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violent gay awakening, return’d (de-aged Erasermight)

“Why me?”

It was a stupid question and one anyone as surly and generally unlikable as him just didn’t ask. But the sheer math of it didn’t make sense, and neither did the horribly gentle, warm fingers trailing down his neck and raising every hair along the way.

“Because you’re the first thing I saw coming into this place and I don’t regret that in the slightest,” Yagi said, pressing a kiss to his temple with effortless softness. “Because you’re handsome and good.”

“Okay, shut up,” Aizawa grunted, abruptly dying from the heat in his face.

“And the impressive single-mindedness with which you resisted me makes me think you have the kind of stamina to keep up with me.” Yagi laughed against his neck, deep and a little dark. Shivers tore down Aizawa’s tense body, wrecking him but shaking his grit straight to the surface, claws out.

“If you’re expecting that I’m going to worship you to orgasm, you’re wrong,” he fucking lied, already sweating.

“Wonderful,” Yagi said with a glint of teeth. He cocked a brow, devilish. “Honest question: Do you still have bedrooms in this far and distant future, and would you like to show me yours?”

My way of looking at things.

“Once Upon a Time a villain who was really a hero ”

This is the first part of a very long post about the story of Loki and the reasons why he mades some things… According to me. 🤔

In Thor:

Loki’s life has not been easy at all.😔

He lived a story for many years, contempt in between, a story that was his story, good or bad was his.

But one day he discovered that everything was a lie and nobody seemed to care much.

Everything and everyone he loved vanished and he lost his identity. He had grown up like a prince who dreamed of being a king. He had a father and a mother and a brother whom he adored. He had always believed that he would die with them. None of that would ever happen.😭

He reacted the way he could, with sadness, rage and finally madness.

He tried to fix things in the worst way and finally understood that there was no way to change anything and decided that it was best to die.😢

The avengers:

Without love, without a past and with pain in the soul he found himself lost somewhere. Fate had not let him die but something terrible awaited him. 😔

Who was Loki? Did anyone love him? Was there a place he belonged to?

The fact that he was not the son of Odin did not make him not love his father, the one who had not been born in Asgard did not prevent him from missing his home. Discovering that he was not Thor’s brother did not stop him from feeling his older brother. 😞

He who could not be a king will not mean he did not feel like one.

Now he was at the mercy of a crazy murderer who hurt him and tried to use him for his purposes.😡

The pain inflicted on him was no worse than the sadness his soul felt.

And suddenly the opportunity to rebuild his life.

If he gave in to torture, if he helped that madness, maybe he could have something for him. The opportunity to find yourself.

Freedom. Freedom is life’s great lie. Once you accept that, in your heart…you will know peace.

But for that he had to free himself from the crazy Titan, Thanos had to believe that he accepted his proposal.

He had to escape from Thanos, how?🤔

I’m not sure if he already had a plan before he arrived to Midgard, I’ve always believed in Loki’s mental powers, or if the plan came up while the days went by, he was the “nets weaver” (Norse Mithology) after all.

Anyway, before or after, he knew that to beat Thanos he should ask for help.

He discovered the existence of that group of heroes who together could offer a good resistance and …

He needed Thor.🤝

He knew that if he presented himself as the villain, Odin would send his brother for him. And that he did.

Oh, you should thank me. With the Bifrost gone how much dark energy did the Allfather have to muster to conjure you here? Your precious Earth.

I think he was always on the side of the heroes, he fought with them but in his way.

He managed to get together to meet him, Thor joined the heros too. Everything was going well.

He chose the best for the fight.

Even by his knowledge of the stones he knew that the Mind Stone was the only thing that could interfere with the Space Stone that lived inside the Tesseract and stop it, and he knew too that Selvig would discover it, until he “forgot” the scepter in front of the scientist'eyes . “Come on, here you have it, stop this, it’s the only way!”

He did not want to involve Thor in all this because he knew that Thanos’s revenge would be terrible, that he should run away and that Thanos would seek him out to death. 😢

So he pretended to be the bad guy and fight alone. While discovering who he really was and getting rid of Thanos control.😢

Loki always was a hero to me. 😉

To be continued…

@boredbrooder This is the first part

@annievvv7 What do you think?

Laith vs Klance (aka I can’t stop laughing)

The whole Laith debacle from SDCC is honestly so HILARIOUS to me.

Because I have such vivid images of poor, poor poor Lauren silently fuming at the voltron fandom for over a year now.

Like I can just imagine her, sitting down 3 years ago or something to go over the scripts and storyboards. And she’s wondering how the show will be received when it finally premieres. Will people like it? Will they not? Who will be the fan favourite characters? What episodes will people quote the most?

But also…. ALSO… because she’s not an idiot… I imagine her knowing that Keith and Lance will be shipped together, and she’s cackling to herself as she’s writing these episodes with Dos Santos. She knows that these characters will be shipped together, and she’s been referring to them lovingly as “Laith”. FOR. YEARS.

