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Gawd when it comes to action or dynamic poses, Korra’s the first thing that pops up in my mind. 

Well Apple, after your sh*t of an update OS X Yosemite messed up photoshop I decided to move to my PC to work and now you basically have no use to me unless I go out somewhere or have to do some writting.

Anyway had to get used to the new calibration since my monitor’s wider than my macbook’s.

So here’s some more Korra for you!



Capricorn & Scorpio Dynamic 

Reading Blood of Olympus, whenever I saw Nico and Reyna interact, they seemed to be the epitome of what a Capricorn and Scorpio are like inside and how they would work together.

Reyna’s point of view screamed similarity to myself and all Capricorns. She kept up an image of a general: hard, cold and tough. Reyna didn’t want anyone to know her true inner-struggle. She kept it hidden, all the while shouldering the burdens of her fellow people. She was selfless and kind, but people only saw the image of a strong person. The thought of emotions such as sadness and doubt were almost impossible to fathom for someone like Reyna to have. But alone in the night, Reyna’s true emotions peak out in the form of a small sigh or a lone tear. She cries because people forget she is just a girl. She cries for all of those she can’t save, despite knowing that she doesn’t have the power to do so anyway. She’s a Capricorn. Strong and hard but soft and weeping through the cracks of her facade. Just like anyone else, she wants love, but she keeps it a secret as if it’s a precious gem that no one should ever find. Because, to her, it is a gem. A gem that must be protected in fear of being cracked. 

Then you have Nico who seems the opposite of what strength is. His pale complexion and snare drew others away. He always seemed to be a second away from death, weak in others eyes. But inside him is a world of ideas, emotions, passions, dreams and, most of all, love. His body is rigid like a statue but the universe shines in his eyes. Nico is a boy who loves. Loves so much that it destroyed him and now he fears to ever love again. Scorpio’s are a melancholy sign that crave and fear affection all at the same time. A world of beauty lives inside them, and they are quick to keep it just as that; inside and hidden. 

Which is where Reyna the Capricorn comes in. She doesn’t judge. She herself is misunderstood, so what right did she have to make assumptions on others? She sees Nico, not as a child of death, but as he is; a child. A boy. Then they begin to fight the world together and suddenly, Reyna is swept up in the determination that she and Nico share. They want to survive. They want to save everyone; despite knowing that the people they save will eventually forget of them and leave. They still try. Because not trying meant not living which was just as good as being dead in their eyes. 

Reyna sees herself reflected in the darkness of Nico’s eyes. But she sees past the darkness at the light that wants to shine inside him; that wants to love. They were both people that knew of the darkness and hate in the world and still hoped, yet their punishment seemed to be isolation. But then, in an awkward turn of events, they found each other. They saw the darkness in one another and embraced it because they were the same. They were misunderstood; so they understood each other. 

Light and Darkness cannot exist without each other. Reyna and Nico…Capricorns and Scorpios understand that. They shoulder the darkness from others in order for others light to shine bright. Their own light is dimmed, but still flickering. When these two signs find each other and embrace one other, the light grows stronger.

Eventually…the darkness is suddenly what flickers while the light burns strong and alive. 

Art byhttp://viria.tumblr.com