i' ll fall again


*Requested* Imagine Kol seeks out Bonnie when the veil to The Other Side is down. Bonnie thinks he’s just there to cause trouble, but Kol just needs her to talk to the reader, whom he was in love with.The reader is still having a hard time coping with Kol’s death, and Kol knows that, as he’s watched her struggle ever since he died.

P.O.V = Point of view

(This one got really emotional, so beware, the feels may leave you tearing up. Btw, sorry about the quality of the Kol gif, I just couldn’t find a better one. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this imagine.)

Word count: 850

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3rd person´s P.O.V

After all the things that have happened after Bonnie dropped the veil, something guided her in the middle of the Expression Triangle. She stares at the man who is standing on front of her, still not comprehending what´s happening.

Bonnie: “Kol?”

Kol: “Oh god, it´s great that someone sees me again.”

Bonnie: “What do you want?”

Kol: “I need to see Y/N. That´s the only reason I got here.”

Bonnie: “I don´t believe you. You´re just here to cause trouble and get revenge on Elena for killing you.”

Kol: “Even though I really like the idea of punishing Elena, that´s not why I´m here. I need to see Y/N. I don´t know how long the veil is going to be down, so I have to seize this opportunity.”

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Yatori Fanfic “Fever”

I just got an Idea for a new drawing but for the first time I decidet to write a fanfiction! This is my first fanfic and its also the first time I wrote a story in english >.< .. I really hope you will like it! 

Title: Fever
Word count: 1529
Summary: Hiyori is running a fever and Yato is taking care of her.

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A Little Surprise


I was woken up by someone taping my shoulder, I slowly opened my eyes to see my little girl Alison standing by my side looking at me with her tired blue eyes.

“Daddy I can´t sleep” she told me and I opened my arms to hug her.

“Whats wrong baby?” I said strocking her hair and sitting straight in the bed, putting her on my lap. “I miss mommy so much” she told me almost crying.

Taylor had been away for 3 days now, she was in London for a meeting. Despite our careers had slowed down in the last couple of years, sometimes one of us had to go away, it was never so long or too often, but we always tried to be with our kids, but with them being so little it was kind of hard, specially with Alison. She has always been a mommys girl, so it was very difficult for them to be appart.

“You do? Okay, I´ll tell you a secret.. I miss her too” I told her kissing her head and wiping away a few tears that had fallen down her eyes “She´ll be here soon tough, it´s just two more days and she´ll be home” She was looking at me straight in the eye, like if she wanted to tell me something. We stood there, quiet for a few more minutes until she finally decided to talk

“I´m scared that something might happen to her” Alison has always been scared of planes, I really dont know why, she just is, so it was very predictable “I know baby, but she´ll be okay, nothing will happen, I promise” she gave me a weak smile and i hugged her.

“Daddy?” she asked after a few minutes and I looked at her “Can we watch TV for a little, until I wanna sleep again?” Her little blue eyes now fully opened, I knew she wouldn´t fall back to sleep if I didn´t turn on the TV, also I couldn´t say no to her “Yeah sweetie” I turned the TV on and put some cartoon movie and 5 minutes later she was passed out, so I took her to bed.


The next day I woke up early and went downstairs to make breakfast, also I wanted to talk to Taylor since I knew she would be bussy later, I was finishing the pancakes when I heard footsteps coming closer

“Hi baby, how are you?” I greeted Alison when I saw her entering in the kitchen “Hi daddy, I´m good” She looked so tired and sleepy “What about we go get your brother and then try to call mommy?” As he asked her face switched completely and now a big smile has made its appearance “Yess please! I wanna talk to her!” They went upstairs to get the little boy

“Hey buddy” Adam said as he saw him sitting in his crib, the baby started laughing and he picked him up and went downstairs again to try and call Taylor while the kids ate their breakfast so we could talk for a moment before the kids wanted to FaceTime.



