i' m not crying i swear

look i’m making caps of meliorn from the episode and at the part where alec says that he hopes to change his skepticism, meliorn looks at alec so softly (well softly for him) that i swear what he’s thinking must be “hmm, another not-so-bad shadowhunter… too bad magnus bane got to him first”

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Could I ask how the heckie did you do Begonia's hair??? I'm mystified by how to paint large poofy hair... Also, I noticed that there's a particular shot in the webcomic where Lillium's head is cut off by a chair due to the positioning, I swear to all the cinnabuns in the world if this is foreshadowing IMMA CRY! (Love your comic btw................)

I use the heack out of the airbrush tool!! and to that foreshadowing… :^)c

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Law school anon here... today my friend and I both found out we got on journals (it's kind of important for future jobs). He said, "I'm so proud of you, I'm so proud of us, we're going to make it to the top!" He was really happy and joking with me about whose name should go first on the sign for our future law firm and I SWEAR it took everything in me not to go "okay, but we could just have one name on the sign..." ugh this dork what do I do

my computers dead so i cant be fancy with pictures of jungkook crying but just kno that /i am jungkookcrying.jpg/

YALL are so cute i wanna die. please date him right now

Dissecting the series finale promo

1. Is this Ezra running from Twincer, because Ezra knows Spencer has a twin? He put the pieces together from the airport moment?

2. I swear I’m going to cry during every scene the liars are together like this.

3. Is this Twincer spying on the group, because she is so jealous of the people in her twin’s life? Twincer wishes she could be a part of that.

4. I’m happy Melissa is back but I am praying this has something to do with the horse-riding stable that Melissa went to, which happened to be the same one that Jessica took Bethany to. 

5. I think this is Mona slapping Twincer, out of anger for what Twincer has been doing to the girls. All Mona wants is to be accepted in the group. Anyway it’s a nice homage to the season 2 finale. (I struggle to believe that this is Spencer. What could possibly be happening between them? It has to be Twincer, in my opinion.)

6. We’ll find out what Addison’s connection to Jenna is. Not that I care. I didn’t even put it on my list of questions. I hope this scene is short. Addison isn’t worthy of any more of our screen time.

7. Spencer hugging Twincer? Does Spencer feel some sort of sympathy for her sister? They are twins at the end of the day, not just sisters.

9. Just when I thought it was safe to rule out the theories that Mary is Jessica (and that Mary is the dead one)!? What is Mary doing!? Are the two pics below related? Is that actually Mary instead of Twincer, in the pic above?

10. Oh hey stranger. This will sound very biased because somehow I manage to bring everything back to Twincer, but is Wren going to kill AD/Twincer? Maybe Wren thought he was meeting with Spencer at the airport, and feels betrayed to, that he was actually meeting Twincer? That’s not a very strong motive to kill, but it could be the beginning of an interesting story. I’ve always theorised that AD will die - I wouldn’t mind if Wren did it. 

11. “I never would’ve guessed it was you” says Mona. Maybe because she never would’ve thought Spencer is the Uber villain? And then Twincer starts talking, and Mona realises it is a twin, not Spencer herself. They can’t make things too obvious in the promos! 

I don’t think this is a flashback to when Mona was in Radley in season 2/3. I think she has been readmitted to a psychiatric ward, which was alluded to in 719 when they said they are calling Dr. Sullivan. I think AD is coming to visit her and will probably kill Mona because she killed Charlotte. Revenge. This setting (and what Mona is wearing) looks very similar to the Australian promo where Mona says “are you here to kill me?” I think that will be how the scene starts, when AD visits her.

Also that physique looks very very feminine to me! And very slim, like the Black Widow outfit. Twincer?? Did Charlotte make up that Sara Harvey story to protect the identity of her sister, Twincer?

Overall I thought the promo was mostly boring, for a series finale… cmon Freeform. I was expecting even like a 3 minute online promo, like a flashback/farewell sort of thing. But then again, Freeform has never been good at promos. Their marketing team absolutely sucks. Anyway. 7 more days and it’s all over!


