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BBC3 Comedy: “Yeah, but where are you really from?” 

[Starring Natasha Vasandani & Toby Williams. Written by Tasha Dhanraj & Hannah George. Directed by Hannah George.] 

Jojo Fans By Favorite Parts
  • Phantom Blood: Extremely friendly, loves people getting into jojo but hates people who skip parts 1 and 2, probably have watched Fist of the North Star multiple times
  • Battle Tendency: Absolute memelords, still can't get over Caesar's death, consumes caejose content, 36 Kars on Mars
  • Stardust Crusaders: Watched the anime first, will argue that Jotaro is a good protagonist whenever someone calls him out on being emotionless or bland, makes lots of jojokes, also makes aesthetic anime gifs
  • Diamond Is Unbreakable: Makes duwang jokes constantly, angry that Kira didn't win the crunchyroll villain of the year awards, enjoys soft bromance ships
  • Vento Aureo: whERE IS THE ANIME WE WANT IT NOW, likes fashion design, possibly understands how King Crimson works
  • Stone Ocean: Still not over the ending, loves their gay prison trio, loves and appreciates every girl in jojo, hates anime only fans
  • Steel Ball Run: Gigantic memelord 2.0, can do Gyro's nyoho noise, dinosaur kid, would wipe away Johnny's tears
  • Jojolion: Owns lots of jojo merch, extensive knowlege of all jojo parts, thinks Joshu needs a haircut
The Outsiders boys as things I've said

Ponyboy: I’m only a child why are you all like this

Sodapop: I get drunk off of Strawberry Fanta.

Darry: You may call me the mom of the group, but I’m more like the stressed out grandma who takes care of everyone because the mom is on a acid trip.

Two-Bit: I want to be a comedian, but I’m a whole lot funnier inside my head.

Steve: //loses a game of Kahoot// I’M GONNA KASHOOT EVERYONE

Dally: What goes on in my head are the cries of the damned, 24/7.

Johnny: Don’t talk to me, I’m only a baby. (Youre 16) I SAID DON’T TALK TO ME

Different types of people in their early 20s as told by Bnha

The Responsible Types

  • Respectable career that makes your friends look bad
  • Mature and understanding
  • The token ‘Mom’ friend of the group
  • Takes care of self and sometimes goes overboard trying to dote on others
  • Wants a family

The Barely Functioning Types

  • Involved in politics/current events
  • One of the best at what you do (but hates it)
  • “Why do I always feel shitty?” *Always eating garbage*
  • Shitposts and memes as coping mechanisms
  • Depressed and bottles it up

The “You’re so young” Types

  • Obsessed with YouTube
  • Committed loving relationship (romantic or platonic) no one takes seriously
  • “You don’t look your age!” constantly
  • Waiting for the day you finally look your age
  • Hard worker, very emotional

The Broke Disaster Types

  • Destructive and slobbish, either on purpose or by accident, but reliable in a pinch
  • Exploits good looks
  • Living paycheck to paycheck, probably does laundry at parents’ house
  • Wants to be rich and famous
  • “I’m not dumb” but always does dumb shit
  • Tony Stark: So you on my team or what?
  • T'challa: You expected me to choose a side? Wakanda guy do you think I am?
  • Tony Stark: ...
  • T'challa: ...
  • Tony Stark: Yeah, I want you on my team.

Just Seijou things #4

Makki: *Shows Iwaizumi a picture of a dick.*

Iwaizumi: Makki what the fuck.

Mattsun: *Turns around to see what’s the fuss about*

Makki: I thought you liked dick.

Oikawa: *Strolls over*

Iwaizumi: Just because I like dick up my ass doesn’t mean I like all dicks up my ass.

Oikawa: *Looks at the screen and gives an offended look.*

Oikawa: Excuse you that’s my dick you’re talking about.

Mattsun: *Cackles.*

Iwaizumi: *With a dead serious expression*

Iwaizumi: I know.

Mattsun: *Chokes*

Makki: *Dies from laughing.*