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Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations

I realized it was almost the end of pride month and I hadn’t drawn anything for it yet ! So here’s some more Spirk fanart ^^

Je Suis Prest
Requested By: @lenny9987

This scene is one of my absolute favorites from the series, and I’ve had this idea floating around from the very beginning of these requests. It’s taken several attempts to bring it to life, but I really wanted to get it right. @lenny9987′s been so patient waiting for me to finally get to it, I hope it’s worth the long wait!

Thank You Request (5/5)

Les Mis as D&D, part II
  • Enjolras: [Tiefling paladin, chaotic good] I make one last brave stand against the National Guard.
  • Victor Hugo: [DM] Roll for--
  • Jehan: [Half-elf bard, chaotic good] I inspire him.
  • Hugo: You can't inspire him, Jehan. You're already dead. Enjolras, you get one D8.
  • Enjolras: Um, how many are there?
  • Hugo: Thirty.
  • Enjolras: How many can I take out before I go down?
  • Hugo: If you're lucky, one and a half.
  • Enjolras: Okay...five. I hoist the flag and--
  • Grantaire: I run to his side and die nobly holding his hand.
  • Bahorel: [Hobgoblin warrior, neutral good] For fuck's sake, Grantaire. This is why we didn't make you a playable character.
  • Combeferre: [Tabaxi wizard, neutral good] Actually, that's because he was too lazy to make a character sheet.
  • Bahorel: For fuck's sake, Grantaire, this is one of several reasons we didn't make you a playable character.
  • Grantaire: I'm essential to the team.
  • Eponine: [Yuan-ti warlock, chaotic neutral] Enjolras spends half our gold just feeding you.
  • Joly: [Halfling cleric, neutral good] And I use half my potions saving your life.
  • Eponine: Because Enjolras won't just let you die.
  • Enjolras: He's cute.
  • Hugo: ANYWAY.
  • Enjolras: Right. I rolled a 5. I hoist the flag and--
  • Hugo: You fire your pistol one last time, taking down a single guard. The twenty-nine remaining guards fire at you as one. Just as you resign yourself to your fate, your loyal dog comes bolting into the room and jumps in front of you, taking a bullet. The other twenty-eight bullets hit you. Congratulations, you fucks, everyone's dead because this asshole decided to adopt a stray dog.
  • Grantaire: I really don't see how this is my fault.
Aspec Mspec Solidarity Flag!

I wanted to make a redesign/alternate version of the Aspec Mspec flag the lovely Arokai made, since I wasn’t a big fan of the colours.

This flag is for people who are both Aspec (Ace/Aro Spectrum), and Mspec (Multi-spec, ie: Bi, Pan, Poly), or, people who are Aspec showing support for Mspec and vice versa! 

Colour Symbolism?

Each colour is for the five most common identities! I picked ones that where close to the one on the flag and fitted together nicely. (I made Aro yellow because,,, yellow looks nice,,)

tried to draw Sherlock in colours of the Asexual and Aromantic flag (there were 3 proposed flags for aromantic flag according to wikia so i just used the colours from all three, that’s why the orange is there as well)

not sure how accurate the colours are in the end coz i overlapped all sorts of layer modes but well…..i tried

anonymous asked:

i like your butch body language tips, but (and ik ur a butch) i was wondering if you have any for femmes? like things that make you flag a lady as a femme over a straight woman? i think i'm femme but i have no idea how to express that without just clocking as a straight woman.

okay, this is purely based on what i’ve seen femmes doing and my experiences as a butch, so take this advice with a grain of salt!

the taking up space thing still applies here! i think this is valid advice for all lesbians - resist the urge to make yourself small.

not performing all aspects of femininity is a good one too. i saw a good post a while ago that said butches reject femininity, and femmes subvert it. you can cherry pick the parts of femininity that you want to perform, like wearing makeup but having a shaved head, or wearing a dress and fine jewelery but no makeup. that look says to me that a woman is, at the very least, not dressing up for men.