“I feel like I could eat the world raw.”

Please consider Song of Achilles au for tododeku im crying at a dennys

(click for caption)

How the boys of 13 reasons why would react...

…to you running up and hugging them tightly while crying 


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At first Monty wouldn’t know what to do. He would feel your body collide with his and his heart would immediately drop. After a few moments of standing in shock he would wrap his arms around you tighter than ever before, making you feel the safest you’ve ever felt before. He would just continually mumble the words “I’m sorry” even if it wasn’t his fault. After a bit he would start to ask questions “Who was it” - “I swear to go I’ll kick the bastards ass”. But after he realized you just needed to be held he would rock you slightly, hold you tighter, bury his head in your shoulder and coo “I’m sorry sweetheart. I love you. I love you so much babe" 


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Everything inside him broke seeing you in this much pain making him very quick to respond. One arm wrapped around you for support, the other lightly stroking the back of your head in an attempt to comfort you as much as he possibly could as all he wanted to do was to make you feel better. He would sway you back and forth lightly letting you know that you were in his arms, that you were grounded and that you safe with him. He would quietly sing you a few lines from your favorite song while murmuring “Shhh it’s all okay baby. I gotcha. You’re okay I promise" 


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Zach would immediately tense up. He loved to hold you, touch you, kiss you but this was different, you were in pain and every fiber in his being was immensely aware of that but he would push it away, try and forget about that and only think about you, whispering sweet nothings in your ear while trying to clam you down. He would bring you in close and start repeatedly kissing the side and top of your head telling you that he was here and that he wasn’t going to to leave you, that nothing like this would ever happen again and that he loved you more than he could even understand. 


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Clay would run straight into you, he had made his mistakes In the past and he wasn’t going to do it this time, not with you. He would be the one to cry along with you, holding you as tight as he possibly could a nervous smile breaking out that you could feel buried deep within the crook of your neck "Talk to me” he would plead, his hands lightly stroking your back in attempts to show he was with you, he wouldn’t push you. If you didn’t want to talk he wouldn’t make you, he would just hold you for as long as you wanted to be held “I love you" 


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Alex would immediately understand, he would fall into you, melt into you as you did to him. He would begin to cry with you, upset that he had let this happen, upset that you were upset. "I can fix this, whenever you’re ready” he would murmur, not pushing you but merely letting you know that he wasn’t going to let this go, he wanted, no, he needed to make it right and he needed to make sure you were okay, he loves you more than life itself and he would hug you and whisper encouraging statements in your ear to make sure you knew that “I’m here for you. I will always be here for you”. 


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Justin would immediately become one with you, he didn’t have to know why you were crying but he knew you were crying and that’s all that mattered. The two of you would hug in silence, neither one of you wanting to ruin it and neither one of you really knowing what to say. That long peaceful silence nearly immediately calmed you down, his fingers lightly traveling up and down your back and into your hair to help in anyway he could. Any hug with Justin always felt intimate and it made you feel as if the two of you could face anything.


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Tony wasn’t necessarily one for public affection but when he felt your arms wrap around his neck and your body slam into his he couldn’t help but eagerly return the hug, his eyes wide eyed and his grip firm. He would be stunned, not really knowing what to say only knowing to hug you tighter with each new cry that you sobbed out. Eventually he would gain the courage to talk “Were gonna get through this” he would tell you and thats all he would say, and you didn’t know why but that made you feel safe and that was all you needed.

Requested by anon (I actually really enjoyed this so if anyone wants to request anymore i’m down!)

