i'm not even trying to force 'sheith is canon' on anyone

Sometimes I think about things like “as many times as it takes” and “your friend desperately wants to see you” … or the sound of Shiro’s voice when he says Keith’s name and the way Shiro and Keith look at each other like the rest of the world doesn’t exist … or even just the little notes Keith and Shiro write about each other in the Official Guidebook (or “it’s killing me when you’re away”) … and I just think to myself, I’m pretty sure there are actual romantic pairings that are canon in other shows, movies, books who have less romantic moments than Keith/Shiro have, like COME ON GUYS even if the creators of Voltron say they meant for these two to be platonic, I don’t think there’s any way for me at this point to see their interactions as anything but romantic, even if they don’t end up being explicitly canon in the show.

… I think I’ve just reached Sheith enlightenment.

anonymous asked:

hey u kno shiro is 25 and keith is like 16 right

I know Shiro is 25 but last I heard the other paladin’s didn’t have confirmed ages??  And to be honest, if they’re training 16 year olds in military flight school I’m not….  accepting that as canon because that’s ridiculous haha.

It makes the most sense to me that all the paladins (minus Pidge + Shiro) are 19 or older because generally speaking if you’re out of high school at 18, you sign up for flight school around that time, and we know they’ve had at least one year under their belt because lance mentions his “first year” of flight school in the pilot episode, so they’re likely at least 19 or older depending upon whether they enrolled right out of high school or waited a few years.

Just a few things to note:  Assuming the garrison flight school is an extension of the united states air force, you NEED to have graduated high school to join.  If you don’t have a high school diploma, you can get in with a GED but you also have to have attained a certain number of college credits (meaning any of the paladins who may have dropped out of high school or just never attended would have to be even older).  There’s no way the garrison isn’t a military establishment of some kind and by extension, there’s no way they’re letting anyone who’s younger than 17 join up unless they’ve got PIDGE levels of genius going on.

This response got a little bit out of hand, but here’s a formal explanation of why I think it’s hilarious that people are trying to say Keith is 16-17.  Common sense dictates that the YOUNGEST he can possibly be is 18, which aligns perfectly with what I’ve heard the creators say about the other paladins being in their late teens.