I think it’s also in the way that femmes carry themselves. the open confidence of a femme who knows exactly who she’s dressing for.

and like, straight people are never going to see it. when i shaved my head and tried to explain to my mom that it was to flag, she tried to tell me that people would assume i had cancer. and yeah, straight people will. straight people will never assume that we’re lesbians. they’ll never assume the real reason we dress and act the way we do. but other lesbians see it.

i asked my bff (best femme friend) for her advice and i’ll post it here when she gets back to me! if you dm me your url i can tag you in that post when it comes

  • What I say: I'm fine.
  • What I mean: WAS ISABELLA MORE THAN A PLOT DEVICE? SHE LOOKED EXACTLY LIKE KRISTEN KRINGLE. ED IS A FRACKING GENIUS AND HE WOULDN'T HAVE HAD RED FLAGS GOING OFF ALL OVER THE PLACE? And for that matter, Oswald is a smart cookie himself. Why in the hell would he think not to have her at least checked out in her entirety to make sure his best friend and his own stated true love didn't get hurt or WORSE???? ASDFGHJKL!!!!!
  • Also me: I'm fine. I'm cool. I'm good.

For Hispanic Heritage Month, let’s take a moment to appreciate all the Latina lesbians on TV!

  • Santana Lopez on Glee
  • Luisa Alver on Jane the Virgin
  • Maggie Sawyer, coming to Supergirl in October

Please don’t do anything you’re gonna regret.
Who me? Paddy, have you seen the state of her? Do you think that’s healthy, throwing herself at him like that?
Look, that’s not for us to decide is it? She has to make her own mind up.
Well, she did.

New idea for Pride variant things. Fancy spiral lollipops! It’s a more complicated coloring pattern than my other designs, so I just did an ace lollipop for now. If anyone really wants to see another flag done, then ask & I’ll do it for you when I can.

anonymous asked:

Oh that was really good, was not expecting it. Can you do it for the rest of the Allies? The flag shirt scenario that is. I'm fine if you can't too just those two were really good

i’m gonna try :)


“Oh aren’t you just darling!” Almost swooning France leaned forward once you stepped out of the bathroom. Seeing you dressed in his colours sent a warm feeling down his spine. If only you had been around for longer; he could have been you Big Brother France as well! Making you twirl and move around, he loved the feeling of ownership it woke in him. Of course he did not posses you, nor would he want to try but a little bit of play pretend wouldn’t hurt right? Beckoning you to him, he leaned down on the soft mattress, pulling you down with him into his little fantasies.


Not saying a word he seemed quite content with your looks. Observing you quietly, smiling a secret little smile he walked around you, inspecting his flag on your body. Russia would lie if he said he did not try to make you one with him in the past. Way back before you became lovers. But right now? The urge came back screaming as he watched the colours hug your body. Standing right behind you, throwing his arms around you tightly, pressing your body as close as possible to his. Perhaps he could persuade you into becoming his…in a political sense aswell.


Probably won’t make that big of a deal. Looking you up and down adorning his red and gold he’d be pleased how much it fit you. How well it fit you…he’d be all over you before reaching into your closet and fishing out clothes that did not fit his agenda. Why were you wearing so many western clothes to begin with? You’re his lover aren’t you? China would absolutly love to ‘easternize’ you, putting you into traditional silks and satins. And he may take a trip down memory lane as he forgets in which time period you two currently are. Just put on his clothes and pretend it’s something BC.


Out of all of the Allies, Canada is the only one who wouldn’t feel a rush of possessiveness go through his body. Neither the need to claim your land in an instant. Rather he’d be sitting on the soft bed in your shared bedroom, watching you twirl around happily. “You should wear it to one of my matches!”, he’d propose enthusiastically. He’d be more concerned with everyday activities to be hones and he’d only feel a surge of satisfaction if another country would catch you wearing his flag. Other than that he’s low-key.

anonymous asked:

I feel guilty about how good seeing the rainbow pride flag makes me feel. I'm bi but I've never had a partner. I don't have any sapphic friends. I barely have any friends at all. I'm not in any way involved in the lgbt community. I feel like the flag's not for me, but whenever I see it I feel so safe. Like I'm part of something when I'm not. It's confusing.

But you are a part of it; you’re a part of the lgbt community and you are allowed to feel good when you see the rainbow pride flag. The flag is for you. 

-Mom Em 

anonymous asked:

I went to my city's Pride today and it was awesome and I saw so much ace stuff! Like people with ace stuff was as common as seeing ppl with trans stuff and honestly it was the best. (I'm sure there was tons of aro stuff but I don't immediately recognize the aro flag). Reminder to every aspec: LGBT+ history and organizations are more inclusionist than the exclusionists try to make u think. we outnumber them and they won't ever take away the A, no matter how hard they try.

HEAR HEAR!! I’m glad you had a good time, and thanks for the message I’m sure it will help reassure others