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Imagine your OTP # 1
  • Person A: *records himself in front cam* ____-ah!
  • Person B: *looks up to person A* hm?
  • Person A: kiss? *points to his cheek*
  • Person B: *actually kisses him on the cheek* happy? *gets up from seat, runs so fast towards the door*
  • Person A: what the-- *awestruck*
  • Person C: Send the video to me, hyung! *smirks*
live musical idea!

i think the next live musical should be spring awakening. here are some of my ideas for it!
- half of the cast is deaf/HoH
- some characters have “voices” along with their deaf/HoH counterparts
- and instead of just talking, they sign as well
- in order to be authentic as possible, they don’t actually film it, you have to come see it
- the production doesn’t stay in one place, and instead it goes from city to city
- its literally the dwsa tour
- pls


recent doodles, I guess every time i made a tribetale drawing i just HAVE to forgot drawing some parts. And why is no many people drawing this Papyrus? He’s so adorable! So far most of the tribetale fanarts I have seen are either frisk, chara, sometimes sans, and then frisk, lots of frisk…well, all i draw before were tribetale frisk drawings so, understandable. And seriously this Alphys personification is by far the best one I have seen. Like, she actually looks like an intelligent person, not just cute soft girl. There’s nothing wrong with those cute versions, it’s just that I want to see more of intelligent look Alphys. 

anonymous asked:

(if you don't answer stuff like this feel free to delete) how would the s boys handle their s/o being jealous of yui?

So I kinda answered this as if Yui is bascially just some chick they’re keeping around to feed on where is the lie though but I hope it’s to your liking!~Mun M

Shu: Makes it a point to his S/O that Yui is too lewd and disgusting anyway. She’s food, and that’s that. Besides, he’s come to detest how hot her blood gets when he is trying to feed.

Reiji: Come on, isn’t it miraculous enough that robot pigeon can muster up emotions at all?? Honestly, he rarely tells his S/O not to be jealous because deep down they know he only has feelings for them. Still, he understands the complexity of mortals, and does his best to prove through his actions that he only cares for his S/O.

Kanato: He won’t deny that Yui is beautiful, but as a mortal she is far too annoying. He assures his S/O that he would only care about Yui if she were one of his dolls. So there’s nothing to worry about, right?

Laito: He really can’t understand what the big deal with having two women around is. wink wink Nonetheless, he reminds his S/O every chance he gets that they are his one and only. He can’t say enough that his S/O means so much more to him.

Ayato: Insists he isn’t interested in the chichinashi anyway. She’s dull and boring to him. He likes to play basketball with his S/O and remind them that that’s something Yui would never do in order to dispel their jealousy. 

Subaru: Yui pisses him off. shocker He can hardly stand to put up with that woman long enough to feed. His S/O on the other hand, practically has him wrapped around their finger. Whenever he picks up on their jealousy, he will do something sweet for them to get their mind off of it.