I watched the volcanion/magearna movie here and…. I loved it! Definitely the best xy movie, and the best movie imo for a long time, since DP. The stuck on you tropey bit for like, the first hour was actually really well done and very funny, and made this gif I made months ago incredibly accurate

 but like the plot was good and engaging too, very evil baddie which is nice, and there were SO many just cute nice pokemon just being pokemon moments, (its going to be gif hell when the dvd comes out). Oh and magearna itself was such a good character and pokemon.  I didn’t know how I felt about it beforehand but now I love it. Also yass puni-chan, slaaay. 

Now all that’s left is for me is to update this

EDIT: it was also basically an ash fashion show, walk walk fashion baby 

EDIT X2 COMBO: It’s filmed in the cinema obvo, but the quality gets much better after the first few mins

i saw this documentary called kumu hina 2 days ago and saw it was given poor ratings on netflix and when i checked it out it was about a transgender person in hawaii trying to uphold their culture and humanity and it was actually really good and not reflective of the ratings i saw. netflix be confusing me i dont trust em. high ratings for shit ass low quality b movies no one watches but critically acclaimed stuff like kumu hina get weird ratings? anyone know whats up with that?