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Part ½

Another comic based on my Fantasy AU! Fun story: This is an intro I made because I felt like the actual issue I wanted to portray needed a presentation. And here we are! 7 colored pages of introduction where literally nothing happens. Hope you guys enjoy anyways!

Stan-centric Comic
Craig-centric Comic
Butters-centric Comic


@heimdallwatchesyou recommended me Harlock: Space Pirate and I found Julian. And I could not get it out of my head the entire movie. The similarities are there:

He’s got an eyepatch, auburn hair that drapes on one side of his face, a cape with red on the inside, most definitely sleep deprived

striking features and a love for his own suffering

Knee to almost thigh high boots,

here he is holding a glowing flower 

Has a loud bird friend.

Not to mention,





For good measure, I took out Harlock’s scar with my shit photoshopping skills. I will never see this movie the same again.

Heim also mentioned there was an old anime the movie is based on. I took a gander. It’s practically night and day.

goldentruth813  asked:

Soooo I was wondering if you might do James in Mud? (but dude if you have a million requests you don't have to. I'm being a touch greedy because your James is PERFECT). Thanks! :)

Ahhh thank you so much @goldentruth813!!

Honestly you’re such an amazing and kind person, so I really, really wanted to draw something for you. So here you have James Sirius Potter in the color palette “Mud”, as you requested!

I always thought that James most likely inherited the wild Potter hair, so I went a little crazy there. (You might’ve witnessed my struggles in the Discord chat)

I really hope you like it!

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There once was a serpent who only traveled one direction.

Always forward, never backward. Until one day, the serpent came upon a demon.

The demon cursed the serpent, driving him insane, causing him to eat its own tail. The serpent was blind.

But there were those who could see, who knew the serpent’s true path. So they created a weapon to destroy the demon.

They hid the weapon in the snake’s den where he waited for his madness to end.

But it never did. For the seers discovered that the only one who could wield the weapon was the demon itself.

And so the serpent was doomed to circle in madness… forever.

I hope Jimin is currently resting with a huge smile on his face and will continue on feeling so confident and proud of himself now because he did such a splendid job on that trailer, not only that he was serving looks - which is undeniably perfect fyi - but he is also showing everyone his pure talent. His voice is just so beautiful and perfect he did a great job and he is such a talented singer I just want him to know that.