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Hi Ella :) I've been feeling shit lately and I'm hella sick rn. Could you do a girl a favor and write soft thorbruce to cheer me up? You're the best and your writing is a blessing upon this cruel world.

I’m sorry pal, I feel you with being sick though!! It sucks- I hope this little drabble will help you feel a lil better.

Sometimes, it’s weird being surrounded by people who are able to move faster than most aeroplanes do. Not that it was inconvenient- dating Thor meant that Bruce was able to go almost anywhere in a heartbeat, which was rather exciting.

But today was different. Bruce’s plan for the evening didn’t involve the Bifrost or a strange magic hammer, it involved his crappy little car and maybe Google maps, you know, in case they got lost.

‘Where are we going?’ asked Thor when Bruce dragged him outside. ‘Why are we taking a car?’

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hc that oftentimes Tim will be narrating a PowerPoint presentation or whatever and when he does it as Tim Wayne he’s very serious and no-nonsense, but when he’s doing it in something he’s only giving to Bruce to look over or to one of his siblings, he will use the most ridiculous voices, use slang from the 90s, movie quotes, the whole shebang and it’s as hilarious as it is annoying

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Hi. User charmangel on Redbubble has a bunch of stolen SPN art that they are selling. I've managed to contact a couple of the artists who work was stolen but not all, I'm trying to get the word out so I'm messaging loads of SPN blogs/artists in hopes that someone recognizes the artist(S) I've not been able to reach & so the community is aware of this person.

Ughhhh, there’s been way too much stealing and selling lately??? WTF. Signal boosting this. Don’t buy from this person.

Cough || Closed @sugarrushwrecker

The house was quiet… 

Ever since they had returned from the castle the house had been this way; quiet, still, almost as if no one actually lived here. That was further from the truth seeing as it was currently filled with every one of its residents, including its newest member. A rather large, pink sloth-like creature Sparkler had called a Slakoth, and had given Chase shortly after they’d come home. However, other then the faint sound of someone trying to discretely rummage through the kitchen, the house remained almost as quiet and seemingly empty as it had been while they were gone.

The reason why was simple, it was because of what had happened at the castle.. Because of Sparkler…

The moment they had returned home, she had done exactly what she had told him she had wanted to do, which was to lay down on her couch. However since then the virus had only moved from that spot to occasionally leave the house for hours, then return to her couch without explanation. Allowing the world to pass her by as she seemed to ignore the boy, while wallowing away in her own state of misery. 

At first, Chase had told himself not to bother her. That she needed some time to herself, and that eventually she would bounce back like she always did. So he left her alone, hoping as he watched from the sidelines for her to get up and give him a sign. Something to tell him what to do, how to cheer up the person who’d always cheered him up. He knew all of her likes and interests, but with all that had happened.. he was afraid. Afraid and worried that whatever he did wouldn’t make a difference, or would make things only worse…

Soon it became a routine of worrying, watching, and waiting. Every morning he would get up, feed and take care of himself and their animal companions, and wait for anything, even for the slightest shift in his sister. Everyday became the same… until the morning Chase couldn’t pull himself out of his bed…

A soft, noiseless moan passed through Chase’s dry, cracked lips as he dragged his head over his pillow, and stared at the door. He licked his lips, as he dragged his arm laboriously across his chest. Feeling as if he had exercised for hours, as he reached for the toilet paper roll Speedy had thankfully delivered. Then clumsily tore off a section before he dragged it across his pink nose, and dropped it to the side as he roughly coughed without making a sound. Shivering beneath the thick covers on his bed, despite the thin sheen of sweat on his forehead. 

Only one word could describe how he felt right now… Awful.

Only one desire floated through his hazy, fever riddled mind… Medicine.

Only one thing he could remember about what he was supposed to be doing… Sparkler… Though what about her he was supposed to remember was currently lost in the illness swimming through his head, he still faintly hoped that soon she would walk through his door with a joke and a smile. Ready to take all the worry and pain away, and help him feel better like she always did…

As time and time passed he hoped… though nobody in the quiet house came… 

Ghost AU asks

Yes! I have one mostly planned out but there are a few plot holes and weird timeline things I want to fix before I start doing more with it.

I’m glad, I really like it too and I wanna do more with it!

I’m still piecing the plot together but I have pretty good idea of what happened to keith anyway. He’s def 100% dead although he doesn’t completely remember what happened (spoiler alert: it was the galra). He haunts his knife because it was important to him/with him when he died and he haunts lance ‘cause he was the one who found it in red.

Naomi Nagata appreciation week: favorite quote

“Every shitty thing we do makes the next one that much easier”

This quote to me really showed Naomi’s guilt and her opinion on how they have been doing and increasing amount of things that are questionable in how good they are.

