i've never done anything in this fandom

50% of the SU Fandom rn: I love my boy Lars Barriga, he has been through so much and i love my pink zombie boy he has never done anything wrong in his life ever and he needs to be protected and especially kept safe on homeworld–

the other 50% of the SU Fandom rn: I love Padparadscha she has been through so much and i love my cute peach girl she has never done anything wrong in her life ever and she needs to be protected and especially kept safe on homeworld–


so i made a post complaining that we had no lazytown collages, and so naturally i rectified the situation by making my own

i sized them to work as a wallpaper for my samsung s6

merry christmas lazytown fandom


Prompt: Mask – “Your tone is braggy but your words are sad.”  

There’s this common misconception about people who wear black; that the ones who revel in darkness, live in darkness. To some extent this proves to be true, but facades can only go so far.

Her set of pearls wrapped around her neck relishes in the moral purity her legacy will lack, while his faux-crown beanie succumbs to the comforting shell of his insecurities.

Two like-hearted teens facing the same struggles of a different context, that’s what they are. Yet little by little, as every step leads closer to the other, appearances are stripped. And so are they.

Apart, they crumble. Together, they thrive.

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honestly these comments on how "Steve is getting so much hate now!!!! can't believe!!! when Tony is the villain!!!" like Steve isn't getting articles on why he's a villain, Steve isn't getting half the sh*t Tony does, it's just new to y'all because you haven't had 2+ years to deal with it like Tony fans have. The others have been on a pedestal for ages and now that they're finally getting push back it's too much for people to handle. I'm not saying it's right and people can't be jerks but gd.

fandom: oh my god suddenly all the Tony Stans™ are so aggressive and defensive and are saying their Shitty Objectively-Awful Fave is Perfect…. defending every single one of his flaws….people are so anti-steve all of a sudden even though steve is, objectively speaking, the best and purest character in the franchise and has never done anything wrong in his life and is of course tied for Most Important Character In The Franchise with Borky…. people are writing such Defensive Bitter Posts…how could this have happened…when did this fandom get so Toxic oh my god…..

tony fans:

Hi everyone! Thank you to everyone that filled out my survey. It motivated me to do this, and I’m really excited!

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me! 

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I hate to pick at old wounds, but I've been seeing a lot of people complaining about bad things done by folks in "young" fandoms (harassing creators, sending death threats to other fans, trying to cause legal trouble for people they dislike, etc.), while claiming that older fandoms like Transformers never did anything that bad. And I'm pretty sure that's a load of baloney, but I don't know for certain - have TF fans ever crossed some lines that really shouldn't be crossed?

There are rumors that Beast Machines co-story editor Bob Skir backed out of a BotCon because he got threats against himself and his family.  He didn’t receive explicit threats, but he did get general “I wish you and your family would just DIE” shit, and the real reason he dropped out of a convention was that in the midst of all these generic threats, his father did actually die.

Dennis Barger, the guy who ran BotCon 1996, got script copies of a future episode of Beast Wars and, after planning to release these copies at his convention, the fandom was worried that they’d be spoiled on that season’s events prematurely.  So he threatened that if anyone tried to stop him, he’d tell the episode’s writer Christy Marx that everyone thought her work was garbage and that she should stop writing.  (Hasbro ultimately stopped him.)

that’s all i got in me right now

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You know it amazes me that people are STILL trying to shit on bronies, especially these other fandoms. Like honestly, what is the worst thing bronies have done as a group? Yeah we've had and still have our fucked up individuals, but the worst I've seen is internet arguments over ships that have never turned into actual violence. The most common discourse that I know of is just arguing episode quality and character dynamics. I'm serious in that worst thing by the way. I'd like to know.

Honestly, I don’t think bronies as a group have done anything notably bad. I guess Down With Molestia is probably the closet thing we have to that, and that is an absolute mess of drama that I’m not even going to attempt to dissect. It’s been pretty much over and done with for years anyway, so there’s no point in dwelling on it. (Short version: tumblr hypocrite started shit, shit promptly hit the fan, it was embarassing for almost everyone involved)

As for the good things bronies have done as a group, well… there was a fuckload of charity shit (e.g. The Massive Smile Project, Bronies For Good, etc.), helping eachother out via GoFundMe (e.g. Michael Morones, Keyframe, etc.), starting Safe Search Wrapup to deal with one of the biggest issues people have had with the fandom (the porn), being an overall friendly community (for the most part), and probably the fact that we’ve been giving a shitload of attention to one of the best toy-based cartoons in years, which would have likely only lasted one or two seasons if it hadn’t suddenly exploded in popularity.


Hi guys! I’m opening commissions!! Everything’s 5$ :3 I’ve never done these before but I’m gonna try my best

I’ll do flat coloring and digital art, lmk if you want a background

I’ll do




-lineless art

Ill do most characters/ships/fandom’s but I can refuse anything !

Please DM me if interested!!

Crimson (fic by @donkerrood)

Obi-Wan has left the Jedi order after Yoda told him he’d take over Anakin as his padawan. He follows a shadow luring him with knowledge and a chance to win Anakin back. However, nothing goes as planned and when Obi-Wan returns to the galaxy as the newborn Sith lord Darth Idir he finds a completely different galaxy. But whatever the galaxy looks like, he will do anything to get his padawan back.

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Okay why do you not like YNB? I've never really followed or heard of anything she's done so I'm just curious.

YNB, aside from being an actress, has a career as a kind of professional celebrity fan.  She exists in fan spaces as a kind of protected privileged individual because of her access, and crosses into professional circles.  She’s hired by different shows to be a kind of “fan voice”.  What has happened is not unique to Once fandom, both in Community (a show she was on), Walking Dead, and Once she has picked fights with and had antagonistic relationships with major groups of shippers.  On Community she mocked the shippers of a pairing that turned out to be how the show ended so it wasn’t even her not understanding noncanon shipping.  She just preferred a different ship and so the rival shippers became a target.  I’m told it happened on the Walking Dead too where she’s been a frequent guest representing a fan point of view on The Talking Dead.

