i´m good

i had a really great time, but guess what happened yall? guess what happened again? claudia, someone who i’m friends with but not Super Close to spilled her guts to me for over an hour, told me about all this personal stuff and her current romantic struggles and i’m just in awe

i see people talk about how great regular potatoes are but can we just give sweet potatoes more love?? sweet potatoes are so good every time i eat a baked sweet potato with cinnamon and brown sugar and nutmeg, i feel much more pure inside, like sweet potatoes are just THAT powerful…….

Pink Hair M!A 5/7

Alfred: “I’d, uh, be kinda careful about calling people monsters, just because they aren’t humans. It’s pretty rude, ya know? Even if they aren’t humans, they’re still sentient beings that have emotions, and well, most of them are way more powerful and dangerous, so if they get mad…”

James: “It’s not like I was going to kill them–”

Alfred: “Anyways, I do know a couple of other people. Like this one dragon and a changeling and a vampire. Oh! And there’s even this other human that lives around the city too. It’s nice knowing I’m not the only one around.”


“You pray,” the man said, and barked a laugh. He glanced at Cassian. “He’s praying for the door to open.”

“Pray I get a chance to work,” Cassian murmured, but both men seemed to ignore him. 

Chirrut stopped his chant abruptly. “It bothers him,” he said, “because he knows it is possible.”

Chirrut’s partner laughed again. The sound was brief and ugly, but Chirrut only shrugged and told Cassian, “Baze Malbus was once the most devoted Guardian of us all.”

Baze Malbus. Cassian ran the name through his mental database and came up empty. “Now he’s just your guardian?” he asked.

Neither man took the bait. 

From the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story novelization by Alexander Freed