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leonardo dicaprio + best screams

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Ink Henry Masterpost

i said i would do it and i’m no quitter

i do not think i have enough water on hand to get through this… hmm. i have hand sanitizer, does that work as a substitute????

because this is a unique situation, I actually have to look through both @themarginalartist and @shinyzango ‘s blogs in order to make sure I found just about everything. just to make sure.  

I’m just gonna say it- this post is literally all over the place. Sorry.

Note that about half of these may just link straight to the post… with the notes open. Sorry. i’ll edit it later, hopefully

And if you’re bored, here’s the tag, chronologically. It’s only about 22 pages, thankfully. I’M NOT GONNA TAKE 3 WEEKS TO FINISH AGAIN WOOT

Edit: I will be going back and editing this when necessary. I’m just getting it out now so I can make sure that yeah that’s most of the major stuff.

Here’s to hoping the links work…. cheers.

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anonymous asked:

How do you blur out bg w/o blurring the sims? Thanks in advance :)

I use pixlr (it’s free!) for this part of my editing!! So all you do is go to the ‘Focal’ option!!

Then you just adjust where you want the focal to be! It’s very easy!!

I don’t use Photoshop so Idk how to do it with that software xD Alternatively, you can just use a reshade preset that has DoF settings!! 😊 and no problem!!