I'm just bad at maths

I kinda went through the tag after all these ages came out and people were saying that there’s only a 9 month gap between Keith and Lance and I’m just confused..
If Lance just turned 17 on the 28th of July, and Keith is currently 18, turning 19 on the 23rd of October.. Doesn’t that mean their 1 year and 9 months apart? No? Because if it was 9 months then surely Lance would’ve turned 18 right? Idk feel free to tell me what’s up

(This isn’t trying to feed into discourse at all, it’s literally a maths question)

christaofficial replied to your post: Callout post about @christaofficial Called me a…

IN MY DEFENSE I gotta say that the first time I read your Bio I just saw 19, and Scottish but I read only 3 first letters of Sco and I thought you were one of those people who put their zodiac into their bio and I never really questioned that… I legit did not expect you to be a Caprisun but it is a fun surrpise

Oh okay fine so not only am I a Scorpio but now I’m one of “those people” honestly I can’t believe I’m being cyber bullied by a beloved mutual.

Like jeeze stab Ceaser, why don’t you?

think with me,
i’m 19,20
fun, ambitious, attractive
my part of the world at my fingertips
only wanting the best for those around me, like me

i’m 20,21
depressed, anxious, hungry
my lonesome only keeping me company
only ambitious for a better day to come thru, for me

now i’m 21….soon 22.
ask me about my world now.
ask me how i think and who i’m with.
ask me why a tear follows against the bridge of my nose, off onto my cheek.
ask me about my birthday.

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And to make it better they were wondering wondering why I didn't do anything when I was there and I'm like "hello I told you I didn't want to go...just because I go doesn't mean I'm gonna do anything" plus not only that but apparently they don't get the concept of people not liking parties? Like you need to understand that these types of things aren't always going to be everyone's favorite thing -Angel anon

Exactly. I’m not a big fan of parties anymore. I partied too much from 19-23 that I got burned out- Kris

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5, 11, 19


5. Describe your personality in 5 words or less? 

wayward, analytical, melancholic, stubborn, impatient

11. Any weird obsessions? 

Yeah. I mean, I have lots of obsessions and some of them only look “weird” because of the intensity of it (like certain video games and fictional characters) but… I guess most people wouldn’t understand why I’m that interested in ethnobotany. Or linguistics? And birds (well, especially corvids). And… swords…

19. Do you play/watch any sports? 

I love figure skating. I watched it since I was little and I know how to ice skate (not figure skate) myself. I took a few break over the years, but I’m still pretty good, I think. Also, I’m experienced in archery and sometimes I play badminton or tennis with my sister (and nope, DN has nothing to do with it; it’s my mother’s fault).