i'm not going to make myself cry but also

i fucking love the adventure zone because sometimes it’s like…absolutely heartbreakingly beautiful story-telling or on-the-edge-of-your-seat thrills 

and then sometimes it’s justin, travis, and their dad chanting “FANTASY SHORTS. FANTASY SHORTS. FANTASY SHORTS” at poor griffin who’s trying to move the plot forward 


me to myself just now: you’re going to be okay you stupid bitch, just hang in there

in a reality in which my white lion theory is true… 

the more i think about it, the more i realize how perfect the white lion would be for allura. 

the mural reminds us that voltron is seen as a beacon of hope to so many people, manifested as a ray of light. a combination of every color of light creates white. allura is attached to the quintessence of all of the lions. 

having the white lion separate from voltron would allow for allura to switch between the role of lion pilot and castle pilot as needed.

perhaps most importantly, this would allow allura the opportunity to be personally chosen by a lion whose quintessence most closely matches her own. 


picture this: the white lion does exist. allura feels drawn towards it. when it lets down her barrier, allura steps inside. she is greeted by the very last piece of her father in the form of a hologram. he tells her what traits a white paladin should have and that she fits them perfectly and that he’s very proud of her and that he’s so sorry he never had the chance to see her fly it. 

Go ahead and say goodbye
I’ll be alright
Go ahead and make me cry
I’ll be alright
And when you need a place to run to
For better for worse
I got you

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What would you say is the most extra thing Szeth has ever done?

Finally, some high quality asks! I would like to leave this as an open platform for discussion on this very important topic, so if anyone wants to talk about their favorite moments of Extraness. But if you want my take. I’ve already talked plenty about him in Oathbringer so let’s instead go back all the way to the very very beginning of Way of Kings where right off the bat he murdered someone and his method was causing a balcony to collapse around him. Actually you know what? The whole prologue actually, that was the most anime thing I’d ever read. The showy flashy murder to set precedence for all other showy flashy murders in the entire story. And I mean, the prologue was more than just the running on walls and glowy attacks, he goes up past some guards and they think he’s some random servant who went the wrong way and then he suddenly pulls all this bullshit on them. (Also just going “I don’t know who that is” in the middle of someone’s last words, like man…)

Honorable mention to that one guy (also in Way of Kings) who had him dress in all black with a tight shirt and a mask and cloak and everything for pure edge factor, even though he it literally hindered his movements and he was the only shin man in the entire city and everyone would recognize him anyway. And his literal job description for Szeth was sitting in the shadows and making dramatic exits and entrances.

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hcs for lena/kara/diana????????????? (im so interested im not even in this fandom really but still) (ot3s are my weakness like im sorry but not really)

  • lena ‘gay mess’ luthor always lowkey dying because her girlfriends just look like That™
  • diana is heavily amused by lena trying to force kara to eat kale & kara subsequently declaring war on all things healthy
  • lena is short compared to her girlfriends and she tucks her head underneath their chin whenever they hug
    • kara also tucks her head underneath diana’s chin when they hug

  • diana & lena gazing at kara with major heart eyes (and a little amusement) whenever the blonde starts rambling
  • it’s a constant battle for lena to keep both kara and diana from bringing every single pet they see home
    • it doesn’t last very long. they totally get two dogs, one cat and 5 fishes
    • “i draw the line at birds. we are Not getting any birds.”

  • kara is clumsy and she trips a lot and usually diana holds her by the back of her shirt to keep her from falling flat on her face
    • lena has a laughing fit whenever this happens, which subsequently makes kara pout and whine “lenaaaa, don’t laaaugh” which in turn makes lena apologize (while smiling, still amused) and give kara a kiss

  • diana and lena Always sharing That eye roll and raised eyebrows because “men [insert little scoff or tired sigh]”
  • they give each other presents All The Time and it’s ridiculous tbh. lena is always shocked & diana is always flattered & kara is always stunned and like “omg for me??? you didn’t have to”, and they’re all always surprised even tho it happens literally all the time, almost every day
  • diana and kara having eating competitions and lena being endlessly amused (and also fascinated/stunned/impressed) every single time
  • diana and kara ganging up on lena to make her come back home from work early
  • it’s always complicated when one of them have to go away for some time but their reunion is very sweet and they usually spend a long time in bed, just curled around each other and enjoying each other company
  • “lena, if you fall from a balcony or from a helicopter one more time………” “are you trying to see if you can kill us from a heart attack????” & “it’s not like i’m doing it on purpose!!!“
  • lena luthor is endlessly frustrated by the fact she’s the one who speaks less different languages, at a humble number of 8
  • (she also finds it really hot the number of languages her girlfriends speak and even more hot when they speak foreign languages near her)
  • their outrage (and really-lowkey amusement) when they go out on a date and almost every single headline is calling them gal pals
What would I write if I was the writer of Tony Starks response letter?

