I was in this public group on Kik and this guy said he had a girl doing his laundry for him and then I said that wasn’t right, then about 5 other people (including another girl) said that women were meant to serve men. I started getting mad and was saying that women are to be equal with men and they just kept saying that women are just slaves for men. one even said that women are just sex toys for men… I left the chat.

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Smh + alums go to all (literally all of them, i mean it, they have superpowers or smthng) the protests going on rn and scare all the nazis away, bc here are all these beefy hockey plays getting ready to punch some assholes. Bonus: shitty goes to all of them dressed in a speedo and an american flag and bitty somehow bakes pie in the middle of a demonstration.

love it