I mean all the decisions they make and things they do makes sense in context and we know they are doing them to try and stop something worse. But that sort of thing is still a slippery slope regardless of intentions and this quote is Naomi pointing that out.
I don’t think it will change her still doing “shitty things” when necessary, but it really shows her drive to do better and be a good influence on the world.

Preference #396: He makes fun of your obsession for a show

Niall: He didn’t even ask anymore if you would go out on Tuesday night. He knew the answer was no, as long as your favorite show was playing. You could simply record it, but you never did. No, you had to see it live. It was too important to miss by even a minute. ”this obsession you have with this show is not healthy,” Niall joked, when he wanted to take you to a big industry party on Tuesday, and knew it would never happen. You rolled your eyes and stuck out your tongue towards him. “I love one show. Let me enjoy it.” He wrapped his arms around your waist, “I would if that didn’t mean I can’t have your company to things on certain nights.” You laughed and shrugged your shoulders, “It is one night Niall. I believe you’ll be fine.” “I’ll miss you,” he told you, knowing there were no words to convince you to come. You kissed him quickly, “I’ll miss you too.”

Liam: Once your show started, it was as if you went into another world. You heard nothing Liam said, and saw nothing he did. Your only focus was the show before you. He found it the funniest thing, and when this week’s episode came to an end, he laughed, “You and that show. I’m telling you the house could be fire, and you’d still just sit there.” You were not so certain of that fact. You had no idea how engulfed in the show you could become. “I’m not that into.” “I should film you! You ignore the world once it’s on,” Liam informed you, planning to do just that next week. “Just wait. I’ll show you next week. No matter what i do, you ignore me.” “Well maybe you’re just annoying. I am trying to watch a show,” you responded, a bit of laughter in yours words as you did, “You should actually pay attention too. Maybe you’d like it just as much.” “No, but I’m glad you do.”

Harry: Every single week Harry made fun of the way you went on and on about your favorite show. You could tell he was only joking though, so you made no effort to stop. Not that you would have anyway. You truly loved it, and felt a need to speak about it so much. “Let me guess, this was the best episode yet,” Harry cut in, before you could start gushing about this week’s episode, “Just like last week’s, and the one before, and the one before, and the…” You held up your hand to stop him from going any further, and rolled your eyes playfully. “I’ll have you know I did not think last week’s was the best. Remember? Or did you tune me out again, I can repeat it all.” Harry laughed at that. He had no doubt you would do just that. “No, no, I remember. I was joking. Okay, what happened this week. I should just watch this show already, so I’ll fully understand what you’re saying.”

Louis: For the first time in your life, you were completely obsessed with a show. Every week you could not wait to see what would happen. You had never been so into anything before. You didn’t even realize how much you talked about it, until Louis began making fun of you. “If I have to hear about that show one more time [Y/N], I’m gonna start ignoring you. Please shut up.” You bottom lip shook, not realizing he was only joking. He noticed the tears welling in your eyes, and his tone instantly changed, “Baby, I’m joking. I was just joking. I love hearing you talk about it. Your face just lights up. I love how happy it makes you. I was only kidding.” You didn’t know if you believed his words, but you wanted to. “You’re sure? I’ll shut up if I annoy you.” Louis shook his head, and pulled you into his arms, “No, please. Talk about it all you want. I was only kidding, I promise.”

Zayn: “Let me guess, you’re about to talk about your show. Again.” Zayn interrupted you, before you could speak. But the moment you opened your mouth, he knew what would come out. It was all you spoke of lately, ever since you’d gotten into it and began your binge watch that had been going on for almost 2 weeks now. You hesitated to speak now. Zayn noticed this moment where you stopped yourself, and laughed, “I don’t mind. Just saying, I know what you’re gonna talk about. Just tell me, what now. What happened? Another character die or something?” You shook your head, “No, not this time. It was a happy season end, for once. Do you really want to hear about it?” He didn’t. Not at all. But it made you happy to talk about, so he sighed, “Yeah, tell me. What happened?”

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nigel tries to kiss adam and adam gets rly confused and flustered