So I was thinking about the end of Civil War and thought about what Tony would write back to the letter Steve sent him. (of course, It wouldn’t ever be sent, Tony doesn’t know where Steve is. Just a response to the letter, “What would I write back if I could?” type of thing)

Eventually I thought of this:

You never stop hurting Steve. Never. About anything. You can distract yourself in a number of ways, believe me, I’ve done them all. From the girls to the fast cars to the dangerous stunts and the bottom of a bottle. But nothing ever heals pain. I know that because it’s all I did for years after my parents…no, rather. My mothers death. Dad and me had a complicated relationship to the point I’m not even sure if I miss him. I’d like to think I do. But my mom….my god do I miss my mother. She was like this light in a pitch black room that would lull you into her brightness with soft words and even softer keys being played on her piano…She made… She made me feel safe. She made me feel loved, which, ironically, even surrounded by people who “adore” me, I never felt loved by them. Not really. 

I mean, think about it, they’d never see my cry, or yell, or scream, or throw a tantrum. They didn’t have to deal with me when I was the most difficult. They didn’t see me, they saw an Idol, a celebrity. “Tony Stark: Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist.” Sound familiar? I…Steve, I hide myself behind an Iron mask whether I am “Iron Man” or “Tony Stark”. It’s why I had no problem revealing myself to the public the way I did. It’s because I don’t see a problem. Iron Man is Tony Stark, and Tony Stark is Iron Man. Who am I? I’m not really sure anymore myself. But I’m getting off topic; even if it relates to my point.

My mother was the only person who saw me for me. not as “Tony Stark” or “Howard Stark’s son” but as myself. As me, truly 100% me. And she decided to love me for it anyway. She never, ever gave me anything but love and support the second I was put into her arms. Nobody else has even given me that Steve. I think that Pepper caught these glimpses, or Rhodes would peek behind the curtain sometimes, but nobody was ever able to look at me and see through my masks as well as she could. She looked at me and saw me. I thought you could do that once you know? I mean. You, you had to be Captain America whether anyone was looking or not. I thought you understood, or at least could relate, to how I feel. 

I had already lost my mother once before I went to help you, Steve. I already distracted myself so well I almost thought I was damn well over it. But to see her on that screen…with my father, the man I thought was made of iron. Begging for her to be spared, for someone to help her. I lost her all over again, and then again when I saw…When I saw that gun trigger being pulled by the man beside me. I realized I never, ever had stopped hurting from losing her. Not one bit. I had only distracted myself from her death for so long I thought I had. I lost the one person in this world, this entire universe that ever saw me, ugly and raw, and decided she loved me anyway. And that the man beside me, the only other one I ever believed could possibly see me the way she did. Couldn’t see anything other than “Tony Stark”…And I lashed out. I couldn’t take it, at least not in that moment. all that pain built up inside me, all those years of missing her, all those years trying to get over her, all those years of coping were gone in a blink of an eye. And I was tired of losing the people I loved like that. I was tired of losing my mother, and I was so close to saving him…But I lost Rhodes too, and I lost Pepper and finally, I lost you. I was tired of losing every single person I ever thought I could open up to, all being snatched away from me in the span of a week, One even had to go again. Which she never deserved in the first place. 

You’ve read me babble on for far too long, so I’ll get to the point,

You never stop hurting after pain happens to you. I will never stop being pained after my mothers sudden death. I will never stop being pained about not being able to save Rhodes, my Rhodey. And I will never stop hurting after what you did either. Even if you thought it would have been better if I never knew. Even if you thought you were sparing me. Even if you send me letters to apologize and a means to contact you. You can’t fix it. I spent my life trying to, and it can’t be fixed. You can try and try, but you can’t fix it. You don’t heal from wounds like that. 

I bet you’re wondering why I’m telling you all of this to begin with, it’s because I know you’re never going to open this letter, you’ll never see the words on this page. And you’ll never be able to write back. Because I’m not going to send this to you, Steve. Even if I knew where you we’re I wouldn’t. This is going at the bottom of my junk drawer in my dresser and never looked at again, or I don’t know. Maybe I’ll take it out years from now and laugh at how stupid this all sounds with you. But I think that’s being too hopeful though. I think I find both pain and comfort in the fact you won’t ever read it. At least not for a long, long time. 