It was 4 pm here in London, wich means it was 8 am in LA where Adam and the kids where, so I didn´t know if they were awake then. Suddenly my phone started tu buzz and Adam´s face appeared

“Hi babe!” I answered “Hey love, how are you? Are you feeling better today?” He asked, I hadn´t been feeling well these days or for the past three month, we kew why but it was still a secret, even for the kids “Yeah, I think so, I´m just nauseous but it´s ok” specially here in the UK the morning sickness were more often, almost everyday, and I was nauseous all the time. “How are the kids? Is everything ok?” It was very hard for me to leave them, even if they were with Adam who I obviously trusted wholeheartedly, but they being so little I always had a hard time going away. I mean Alison was 4 and Danny 2, they were my babies. “They are good, they miss you though, we all miss you” Adam told me, I loved the effect his deep voice still had on me, even after all these years, it still gives me goosebumps. “I miss you too, so much, it´s just one more day and tomorrow night I´ll be home. And I don´t know.. I was thinking we could tell them? It´s not like we can hide it any longer” With beeing 3 month pregnant and having been pregnatn before, I was starting to show “Yeah we should tell them, now what about we FaceTime now? I´ve little someones that want to talk to you” He told me and a big grin appeared in my face.

“Hey babys! I miss you so so so much! Are you having fun there?” I asked looking at their beautiful faces

“Yes mommy it´s fun being with dad, and he said today we could go to the park and eat icecream!” Alison told me exited and with the most beautiful smile on her face

“That´s good sweetie! Hi Danny! How´s my little boy?” I cooed and he laughed. We talked for a few more minutes until I had to go, so we said uor goodbyes and I went to get ready for my meeting.


I woke up early the next mornign since I had an early flight, I was so happy I was coming home, it was really hard for me to be away of my family, specially these days that I hadn´t been 100% I wanted nothing than to be in Adam´s arms. Luckily the 10 hours in the plane were good and I fell asleep almost the entire time, so when I woke up we were just about to land.

A car was picking me up from the airport, and soon I was opening the door of my house. I was greeted by my beautiful daughter who seemed to be sitting in front of the door waiting for me.

“Mommy! I missed you!” she came running as soon as I opened the door and huged my legs, I took her in my arms and started tickling her and hearing her beautiful laugh

“I missed you too Ali! Soo much!” I gave her a kiss and started looking for my men.

“There you are!” I said entering in the kitchen and seeing Adam making dinner with Daniel in his arms, he gave me a kiss and handed Danny to me.

“Hey baby boy! Mommy missed you so much!” I cooed and he started making noises in attempts to talk, then Adam came to me and huged me from behind giving me kisses in my neck and shoulders

“I missed you, you know?” He told me between kisses “Hmm I missed you too” we stood there for a while until Ali came runing to tell me about what she have done this days. We ate dinner, which was delicious and full of laughs and storys of Alison, I´ve really missed having these dinners and moments with them, when we were finished we decided we should tell them about the little surprise, mostly talk to Ali because Danny was to young to understand it. We headed to the living room

“So Ali? Your dad and I have a little surprise for you two, can you come here?” I asked and she came jumping in one leg, that was something she had learned when I was away and now she wouldn´t stop doing. She sat on Adam´s lap and I had Danny with me

“Okay, so what would you say if we told you that you´ll have a new baby brother or sister..?” Adam started and she looked at us with wide eyes.

“But.. I don´t want a new baby brother or sister I alredy have Danny so we´re ok” She told us seriously and we looked at each other in shock

“The thing is honey, that mommy is pregnant, so you´ll have a new baby brother!” Adam tried again more cheerfully,

“No! But I don´t want him!” She said with eyes full of tears and started running to her room, Adam pull me into his chest and gave me a sweet kiss on my head “I´ll go talk to her okay?” i told him and went into Ali´s room to find her crying in her bed

“Hey baby” I whispered as I came in “Come here” I opened my arms and she cuddled in my chest, I started stroking her hair and giving sweet kisses in her head “Can you tell me what was that?” I asked sweetely and she looked up at me “It´s just that I don´t want you to have an other baby” She said and I wipped her tears away “But why? Don´t you think it´d be fun to have a little sister to play with? Or a little brother like Danny? You would be the best big sister ever! You could teach them to do all of the amazing stuff you like to do, like jumping on one leg as you did today!” I said trying to make her exited “But if you have other baby then I won´t be your baby and then you´ll not love me” Tears started falling again and I gave her a kiss on the cheek “Ali you´ll always be our little baby girl, sweetie! And we will love you all the same as we do now with you and Danny” She looked at me, the idea of having a new baby starting to make her happy now “Are you sure? You will love me the same?” She asked now a little shy “Of course honey, we will still love you so much” I gave her a kiss and huged her, Adam, who had been on the doorframe seeing us, now entred in the room and sat next to me, joining our grup hug with Danny in his arms “I love you so much guys” He told us, and there we were all together ready to recive our new baby.


Hey guys! So thank you for reading! I hope you liked this, tell me if you have any ideas or request!