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: I swear to god I love lionel andres messi cuccittini so much his birthday is the equivalent of Christmas for me. D10s I love him he is the light of my life, my world, I would die for him. When he retires the world will lose all of its happiness as the sun shines only for him. Each of the atoms that make up my body vibrate to the chant of "messi messi messi". When he breathes, I breathe, when he cries, I cry, when he smiles, I smile. My heart beats only for one man, one goat, one king and his name is leo messi

Dylan Columbiners:

*crying at night*

“dylan protects me i swear”

Sue klebold is my M O M

*subtle columbiner things, onyx ring, red sox cap, triple cross earring*

grunge aesthetic

“I’m about to say it. I don’t care that you broke your elbow”

The majority of Columbiners

Ouija board

“for dylan”    *chugs something with 0.2 alcohol*   *rETCHES*

condoning is sin *flips hair* and i’m satan

Eric Columbiners:

cOmbAt BooTs

*flips off everything*

its not a phase mom


Punk aesthetic

Dave Cullen can Choke On Dylan Klebold’s Dick

either 16 or 37

Sideblog full of guns with captions like “aaaaaahhhh yeah mmhm”

*literally anything happens* fucker should be shot

The one kid that giggles weirdly in every class about Charles Darwin

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Aight so I'm black and honestly I think people are blowing this shit way out. Wanna know why? Min Yoongi doesn't say shit about preference. He never has. He never will. He never mentioned shit to do with skin in the past when to been brought up and I doubt this is even legit. I swear people gotta step down and shut the fuck up, there's worse things going on in the world and they all crying over a fake ass interview gimme a fuckin break. Trashy stories get attention. Moral of the story.

I LOVE YOU. I’M TEARING IN MY ECON CLASS. THANK YOU FOR SAYING THIS. This whole thing has been stressing me out because I didn’t believe for one second that “interview” was real, but so many people are hopping on BTS and Big Hit’s asses about this because they are believing this trash magazine without doing their research. 
- Kylie

This is so wrong

- Julie completly destroyed Eva’s character development.

- Jonas is a wonderful friend but he is a cheater and a shitty boyfriend, stop being in denial.

- Emma is a bitch who outed Isak but i still think she doesn’t deserve this.

- And ok, Eva never said she wanted to be with P-Chris. They are fuck buddies and that’s it… so people telling she cheats on him are ridiculous. But, her behavior towards P-Chris is not okay. She’s always bringing the fact that he is a fuckboy and blah blah blah but she’s the one who sleeps with other people while he is in love with her. I’m so disappointed by her.

- The fact that we lose the opportunity to see Even for this shit makes me want to cry.

- Julie, don’t fuck up with Yousana again or i swear i’ll riot.

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RFA + Saeran hcs on taking care of their and MC's child/ren?



  • y’all daughter was pretty quiet
  • He panics whenever he leaves the room for one second because she doesn’t make a sound
  • prays that you come back home so you can watch her
  • Freaks out when she starts crying
  • Calls you to ask what he should do
  • “She either needs to be changed, hungry or tired. If that doesn’t work just talk to her.”
  • The baby wanted attention from her father
  • you didn’t think your husband could get any more cute
  • but when you came home and saw him and your bundle of joy sleeping together on the ground. You thought otherwise.
  • many pictures were taken


  • selfies
  • you swear your daughter is going to love her reflection like her father
  • “Zen I love you and our daughter but stop sending m selfies every two seconds.”
  • He’s pretty good with a child honestly
  • almost like when she starts crying he automatically knows what she wants
  • he tries to practice with her but he ends up cooing at her when she tries to sing to him
  • “I know zen I’ve heard.”
  • He puts sunglasses and a big hat on her head when he has to go somewhere with him, she’s a celebrity too!


