i´m probably just really tired

Are you ever just struck by the complete monotony of life and you just want to do something to change it, but can’t?

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Okay so dean is told to FOLLOW HIS HEART probably about halfway through the episode. Has anyone thought about the possibility of him getting back to bunker after the case and immediately looking for Cas. It is never explicitly said that he is following his heart, but we are all left to infer this. he finds cas. they talk. he realizes it is lucifer. the episode ends. heartbreak. angst. we have ascended. god bless robbie thompson

Ha! For once I have actually beaten an anon to a terrible idea!

(I should not be proud of myself for this :P)

But gosh yeah, to take this out of some tags from an hour ago, wouldn’t it just be deliciously awful if Casifer was in the last part of the episode and not the first? AFTER Dean gets some lovely positive advice?

And then Cas is all “hey Dean look I am wearing one layer with the sleeves rolled up how you doin?”

And then Dean’s like “… Why do you sound like Misha.”

And then Casifer is like “Who?”

And Dean’s like “Omg you’re not Cas!”

(I am very tired so I’m not sure how necessary this is but I feel like I should not just leave it to tags to remind everyone that if we’re joking about Casifer sounding like Misha, Dean has met him too :P)


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So like... A close friend of mine is an Ereri shipper and her NOTP is levihan... And I told her that I shipped Levihan... And she keeps ranting to me about why she NOTP's Levihan... And I don't know what to do... Cuz like a used all my ammo... And she's still firing back... WHAT DO I DO?

honestly I would just tell them to chill out. like i’m sure you get why she doesn’t like the ship at this point and you’re probably tired of hearing it by now (I mean I would too if I was in your shoes). tbh I wouldn’t even waste my time with it anymore if they keep shoving it down your throat

your breathing pattern changed I knew that you had fallen asleep, and I got so sad because I haven’t touched you in almost a week and I don’t get to for a while. my heart was hurting bad but then you snored really loud and it snapped me out of it and made me giggle. it made me remember how wonderful you are. it reminded me of the calm, warm, and happy feeling I always have when I’m with you. it reminded me how lucky I am to even know you, let alone get to love you and be loved the same in return. there is no distance that could separate us. our love is too strong for that. I would wait as long as I had to, to be able to hold your hand and kiss your forehead once again. distance really sucks and sometimes it tries to get the best of me, but I’m thankful for your little snores that remind how worth it all of this is.

Personal Post Time

This is something that’s been really hyping my insecurity for a while-

Everyone around me is in a relationship. My best friend, my two other friends, the two people I REALLY like(d), acquaintances. Literally everyone (and I promise, I’m not leaving anyone out as an exaggeration). 

And are talking about prom and Valentine’s Day with me nonstop and how psyched they are and I’m happy for them, really, I am. 

But if all of them could get into relationships so easily, why can’t I? Every time I get my hopes up about someone, thinking that MAYBE something could develop between us, they find someone else. On the small scale, I’m so incredibly happy for my friends, but on the grand scale, why can’t I ever be so lucky? 

We had a seminary at work today. We spent the whole day in a hostel. It was alright. I’ll quit next week so I wasn’t really into it.

The highlight of the day was when the CEO asked what our company meant to us (the recent hired). Some girl went: “diversity”. I looked around:

Cheap coffee mixed with powered milk and sugar substitute tastes like garbage, but at least it is something. What I wouldn’t give for a good cup of coffee right now though.

Pre therapy.

First of all I’m 30 days self harm free!

I literally have nothing planned out for tonight. Which kinda scares me but I also just want to go into it emptied handed to see what happens.

She’ll probably ask if I’ve drank this week. So I’ll probably have to talk about that.

Idk. I’m just really tired and I didn’t take my adhd meds so I’m feeling really out of it.

((I think I am going to do that, actually…

I am dropping all Back to the Future Day threads that I currently owe. If you’re one of those folks I had a thread with from that starter call, do feel free to send me a message if you’d like to plot out a new one! Or perhaps send in a meme or answer another starter call

My thread tracker should be linked from my rules page, if you’re not sure whether or not this includes your thread))