But for now I’m going to have to go. So it’s time to say goodbye.

Goodbye crappy-sappy letter I hope nobody ever reads ever and I should honestly just blow up.

…And goodbye, Steve.


Anthony Edward Stark


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Hi! Can I rec a fic??? It was recently posted and it was amazing and heartbreaking in a good way. It's called "come back" by ciuucalata!! Its like Fluff but also Angst??? Hard to explain when Im still crying about it.

yaay! thank you so much for the rec!! 
- Vallie

come back by ciuucalata (1/1 | 3,266 | Teen and Up)

Lance’s eyes don’t leave the closed doors even long after Keith’s back disappeared. The way Keith’s smile faded before leaving them is there every time he blinks and it makes him think that maybe letting him go hasn’t been the best choice.

Does anyone else panic cry before reading every single Haikyuu!! update?

Asking for a friend

uh i really hate how people here judge other people based on a couple of posts they’ve seen. i was called cold and mean just because i was too tired to properly answer an ask about something they could’ve found on google. i was called negative because my mental health wasn’t ok and made a few posts talking about it. but it’s ok i can get over such misunderstandings and i could explain myself back then because people actually messaged me about it. what i hate much more than that is talking about others behind their backs??????????????? spreading rumors and misinformation on purpose??????????????? that’s making me so sad. and paranoid. but also very angry because it’s one of my closest friends on here who people are talking bad stuff about????? i’m just. i have no words.


Stranger Things appreciation week // day seven » favorite place

Mike’s basement

See, I was thinking, once all this is over and Will’s back and you’re not a secret anymore, my parents can get you an actual bed for the basement. Or you can take my room if you want, since I’m down there all the time anyways.

I have been googling stuff about the Hero’s Journey because of Arya things and I’m on this page where it is broken down into steps and I see step 11 and my brain is screaming nooooo because I’m pretty sure I know what it means for Arya:

THE RESURRECTION.  At the climax, the hero is severely tested once more on the threshold of home.  He or she is purified by a last sacrifice, another moment of death and rebirth, but on a higher and more complete level.  By the hero’s action, the polarities that were in conflict at the beginning are finally resolved.

Stoneheart Hell. It is the summing up of vengeance and mercy and rebirth and death and “can you bring back a man without a head?” and “do you remember where the heart is?” and I’m certain it is going to happen (Arya giving her mother the gift of mercy) but that doesn’t mean I’ll be happy when I’m proven right.

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Dad, I need to talk. Today was awful. I had to get a lot of tests done on my eyes, and most of them were uncomfortable. I was really stressed out, but I made it. Then as soon as I got home my grandparents dropped in for a surprise visit, and being around them is mentally draining. I stayed and talked with them for about two hours, then I went to my room to have some time to myself. My dad got really angry and yelled at me for being rude. I'm tired and want to cry, but my parents yell when I do.

Sometimes parents don’t know what the heck goes on with their kid’s lives that they think you going up to rest is being rude. Sometimes they have a lot on their plate that they also have to take it out on you. Maybe he was stressed, too. I used to hate when my parents yelled at me, especially in the mornings. always makes my good mood bad. 

I know this has been long overdue, but I don’t want you to take what they say seriously when they yell. I hope you were able to talk to him once he was calm to get this situation sorted out. Parents may yell like that, but they always still love you. Just remember to roll that off your back and continue getting some rest. 

We love you. 

- Dad Michalis. 

Why San Junipero is SO important
  • I just rewatched San Junipero and I thought I was just going to look back at some of my favorite scenes, but I couldn't help myself. I loved that episode so much. I felt like Kelly represented my physical appearance and my sexuality so well(even though I'm biromantic and she is bisexual). And then my personality was a mix between Yorkie and Kelly but I related to these characters so much and I've never seen a bi wlw on tv and she honestly changed my life. Her sexuality is never erased and she actually gets to experience a happy life with a guy for 49 years and then she meets Yorkie in San Junipero and she doesn't want to fall in love but she does and wow it's such a beautiful love story. I have cried so much for this one hour episode that has changed me so much because representation matters so much and I just got to see myself on tv for the first time where I wasn't killed by a stray bullet. Every time I get attached to a wlw or a black woman they die brutally by a stray bullet and it's devestating. I have felt that pain way too much and to get this happy ending from this show that rarely ever has a happy ending just makes me smile so wide and also sad because other shows will make excuses for killing off all their poc or wlw and only leaving the straight white males invincible. I've seen it happen so so many times. It's hard to find tv where I feel represented for race or for sexuality. It's even harder to find a happy ending and an interracial couple on top of all that is nearly impossible. This episode has made me happier than any show this year because it doesn't end tragically and I didn't have to cry myself to sleep. I'm never going to get over this episode that was so raw and amazing. Kelly's relationship with her husband is never invalidated and she gets to be happy with Yorkie. And the whole episode isn't even just fluff it has all these deep conversations about life and it's just amazing. I understood these characters so much and I love them to pieces and they get to live together forever.

