i´m probably just really tired

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Draw some character doing fireworks or burning themselves with them that's a common thing to do

already did that for new year’s tho haha

Anon: eagles. we draw eagles and freedom             

i tried to draw an eagle but it looked more like a parrot lmao anyway I was jk I’m just really tired rn and probably sleeping soon

but i’m wearing a shirt that says “taste the freedom” on it if it counts 👌

It’s a weird kind of hell to be able to see the Sun come up and not feel even a tiny, little shred of happiness about it.

You ever just look at yourself, I mean as a complete and utter whole, shake your head, and assume you must have been one evil fucking bastard in a past life to have ended up like this? Like it must be due to some cosmic, celestial fuckery that you ended up *you*?

I’m probably tired. Hopefully. Probably, yeah. I’m just really, acutely hating who I am at the moment. A lot. That kind of mind-crushing hate that makes you do stupid shit and say stupid things.

Like, man, it ain’t fair. I have a good life, I have things to look forward to, I have nice things, I have people that love and care about me, yet here I am just dwelling on myself and…and just despising what I see. I can’t even explain the level of contempt there. It’s so visceral it’s making me choke up just thinking, “This is how I see myself.”

It’s a real scary bitch.

I should stop talking now.

Time for a sleep. Zzzzzzz.

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1. What is your favorite podcast?(if you listen to any)
gosh golly that’s a fucking hard one
it’s a tie between Lore, The Black Tapes, Wolf 359, and The Bright Sessions.
2. What is your least favorite color
i… i really like colours. this is another hard one. fuck. uh. um. its hard to describe but this certain shade of pink and another shade of purple. i’d have to see it to show you.
3. What are your favorite Disney and Pixar films
UP, The Lion King, Moana, Toy Story 3, Lady & the Tramp, Mary Poppins (not a cartoon but disney made it and it makes me cry every time), and probably a lot more. i’m just really tired rn babe.
4.What was your favorite toy as a kid?
I had this giant simba stuffed animal my dad came home with one night. i remember being really happy and playing with it for years. what i don’t remember was how poor we were when he gave me that, how expensive it was from the video store by my house at the time, and how much it meant to him for me to love it so much. i wish i still had it.
5. If you could be any piece of furniture, what would you be?
a futon or bed. something for people to stretch out and take comfort in. nothing fancy though. comforting.
6. Roller blades or roller skates (or neither?)
oh dear lord neither. but if i had to, blades. skates are clunky and i fall more.
7.Do you think laser tag should be added to the winter and summer olympics?
personally, yEAH. realistically no.
8. What is your favorite comic book series and/or graphic novel
9. What is your favorite fictional paring(s)?
• scott pilgrim x ramona flowers
• lars x sadie
• ruby x sapphire
• patroclus x achilles
• izuku x uraraka
• kiki x tombo
• blue sargent x noah czerny
• cecil palmer x carlos
• alex regan x dr. strand
• eliza schuyler x happiness
• angelica schuyler x feminism
• kanaya x rose
• hinata x kageyama
• bokuto x kuroo
• so many more oml
10. What was your Least favorite show as a kid?
besides the show of family arguments in public, GOD I HATED REGULAR SHOW. still don’t like it.

1.) hours or years?
2.) blankets or pillows?
3.) what’s your favourite kind of drink?
4.) what was the last song you had stuck in your head?
5.) what do your hands remind you of?
6.) opinions on feet?
7.) what does the sun sound like?
8.) do you like candles?
9.) anime or manga? (/ movie or book?)
10.) socks?

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