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In summary of my weekend for both NA and JP dead week is just upgrading my Assassin Creed Guild here (not really for NA since I’m still lacking of a non-Welfare Assassin…)

First thing first, thank you very much Jack for your wonderful 3 SQs! :D

I’ve now bonded a little more closer to my daughter with another 2 more level left…

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But more importantly… *stares at Yan Qing* The things I really do for you just to get your skill upgrade… >.>

But regardless, Yan Qing’s interlude is quite fun to fight against despite the gimmick at the end. I’ll find a day probably to find his interlude translation to read since I’m very curious what actually happened to him…

Lastly again… I’ve ran out of space especially to store for coming Saber Eli-chan’s EXP card, so all unused were fed to Hundred Face Hassan. Though, she’s really that next budget Assassin I wanted to work on (been watching and too inspired by Honako Green’s video in using her) since no non-welfare Servant decided to come home here… =.=lll

She won’t be available immediately, especially now I’m remembering and even having a headache at the coming Babylonia Singularity gimmicks…

Now… With the remaining days of dead week left……… Grinding in NA is one thing but… *stares at Oniland* A good timing with dead week to get SQs to revive my Servants because lostbelt-locked requirement is calling for hell all over again

You can never be “too into” your gender. You can never talk about or express it too much. No one should make you feel like you can’t talk about your gender, or that you make a connection to it too often. If you want to write stories about it, draw characters with it, do anything you like, then that’s your choice. Don’t feel like your gender is a burden on others.


Humans are so boring and their ears are hideous

krbk came to me in my dreams and told me to draw angst


Modern Morgana Pendragon aesthetic

‘Morgana… Don’t take this the wrong way but are you ‘Mary from Scuntthorpe’?’ ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ ‘Morgana, you have to stop ‘anonymously’ tweeting hate to Trump, nobody signs off their tweets. And later, please try not to call the the prime minister a ‘twat’ to her face. Again.’ 

2/3 of these titles are references to Morgan le Fay’s close relations in the legends,
Cornwall, England, for her parents, Igraine & Gorlois of Cornwall, Orkney, Scotland, for her sister Morgause, Amargh, Northern Ireland, for C.Morgan

And I know she is…


Hi guys ! I came back from holidays, I was in Iceland for the two last weeks and I have so many pictures I’ll probably post some of them here. I didn’t have time to draw anything while I was there, so all I can show is these oldies from early august