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Good yatori fic. Help.

Hello! I’d start here (http://fushiginokunino.tumblr.com/post/145779599544/i-adore-your-writing-your-yatori-fics-always-make) and look at the other stories by any writers you really like. Check out their fav stories, too, and have fun going down the fic-reading rabbit hole! I haven’t gotten through that whole list myself yet, but I can say Soltice almost made me cry and I’d 10/10 read again.

the signs as leslie knope quotes
  • aries: the only thing i'll be waving is your decapitated head on a stick in front of your weeping mother!
  • taurus: who cares if they have money? i have the most valuable currency in america...a blind, stubborn belief that what i am doing is 100% right
  • gemini: calzones are pointless. they're just pizza that's harder to eat. no one likes them.
  • cancer: i'm cried out, but i want to cry more so i'm rehydrating.
  • leo: i am big enough to admit that i am often inspired by myself.
  • virgo: you're all amazing, wonderful people and i really want you to have fun today and not focus on the fact that if one thing goes wrong, we're all gonna lose our jobs.
  • libra: we are colleagues with benefits. we're colleagues that benefit from the fact that we're also friends.
  • scorpio: he told me he liked me, and i'm gonna go make out with him right now. on his face.
  • sagittarius: how does taking risks make me feel? amazing. tingling sensation throughout my whole body. i feel flushed. my muscles are relaxed yet i feel awake. just waves of pleasure. i wish there was something physical that could make me feel this way.
  • capricorn: winning is every girl's dream, but it's my destiny. and my dream.
  • aquarius: i'm going to go see a man about some porcelain, you know what i mean? i'm not buying cocaine. i'm going to the bathroom, the wiz palace as i like to call it.
  • pisces: one time i accidentally drank an entire bottle of vinegar. i thought it was terrible wine.

🎇 HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU MY BABIES !! 🎇 i wish you all the best and hope your 2017 is going to be super great 💜

and ;; it means so much to me that you’re interested in my works. you have no idea how happy it makes me everyday. happy and baffled, and i don’t think this feeling will ever stop

thank you for being so supportive and helping me through hard times last year, and the years before, whenever i don’t feel so well about myself or my art. you pull me up when i’m lying on the floor crying for whatever reason sdfsf YOU KEEP ME GOING AND KEEP ME MOTIVATED AND HELP ME TO IMPROVE MY ART IM SO !!!!!

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i love you 💜💙💜💙

  • I think that being a little is a beautiful personality trait, but at the same time for some it comes with a great amount of pain.
  • Rarely there are people who can fulfill littles needs. Be as available as we need our CGs to be, be stern but also understanding, knowing how to deal with our sadness or anxiety, how to deal with EXTREME happiness, make us feel safe, make us feel right, cared for, taken care of.
  • I mean, I will never have words to explain the feeling of wanting my CG to be around when he's not.
  • Feeling like a bother, an inconvenience.
  • All I can do is cry and try to make myself busy, hope that if I'll speak like I'm happy or type like I'm happy it will go away, but it doesn't.
  • Feeling the world getting bigger, myself getting smaller... This helplessness. Just wanting something to hang on to, just something small to let me know I'm not alone.
  • Being a little is a beautiful thing, but sometimes it's just too much and I really don't know how to handle that.

Allllrighty here goes. Posting this is way outta my comfort zone, but I figure tumblr is a safe space for this kinda thing, yeah? So hey guys! I’ve lost almost 50 lbs! And I’m really fucking pumped about it! The picture on the left is me about 7 months ago. I was depressed, unhealthy, and barely fitting into a Target XXL. The picture on the right is me this afternoon. Today I feel healthy, strong, and I’m happily fitting into a Target medium! I still have a looong way to go before I reach my goal, but YOOOOO I’M SO PROUD OF MY PROGRESS YOU GUYS :’)

and before I run off to thanksgiving dinner I have to say that I am very thankful to have become a fan of @rhettandlink this past year. their content always puts a smile on my face and makes my days brighter :)

also thankful that I made the decision to join the tumblr fandom.. i’ve had so many great times with you beasts! hugs to all!