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May, 2007: San Myshuno, California

Je t'aimerais jusqu'à la fin de mes jours ❤️️🎵

edit: also creds to @theuniquepoutine for showing me Charlotte Cardin aka my new fav Québécois


my contribution to Valentine’s 💘

sorry, i wanted to draw something but I ran out of time 🙇💔

allura and coran trying to be smug about how much “more evolved” they are than humans (which is making matt pull all his hair out) but sometimes it backfires

  • allura: [smugly] honestly, it’s so sad that you’ll never be able to explore the oceans. they’re almost otherworldly. and so beautiful.
    pidge: uh…actually, we have been able to explore our oceans
    allura: what?
    hunk: i mean, not thoroughly because of how huge they are, but we’ve definitely been down there
    coran: if you can’t alter your respiratory system though, how do you manage to breathe?
    keith: scuba gear. submarines. radars. it’s not that complicated.
    lance: guys it literally works the same way as space exploration. how do you think hunk and i survived on the mermaid planet?
    allura: [softly] …oh my god
    coran: that makes much more sense…
  • coran: ah yes, tragic how you’ve never experienced what it’s like to glide through the air on a nice pair of wings–
    pidge: hang-gliding. parasailing. skydiving.
    lance: planes.
    keith: how exactly do you think we got into space, guys?
    matt: did you guys just go straight from basic transit into space travel?
    allura: well, we had an advantage in that we didn’t waste as much time as you did obsessing over the past.
    shiro: [physically holding matt back] princess, please,
  • coran: ok, we have to blend in with your surroundings, so you lot just wait back here and i’ll go ahead
    hunk: [brandishing camo facepaints] you wish
  • allura: wow, what your species lacks in natural advantages, it makes up for in creativity! maybe that’s your shapeshifting :)
    matt: …you know what, i’ll take it

Tried drawing they toys’ responses to a couple of gifts you guys have given to Sproing…

The bow tie was a gift from @icetigerkitten

The sweater was a gift from @peachdalooza

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hi, i'm drunk rn and i?? love karamatsu?? this shitty boy who just wants to be loved??? relatalbe? i'm a shitty useles waste of space girl who just wants to be loved??? he love me back? maybe. he love all karamatsu girls. i'm sorry, i'm drunk. i'm just have so many feelings abt these shitty NEET boys?? they all deserve love?? holdy shit?

karamatsu would Absolutely love u and ur drunk ass back,,,, youre Valid


The King and Queen of Valencia being 100% done with their future son-in-law Galavant.

Imagine Woozi secretly giving you a kiss on the forehead when you’re asleep.

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i'm feeling suicidal as fuck right now, i was talking to someone i know about my anxiety and then they tell me to 'do everyone a favour by having a panic attack and dying'. then someone else joins in saying: 'yeah, please commit suicide!!' what if they're telling the truth? am i really just a burden? i guess it's stupid of me to pity myself, but honestly i just feel so bad right now. i'm just a weak, worthless piece of shit. i'm very sorry for wasting space in your ask box...

you’re not wasting any space because you deserve just as much space as anyone else. this space would be empty if you weren’t there. it exists for you. the whole world exists for everyone equally. and the worth? your worth is there by default, you don’t have to deserve or prove it. you’re just worthy, period.
please be kind to yourself. be as kind as you can be. as kind as you would be to someone who struggles just like you. for every person who’s telling you bad things, there are hundred more people who truly care. i care. i guarantee you everyone who’s reading this ask cares.
please don’t listen to them. don’t listen to their lies. there’s so much to this beautiful world to experience. so many kind people to meet. i’m holding you very very tightly.

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I'm sorry to send this because you must be getting lots panicked asks like this one right now, but I've suddenly lost all hope of Reylo after this whole vanity fair fiasco. I'm an og who doesn't have a tumblr or anything but has been DEEPLY emotionally invested in this ship; it was actually my sexual awakening, and very meaningful to me. I can't latch onto any of the pro reylo arguments right now, and I feel so lost because I feel like I've wasted a year and a half on something that wasn't real.

