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Steve “No One Touches My Kids” Harrington was one of the best things that came out of Stranger Things 2. | Redbubble

the best boy

Zenyatta studies, trying to figure out how his design works… and giving him some cozy sweaters at the same time! ❤︎
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Not… exactly what I planned to draw after last chapter. The cause of this shitpost must be the European heat wave. It is seriously tiring me out. That Midnight at the end is me.

Shoto loves soba, almost to unhealthy levels. He is going to marry that soba. The bastard only likes cold soba tho. If he comes to like hot soba one day that will be his real character development. I can’t wait to see the day.


Prompto Week day 6 - Chocobos

I’m late and this is just a bunch of half-assed sketches, but I remembered someone comparing the video of the wad of ducklings imprinting on a guy driving by to Prompto and I just wanted to kind of redraw it.
Video is HERE


villaneve + tumblr text posts

Behold! The dumbest fucking shit I’ve ever made.

I’ve had this idea for… well over a year. Ever since someone messaged me and was like “Don’t you think N’sync’s space cowboy is a perfect song for Keith?” … and I listened to it… and it was god awful.

It was perfect.

But in light of the crew saying that they cut a scene where Keith sings a little song about flying in the red lion, I knew I had to resurrect this idea. 

Hope it makes you guys laugh. Warning that you may need to turn the volume down. 

Another inktober i had to color just because 

With special dedication for @blacksmiley-c because I don’t know anyone who could love Gabe more than she does 🍩