Throwback to Liam and Niall singing WMYB

HELLO THERE! I recently hit +1k followers in less than a month which is a huge thing for me and i’m very thankful.This prob. gonna be my last ff tho, anyway i love you all v much & your blogs too. Thank u putting up with my shit lmao. and forgive me if i forget anyone its 6 am and i need sleep

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back in like 9th grade we were taking a standardized test and we had to fill out our race but arab and middle eastern both weren’t choices so i raised my hand and asked my homeroom teacher what to put and he laughed at me and said “you’re white”

and i said I wasn’t, i was lebanese, and he laughed again and said “look, i don’t care if you’re 1/300th arabic, you are white”

my lebanese dad was raised in a lebanese household by his lebanese grandmother who grew up in lebanon. also public school is a mess