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I love your writing. We're girlfriends. What's your favorite kind of charlie to write? Soft charlie, dominant charlie, Actually became a kingsman like he should have Charlie?


Ooooh well it all depends on my mood! 

I like writing a Charlie who isn’t a jerk for the sake of being a jerk? I like to think there’s more depth to him than that. 

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But realistically, to really answer your question if it’s TSS era Charlie, I like writing him as caring and soft despite his strong personality. 

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If it’s TGC era… I imagine that he’s changed a bit so he isn’t worried about what people might have to say about him being nice so I like writing him as demanding and as evidenced by a recent piece….a bit dominant (might explore this a bit more, request or not…) but I think there’s a ton to work with after TGC if we just ignore the ending… but that’s just me! 

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(And Edward Holcroft looks fine as fuck with a beard and some extra weight and muscle on him like yes please I’m open to all of it- but that’s beside the point haha……)

Thanks for asking, girlfriend!

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Non una ma tante piazze in tutta Italia
Io ero a Genova, e mi ha fatto sorridere vedere che anche la mia Taranto, con i suoi mezzi, ha partecipato
Non so se questo ddl sulle unioni civili passerà, non so se questo governo è pronto
Ma il 23 in piazza ho visto tanti italiani pronti 

E’ ORA che questo governo inizi a rappresentare gli italiani
#svegliatiitalia , è una questione di civiltà

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Not quite a crush, but my boyfriend of six years recently came out as transgender so I guess I've got a girlfriend now; I'm really scared about the future but I've always loved her so much that we're going to try to make it work. It is sorta like having a crush all over again since theres so much 'what if she... what if I...' obsession in my head.

aww anon i’m really glad that you’re committed to supporting your gf and i hope that things work out for the two of you, what an awesome opportunity to fall in love with her all over again, sending love <3

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look, darling, I've got a blog too now! (but who are all these girlfriends you're talking about?) -weeklyshinobu


I was just talking about.

…Previous…girlfriends. Who I have no contact with anymore.

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Hello!! I haven't requested in a while but i've got one now!! How would Got7 or BTS react when their girlfriend is physically hurt but refuses to admit it or stop what she's doing because of her high pain tolerance. - Rice cake anon xxx

Kim Seokjin/Jin:

Jin would be worried sick for your health. He knew you were strong, but he could not accept seeing you in this state and would immediately get you to the hospital or at least treat you himself.  His focus would be on you getting the care you needed and the first time in for ever he had too ignore what you wanted, in this moment you were the only thing that counted. “y/n you cannot go on like this, i`m taking you to the hospital. I love you and I can`t bare seeing you like this, so please just listen to me and do as I say”.

Kim Namjoon/Rapmonster:

He would think you were being irrational and would not stand for it. “What are you thinking, you are hurt and need to get help. Let`s just go to the nearest hospital so they can take a quick look at you, ok?” he would be concerned about you and would not tolerate any nonsense from you. “I know you can handle pain well, but this is not one of those moments where you can just ignore it and move on”. Of course he respected you but when it comes to your health and your well being, it was all that mattered.

Min Yoongi/Suga:

Would respect your opinion but no matter what you said or did he would not let you continue going like this. “I know you`re  a strong person but sometimes it is okay to say that you need help and allow yourself to take some weight of your shoulders” he would look deep into your eyes to let you know how much he cared about you and how he would not let you do this to yourself. If you were being persistent he would carry you there through rain, heat or cold.

Jung Hoseok/J-hope:

He would be worried and not understand why you wouldn’t go get help, but instead just continue what the two of you were doing “y/n I can`t continue like everything is normal when I know you`re in pain and need help”. He would be so determined to make you come to your senses and realize that not everything bad could be avoided and that getting help is not a defeat but more of a strength that many people admire and inspire to have.

Park Jimin/Jimin:

Jimin would do anything in his power to get you treatment. He would not deal with any excuses and be focused on getting you to a place where they could get you the right treatment and remove the pain you felt. He cared for you and he made sure you knew that. He would get the best doctor and pay any fee so you wouldn’t stress over it and focus on getting better. “You know I love you so very much and the pain you feel is something that can go away. I wont let you have unnecessary pain just because you’re used to tolerate it”.

Kim Taehyung/V :

He loved you so much and seeing you like this was something that had been on his mind before. He had seen how you would groan in pain when he touched a certain area, he hated seeing anyone in pain and especially you “y/n” he would say carefully as he sat down beside you, staring into your eyes “I know you`re in pain, why don`t you get some treatment so you wont be in pain anymore?”. His eyes would widen when you told him your reason “that is the worse excuse ever. You`re coming with me”. He would try to convince you to do get help and would not stop until you listened to him.

Jeon Jeong Guk/Jungkook:

“What? Are you serious! You`re joking, right?” he would be shocked when he saw you, of course he knew you have handled something familiar before but that did not give you the right to ignore your health. He would have to go out of his comfort zone and drag you to the nearest hospital without even asking for permission to do so. He would shock you, but you knew he did this out of care and love for you. “y/n I cannot stand seeing you like this, so please just do this for me”.

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I feel like I'll never be able to love someone as hard as I love you. We've known each other for almost 7 years. I'm in love with you for over 4 years. Even though I had relationships in those years they never lasted long. Because I couldn't let you go. I never told you this but I didn't have to because you'd never believe me.