With Once she had a run in with some SQ shippers, in which she invoked “Jesus fix it” and “#yourshipisnotcanon” (funnily that didn’t help the Jeff/Annie shippers on Community).  While “Jesus fix it” is a common phrase in African American vernacular and unlikely that she meant it homophobicly invoking the words “Jesus” and “fix” with an LGBT audience who experience discrimination based on religious belief and in world where “repairative therapy” tries to fix gay people through torture often associated with Christian doctrine… this went over badly.

Six months later she was named moderator of the Once SDCC panel (that’s the kind of gig she gets because of her association as a celebrity fan) at which point she preceded to pick fights with both SQ and Rumbelle fans (she’s not a fan of ships with large age gaps which was the sin of the Jeff/Annie ship).  She ended up blocking literally thousands of SQ shippers if they were polite or not.  I got blocked while trying to defuse the situation having been exceedingly careful to be polite to her.  She’s also used her position as panel moderator to attempt to put SQers in their place (directing a question she knew would be answered by Jen in a way that SQers would not like… and which was contradicted by the show runners twenty minutes after the panel in interviews).  So she’s not even using a canon bludgeon because she often isn’t supporting canon just her version of canon.  Last year she actually asked Colin and Jen to pose with her head on his shoulder during the panel because fans would like it … as if the actors were dolls to be posed on command.

And then she plays victim of the mean mean bullies even though she’s the one with power in these situations.  

It’s just deeply unpleasant.

@onceandfuturekiki has more experience with how she handled herself on Community because she was in the Jeff/Annie fandom.  She can correct me if I got that part wrong.

I just find her to be a bully who plays victim, and someone who is sent forward to represent fandom but does not know or participate in the norms of fandom culture or history.  In general… an unpleasant woman.


People: Kyungsoo hates Chany-


People: Kyungsoo would probably exchange Chanyeol for a new pair of socks tbh *keep making dumb jokes about ksoo hating pcy*


People: *Talk shit about Chanyeol (and chansoo) because of another otp*


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hey hi howdy, what's the deal with cassandra clare? i've never read her stuff or anything so i've no idea what all the fuss is about

Woo! Alright here we go, this is gonna get long and bring up ancient fandom stuff (like pre-livejournal days). It’s important to know your history though, kids!

So the most important things to know about Cassie Clare is that she is a plagiarizing bully, who throws fits at the slightest implication that she’s done anything wrong.

So plagiarizing - this is the big one with Clare. She has a long, sordid history with stealing from other writers (and herself) and attempting to pass it off as something new. The bullying has always been a part of Clare’s MO online. She started a lot of shit and elevated a lot of alright tense situations (back in the day, HP fandom was…intense. Nothing I’ve seen since compares to the ship wars, character bashing, etc. Fandom was also a lot smaller back then, and it felt like Clare had a hand in almost everything HP related. It’s where the terms BNFs come from and why they have such a bad connotation with them).

Here’s the rundown of what happened:

  • The CC Plagiarism Debacle this is so long but so worth the read. This was posted back in 2006, before her first book was published, and chronicles her time in the Harry Potter fandom, and the crazy bullying that went on. (Also recommend you read the Mrs Scribe one). This is a really comprehensive collection of Cassie Clare’s behavior and why so many people have problems with her. It’s a good outline for her future behavior as well, regarding her own fans.

So fast forward a few years, Clare’s publishing her Mortal Instruments series, and people are starting to notice some similarities. A lot actually.

  • This is a good post about what happens post-TMI’s publication with links to other sources
  • This is another good post. They don’t provide any links and it’s really just about her plagiarism and issues with her writing itself than a history of her behavior.
  • This is a post in response to CC’s ridiculous anti-bullying post in October 2012

So you’d think, oh, okay but all that happened in the past, she’s a grown ass woman now with a successful series, surely she doesn’t still act this way?

Except, yup she totally does.

She’s currently being sued by one of the authors she majorly plagiarized. I blocked her on twitter, but in the past you could easily scroll through it and find her nasty comments towards pretty much anyone who didn’t kiss her ass constantly. I reblogged some great posts about her in regards to the SH show, but unfortunately I don’t have a good tagging system for anti-posts (I’ve learned my lesson now) but essentially she sold the rights for the tv show thinking it was tank like the movie did, that she would get a decent payment out of it, and get the rights back in a few years. So she sold it for a one-time profit sort of thing, meaning she has zero rights over the show and makes no money off of it, which of course means she is SO FUCKING SALTY about it. She constantly talks shit about it on twitter, there are rumors she’s been rude to the cast, and she’s so desperate to get control over it now, because everyone recognizes how much better the show is in every aspect. She’s now trying to ride the coattails of malec’s popularity on the show by posting “little snippets” of their relationship and even going so far as to promise a book entirely about their relationship, despite her not caring the least bit about them in her original series.

Her writing is pretty problematic in itself but I haven’t actually read them so I won’t post about that, but other people are pretty vocal about it.

@freakypumpkin has a great anti-cc tag, check that out for some current convos about what a mess she is.

Hopefully this helps! It’s a lot to sort through, she’s been at this game for like 15 years, and she’s pretty vile and awful through everything.

Emergency guys!!!
  • Katie lost her job and we don't want to get evicted : '). I'm going to start doing fic commissions because it's like, the only thing I can do right now to make money so I was thinking
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  • My PayPal and regular email address is Lillydunn91@yahoo.com. You can reach me there or in my inbox if you're interested.
  • Anything helps!