Then season 1 premieres, and she releases her babies into the wild. This thing that she’s been working on and stressing over for years. Now she will finally be able to see how people enjoy it. What jokes are coming out of it, all the amazing fan art…

But creators don’t name ships. Fandoms do.

And I imagine her… seeing the first bit of fan art tagged as “Klance”… just stopping and going 

And basically she’s been in a silent rage for a year now. But then SDCC happened and she went “FUCK YOU SHITS, YOU HAD ONE JOB.”



“Can you…?” Sherlock blushes. “Can you call me what you called me earlier?”

John’s brow knits as he tries to remember. “What did I call you?”

“You’re going to make me say it?”

“Well, how else would I know what you mean if you don’t say it?”

Sherlock yields. “Earlier…when you came to kiss me good morning,” He hesitates. “I was working on an experiment and you called me a-”

“Busy Bee?”

Sherlock reddens further. “Y-Yes.” He clears his throat. “But could you just call me…?”

John raises his brows slightly. “Bee?”

When Sherlock nods, he ducks his head shyly. “Yes…”

John’s face loses any and all tension, his entire face softens in a way that it only ever does for Sherlock. “Of course,” He smiles. “You’re my bee.” John laughs fondly when Sherlock makes the smallest, shyest sound and covers his face. “My honey bee.”

“Okay, thank you – that’s enough!” Sherlock couldn’t be redder if he tried.

“What the matter, bumble bee?”

Sherlock is about to tell John that the nicknames needed to stop – because there must be a limit to this. It’s embarrassing to be this flustered by simple pet names.

But before he got a chance, he felt John’s face press into his neck. And then, Sherlock felt tiny, tickling vibrations on his skin.

John was buzzing, making soft buzzing noises into Sherlock’s neck. “Bzzz!”

Sherlock yelps and then involuntarily giggles.


Mrs. Hudson is hardly surprised when she comes upstairs and finds the two of them writhing about on the sofa, with John buzzing over Sherlock’s skin and Sherlock giggling into John’s.  


The Greatest Love Story Ever Told - The story of a man afraid of flying, and an angel afraid of falling, who somehow met in the middle. The man who denied the existence of angels came to love one. The angel who never felt began to feel. The man who was saved from an eternity in Hell by an angel. The angel who fell in every way imaginable for a man. The man, with a clear path to escape, decided instead to stay in Purgatory for a year, searching for his angel, praying to him every night. Begging. When he found him, he held him; he told him that he needed him, that he’d get him out, even if it killed them both. The angel rejected his faith, his family, his home, and everything he knew, so he could keep the man safe. They stay together despite fate, despite what they are, because they refuse to be pulled apart.

Happy third anniversary, Undertale! All these years later, I still really love how everything in this game fits so well together…and all of the amazing people that I’ve met as a result of the fandom!

  • Wes: Ugh, get away from me Fenton.
  • Danny: You know Wes, you're right. I *AM* Danny Phantom.
  • Wes: What?
  • Danny: I've got ghost powers, super hero moves and gear-- I even name them! I've got a ghostly wail, a Fenton Thermos, trademark pending--
  • Wes: Yes I knew it!
  • Danny: I've been slimed, put in ghost prison, chased by a she-dragon monster thing, and I've been hunted by the greatest ghost hunter that side of the Ghost Zone. On multiple occasions.
  • Wes: Wait... why are you telling me all this?
  • Danny: Because no one will ever believe you. :)

this is not goodbye
this is not the end
this is good luck

Today’s a day that a lot of us have been dreading for a long time. Today, TOP begins his military service. There’s a lot of emotion going around at the moment as the prospect of no TOP for two years becomes reality.

But I am not sad. Sure I worry for his health and safety, but that’s a natural part of my anxious nature. Instead, I see this as a day of courage. TOP, like every able-bodied man in Korea, has a duty to his country to fulfil. It is a scary thing to face, not only for us but for him too. We’ve seen him lose weight and heard stories of his tears and it hurt my heart to have seen him like this.

We all have to face frightening things in our life. For example, I have an intense phobia of needles. Everything about them - the sharpness, the cold steel, the pain and invasion of my body - makes me want to run and hide and never face them. But I also know that vaccinations are vital to protecting not only my health but the health of others around me through herd immunity. So no matter how scared I am of needles, I still get them. Because it’s something that needs to be done.

See this time of TOP’s service as a vaccination. It’s important for him to do for his country and even though you may not want him to go away, it has to happen. And, like vaccinations, it’ll be over before you even know it.

TOP is a strong, loyal, capable man and even though it’s only the first day, I am already so proud of him. I hope he will serve well and stay healthy and happy throughout these next 2 years.

Good luck, Choi Seunghyun. <3