‘Nigel, why are you looking at me like that?’  
'I, uh, well…' 
'I’ve seen you doing it a lot lately.' 
'Well, I, uhh…' 
'You look kind of sick.' 
'Have you been sick?' 
'Adam, I…' 
'Because if you have been sick you should tell me. I was reading about all kinds of cures for everything last week, both medicinal and homeopathic. Flu season is coming, and I want to be prepared. Did you know that ginger is very anti-inflammatory and has many uses in eastern-' 
'Ssssh, Adam. Shhh.' 
'I’m sorry if I was saying too much too fast again.' 
'You don’t have to apologize, darling. You know that.’
'Darling, Nigel?’
'Look, I uh, I know that you don’t like change.’
'I know that because of how you are it’s hard for you to do that, and that you don’t really notice a lot of things, but I’ve been trying so fucking hard to ease you into this and I don’t think its working at all.' 
'What isn’t working? What did I do? Did I do something wro–mmmph!’   
'Uh Adam, I–’  
'You kissed me!’  
'Oh god I’m so sorry I just–’
'You kissed me!?’
'Yes, I did and I’m sorry I just have wanted to for months and maybe our whole lives and I wasn’t sure what else to do!’ ’
'What do you mean our whole lives, Nigel?’      
'When I moved here I was just a kid. You remember, right?’
'Yeah, I was building with blocks and you knocked over my tower, but then I cried and you helped me rebuild it.’    
'You were always fucking crying back then.’        
'Why did you kiss me, Nigel?’  
'Can’t you guess?’    
'You think I’m pretty?’   
'You’ve always said that. All the time. All the kids at school think you’re weird. Maybe even weirder than me.' 
'And they’re fucking right, probably.’  
'Yeah, but I don’t mind.’
'I know you don’t. Adam I..fuck…’
'So, why did you kiss me?’
'Well, isn’t your birthday coming up?’    
'Yeah, but I don’t think there’s some kind of kiss your friend a month before his fourteenth birthday tradition.’      
'Well maybe I don’t want to be friends with you.’
'But…I don’t understand!?' 
'Fuck I didn’t mean it like that I mean I don’t want to be just friends with you anymore I want to be like…fuck…you know….goddammit!’      
'And I want to be your boyfriend.' 
'And we can be eachother’s boyfriends.' 
'Oh god fucking say something.’     
'It’s fine if you don’t want to we can just forget about it I’m a fucking fuck-up and I’m–mmph.' 
'Is that a yes kiss?' 
'Nigel, sit down the bleachers are slippery you’ll fall!' 
'Nigel, please!' 
'Ok, anything you say, darling.' 
'I don’t know if I’m used to you calling me that.' 
'Well, you’ve got time to warm up to it.' 

Thank you to really awesome people in this fandom who keep on top of print articles, e-articles, entertainment talk, and everything else. The fact checkers, the positive vibes squad, and everybody who contributes to making sure we’re on our game during this super hectic and exciting time. 

genuinelybelieve diggingandfluff theirstoryofevents bulletproofhalo sundy and SO MANY OTHERS I would tag if I wasn’t mobile, as I usually am lately. I’ve been so busy but I’ve been meaning to make a post like this for a few days. 

If you’d like to reblog it and tag somebody awesome in it that you see contributing to fandom in a positive way, PLEASE DO SO.

These lovely humans have had their work cut out for them lately, and they do this solely to provide us with good information. You’re all wonderful.

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Your crazy gifs always make me smile :)

Thank you so much. Ahahahaha yeah crazy gifs… I’m taking a very very little part in a crazy side of this fandom. XD

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I've been feeling down lately because of Tao then I see the members acting happy, as if nothing happens, everything is rose even though one member is still sick/leaving/having whatever problem. I don't expect anything cause SM wouldn't let them anyway, but silence would speak louder than words. now it's like they try to distract us :( Are they expecting us to just forget , move on already? i just want a sign that they do care somehow, but so far nothing. sorry but i need time to get over this.

This may sound a little harsh but the world doesn’t stop because one person has left it. EXO are going to continue promoting/working through this uncertain time. That’s just how it is. SM will keep the boys busy while trying to avoid the negative press coming out from this. 

And while I do agree I wish for the members to talk about their feelings about the situation do we really wish to see EXO looking all sad and depressed all the time just because of the drama recently? Not really. Despite all that has happened, they still have to smile for their fans because they are EXO.

 I’m not sure if you’ve been keeping up with their appearances after the news broke up but I’ve seen photos where the look in some of the members eyes where they looked both tired and sad. 

This is a very subdued smile from kai…-my heart cried for jonginnie lol-

EXO won yesterday…but they were pretty solemn about it….

To me the smiles look forced at times but you can’t tell me they aren’t effected by this because they are anon. However the members of EXO still have to make a living and working is apart of that. They still have to smile for their fans and satisfy their fans during such a confusing time so don’t think of this as a “peachy” time for the exo members. I’m sure they are feeling this as much as we fans are. 

I’m pretty dang sick at the moment, but if I don’t move, like, at all, I feel pretty OK. So I’ll do that for a while and then I’m like “Oh, Artie, you were just exaggerating about being sick, you’re totally fine, stop being melodramatic” and I’ll believe it

and then I get up or move or try to do something and its like I’ve gone through a portal to hell and I remember “oh yea, I wasn’t exaggerating”