i’m sorry i don’t know how much assurance i can bring but like

when u say it isn’t real……. none of this is real. it’s an epic space opera with cheesy tropes and laserswordfighting and heartfelt emotion. we’re a bunch of ppl celebrating smth that doesn’t actually exist. star wars isn’t the most perfect basis for our attention–it’s riddled with plot holes and breaking of its own rules and a lot of other mistakes–but it gives us basis to imagine a slew of possibilities for this universe and these characters. there’s a reason it’s survived for 40 years and it sure isn’t bc it’s perfectly well-written and executed. fandom is inherently transformative of the fiction it takes in. that’s what makes it so awesome.

what happens between rey and kylo in future installments is what you make of it. nothing will ever be able to take away from what happened in the force awakens and the experience you’ve had for the past year and a half unless you let it. if you ask me, none of this was for nothing.

i met some of my best friends and my girlfriend and even made a few enemies over this stupid story about magical monks in space and tragedy and true love because i want the scrappy brave desert rat and the angsty hotheaded estranged prince to get together. that’s amazing.

i’ll stan for canon reylo all day long but at the end of the day i think what attention and love we bring to it makes it real whether or not they smooch in canon. i mean hell i got inspired to write fanfic about something as stupid and insignificant as rey’s shirt just the other day. when rey and kylo so much as look at each other in tlj i’m gonna swoon.

i hope to be inspired by the new content. i’m a writer and an english major and making something out of nothing is my job and what makes me happy. keep on staying emotionally invested in reylo if it still makes you happy too. canon purity meaning ain’t got nothing on what you make it mean.

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*This is for Osomatsu, and I'm praying it's after a HAPPY episode tomorrow* As of late, I've been feeling like an utter waste of space, and have been retracing how I'm basically a terrible sister but I love my siblings so much that I always take the blame for things like chores not getting done. But I feel so disappointing and could you give me some advice on how to be better or maybe cheer me up please?? I'm sorry, also this blog is perfect, you mods are the best!!!

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Why /do/ you like Captain Hetnys?

why DO i like captain hetnys? ah yes, aha. yes why … would anyone .. EVER … like that STUPID …

ok look, listen, you need to understand something. captain hetnys? is a TERRIBLE PERSON. but like, she doesn’t even have the dignity of being anaander mianaai levels of terrible. anaander mianaai, she’s evil, she’s bad, but she’s cool. we all know she’s the most brilliant, terribly charismatic thing out there. and someone like fosyf? well, i spit on her, i hate her properly and i’m glad to have such a well-depicted evil to despise, she and her awful daughter are integral to the plot and we loathe them

but hetnys? she’s terrible. she’s kind of incompetent, but she doesn’t even know it. and she’s so, awfully, completely stupid, but not because she’s dumb. and not even because she’s unaware. she can make some of the connections, when she tries. she just has no interest in trying. she knows her place and she believes she ought to be keeping everyone else in theirs. she’s willing to sell people but she’s not smart enough to get paid appropriately for her services. she cares about propriety and no one on athoek particularly likes or cares about her. she has no emotional attachments to anyone. not a single person! even her faith in her anaander is dogged but unrewarded. she spends most of her time as a friggin popsicle!

and the worst part? the absolutely most terrible part of all this banal, thoughtless, unself-aware, incapable mess of a radchaai citizen? is she doesn’t even give a damn about her ship. the last we hear of her she’s pettily trying to get breq to give up her fleet captain’s title. as if that’s your priority when you’re at the birth of an entirely new government!!

and yet her ship tries to die for her. her ship commits evil, terrible acts for her. her ship sacrifices an ancillary - a resource she has no more of - to protect this worthless stain of a nothing person

and it’s not like atagaris likes people in general. as a ship atagaris is sliiightly worse than sphene, in that sphene likes people she just doesn’t think any of you count as one. atagaris doesn’t even care that much. that is a ship who is completely apathetic to any other living being but herself

and yet she loves her captain. she adores her captain, that moldy breadloaf of a soul is kept so close in her heart she just floats around in space and does whatever anaander tells her to just to make sure she’s not hurt. she doesn’t question her, doesn’t think the worse of her, doesn’t reflect on anything except her beautiful perfect shining donkey’s ass of a captain and what she wants from her life that atagaris can facilitate today

and not only does hetnys have no idea, she wouldn’t even believe it if you told her. because as far as hetnys is concerned, ships aren’t people. and atgaris knows her captain thinks this and doesn’t care. probably doesn’t even want to change her mind on it

what a dysfunctional inoperative hot mess of a person and a dynamic. what a terrible waste of space.

i adore her.