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I adore your JARVIS headcanon and have adopted it as my own! It'd be interesting, existing only in the Deep Web. Does he use insecure security cameras to view the world? How would you interact with it? Could you piggyback on a university's / manufacturer's internet signal to use their equipment? It'd be such an interesting space outside of dedicated and secure severs and hardware. I wonder what it would be like.

Also, just a thank you in general, I really adore your writing (and that you still write for JARVIS, which has become rarer after the movies). <3

I will NEVER STOP writing about JARVIS, he is hands down my favorite thing about the MCU and I refuse to let him just die out.

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I am just going to sit here in my corner of denial and slight contempt until Emmerdale fixes this and gives us a reasonable explanation to what the actual fuck is happening. Who’s with me?

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