i'm still shocked

Mercy, Sartaq.

But Sartaq leaned his sulde against the wall again and began braiding back his black hair. “After last night’s party, I had thought you would be… preoccupied.”

With Chaol. Her brows rose. “All day?”

The prince gave her a roguish smile, finishing off his long braid and picking up his spear once more. “I certainly would take all day.”

Me in all this, completely unexpected situation:

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Me, two seconds after the trauma of this completely unexpected situation:

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All current living Disney Princesses (Minus Mary Costa, who has retired, Ming-Na Wen and Idina Menzel) take the stage at D23 to announce their involvement with the upcoming Wreck-It Ralph sequel (x)

(from left to right: Paige O’Hara - Belle, Irene Bedard - Pocahontas, Mandy Moore - Rapunzel, Auli’i Cravalho - Moana, Sarah Silverman - Vanellope Von Schweetz, Kristen Bell - Anna, Kelly MacDonald - Merida, Anika Noni Rose - Tiana, Linda Larkin - Jasmine, Jodi Benson - Ariel)

journal series: I wasn’t lying when I said last night was going to be one of the best nights of my life. seeing Paramore live for the first time was so surreal and emotional for me; I still cannot believe that they’re real people and not just music recordings in my spotify playlists lol. I laughed, cried, sweated, screamed, sang, danced. as of now, the night after, I feel pretty dead… but seeing your favorite artists live is a magical, life-changing experience that’s so worth it!

  • bad ending: quentin tarantino's star trek is even worse than into darkness, there's gratuitous sexist violence, there's no plotline, and everything is resolved via gunfire
  • neutral ending: quentin tarantino's star trek is ultimately forgettable, and some people say 'fuck' a couple times
  • GOOD ending: it's like Beyond except the kill bill sirens play every time the Enterprise is being hailed

I’ve been rewatching Soul Eater and I’m getting so many SoMa feels………they’re so good together