  • you both adopted twins! thank god they aren’t identical
  • Jaehee has everything down to the point when she takes care of them
  • tries to keep them on a good schedule 
  • Jaehee please they are 1 year olds..
  • Best mother. Talk shit about her kids you get hit into the next century.
  • Very loving. When alone she will baby talk to them, and ask them questions about simple things.
  • Likes to keep you updated on things that the babies do
  • “Mc our kids are trying to form words!”
  • fangirls over how cute they are


  • His pride and joy
  • he has no clue how to take care of his son
  • he actually calls you every few minutes to figure out what to do.
  • but he actually tries to do something before calling
  • “Mc I tried to calm him down with Elizabeth 3rd and a bottle but he won’t stop crying.”
  • “Maybe he wants to play with you! Take some of his toys and play with him in the living room. He likes the blocks the most.”
  • He tries to take pictures but we all know that he can’t
  • well, until he took one single perfect picture of his son sleeping with Elizabeth 3rd curled up at his head
  • He CRIED
  • that photo is copied and framed 


  • When he found out you was having twin girls he flipped
  • yes the seven having twins thing is overdone but I can see a twin having twins is pretty possible 
  • He makes them their own one of a kind toys that doesn’t fucking spit fire
  • He actually tries to teach them how to hack
  • it ends up with the girls bashing the keyboard while seven cries
  • He makes an effort to take care of them better than his bitch ass mother
  • Fun dad
  • He pokes their noses and watched them stick their tongue out at him
  • Those girls are a family meme

V(Not requested but I wanna add hiM)

  • He got the fucking surgery so he can see his son
  • He cried alot
  • “Jihyun are you ok? Do you want me to take him?”
  • “Mc i’m so happy that we have a handsome baby boy. I’m so happy that I can see our boy grow up and make us proud.”
  • Takes many pictures when left alone with him
  • He’s kinda a pushover kind of dad
  • He let’s the boy get away with stuff
  • so natural with this boy???
  • You can’t believe it????


  • He stares at his daughter a lot
  • that “Your going to be just like HER.” thing lingers in his mind a lot
  • very surprised that he now has a little person to take care of
  • touches her to see if he’s dreaming
  • he relies on you alot to help him since….you know
  • He’s good with protecting her from Saeyoung
  • You can see that he’s going to do the same thing when she gets old enough to date
  • Saeran likes to take hourly naps with her. He puts her next to him (on her back cause he learned that it’s not a good thing to let an infant lay on their stomach for long) and he lays next to her and falls into a peaceful sleep
  • you think it’s adorable while he’ll never admit to it

◦ pairing: reader x hyungsik

◦ rating: m

◦ word count: 1.9k

◦ request: gurl i think you already know who dis is ;))) but man oh man write some of that hyungsik smut 👌🏼 um i have no storyline in mind but pure smut will be right too? 😂

please please please write a hyungsik scenario where you’re obsessing over him in hwarang and he teases you about it (i saw your post and i was like same because i never paid attention to ze:a until after hwarang and i’m personally hyungsHOOK)


◦ a/n: @thejungcock​ I SEE YOU GIRL // Everyone is thirsty for the Hyungdick so here is something to satisfy everyone’s needs. ENJOY. 

m a s t e r l i s t

“Oh no…” You gasped, bringing your hands to cover your mouth. “No, no, please,” your fingers gripped tightly at your knees. “Aw, don’t cry. I’ll love you.” You whispered, trying not to drown out the sound of their voices. “I swear to God–“ you began, but quickly cut yourself off with another gasp.

Your boyfriend chuckled beside you. He laid across the couch with his hand behind his head, propping it up as he glanced up to see your reaction every once in a while. Your eyes flashed over to him in horror.

“No,” he shook his head, sitting up. “I won’t.” He answered before you even opened your mouth. This was a weekly routine. You would both plant yourself in front of the television in your pajamas to watch Hwarang. You would end up completely caught up in the story, yelling at the screen, complaining about how Sam Maekjong needed to be loved and constantly squealing that Hansung was your favorite Hwarang, and your boyfriend would hardly look at the screen. Then, they would drop an unexpected cliffhanger and you would turn to your boyfriend, begging and begging for him to tell you what happens next.

“Baby, please,” you whined, shaking his arm. “I’m begging you. I won’t ever ask again,” you complained.

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