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i think i like you

honey drips off bright red roses
as the pulp orange sun finally sets
now the sky is indigo
and the silhouettes of palm trees
loom over us
my palms twitch with nerves: could it be?
do i have feelings for you?
don’t worry, my mind tells me
this is all a facade
but if my thoughts are such a thing - flimsy, like a house of cards -
why do i keep thinking about you in the first place?

— barbara v lopez

Ok in my head I like to think Adrien has never been to a farmer’s market (like Tamaki lol) cuz he’s been stuck in his house all the time and Marinette like, can’t hang out with Alya after school cuz her parents and her are going and Adrien is like “yo I’ve never been” and…you get the point. I’ll make a comic about it later.

Nonny who sent me the My Hero Academia drabble request, I saw it and you are lovely. It might take a bit, but I’ll try to get to it soon. I’m so excited and nervous about stretching out and having another fandom to write for.

Also, big shout-out to @lahiffed for commissioning a MHA drabble for a ship I’m absolutely weak for that will be coming soon to another blog (wink wink) because I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since we talked. XD

EXO and how many kids they want
  • Chanyeol: Let's have 2.. no no, 5! Wait no! Ten!! Yes!
  • Kris: I think 2 will be great. Daddy is my style!
  • Tao: *Acts like a baby* "But... you already have one!"
  • Sehun: *Nervous* Are you sure we are ready for it? Don't you think we are too young?
  • Kai: *Hugs his puppies* I promise I won't let you alone. We are just having a new baby in the family...
  • Xiumin: I want twins. Girls. And then a boy. *serious*
  • Baekhyun: Babies? So this means we are getting more... you know.. *wink wink*
  • Luhan: I'll give you all the babies you want, I'll be happy to have them all! *Proud man*
  • Chen: If we have a girl she would need a sis so she doesn't feel alone. But I want a boy too. So we'll have 4! *Thinking about everything*
  • Kyungsoo: *Shiny eyes* I want a girl.. and boy... let's have 2 of each. *Father material*
  • Lay: Wifey, I think we should let destiny decide for us. Maybe we say 2 and tomorrow we'll want 5 *sweetie pie*
  • Suho: One! 11 are already too much! We'll have so much work! *Daddy counting all the EXO boys too*
eggs-cruciating (like this pun)
my legit first thought at that moment

SO I JUST FINISHED TRESPASSER (press play for spoilers lol)

you might wanna listen until the end im just sayin

EDIT: Err it is a little loud. Potentially. So be careful.

Shikatema | First Date | Part 1
  • It's been a month since he asked her out. Since that day, they hadn't met once. Ino was the one who set the day and the hour for them and they agreed.
  • Shikamaru kept wondering why he said that, why those words left his mouth that easily... he felt dizzy, but didn't regret saying them, and when she said yes, his heart couldn't subside it's beating.
  • When he told her mom he was going out with a girl she was so excited that she even lend him a suit that belonged to his father and made sure it fitted him for the great day... <<she's so problematic>> he thought.
  • Now he's walking to Ino's house, where, for some reason, Temari ended up staying. When he gets there and knocks the door with his free hand he thought on running away but something more powerful kept him there.
  • Ino *opens the door*: Shikamaru!! You are here earlier than we expected... She's not ready yet but I'm sure that's not a problem to you, is it?
  • Shikamaru *grinned*: Problematic...
  • Ino: Come on in! I'll go seeing if she's doing fine. Good choice, by the way *winks*
  • Shikamaru *surprised*: huh?
  • Ino: The flowers, baka. These are orchids, they mean "delicate beauty". Now, these are lilacs, they mean "first love". I bet they both fit her coming from you, right? *winks*
  • Shikamaru: *blushes and looks blankly at Ino that's already going upstairs*
  • He stood there for about 10 minutes, thinking about the meaning of the flowers. He bought them on the Yamanaka's flower shop to Ino's mother but he didn't remember saying anything about a date to her, he just asked for some flowers and she said she had the perfect ones for him. Now he had no doubt that she chose wisely.
  • Temari *taking Shikamaru out of his thoughts*: Sorry for the delay. *she was wearing a sleeveless violet dress with a red belt on her waist and holding a cute little purse* Should we go now?
  • Shikamaru *stunned and blushed*: Y... Yeah ... *when he opend the door to let her out first he could smell her perfume and noticed her cheeks blushed* I almost forgot, these are for you
  • Temari *taking the flowers*: Than... thank you.
  • Shikamaru: Just as I thought, that flowers really fit you.
  • Temari: *blushed even more*
  • Shikamaru *smiles*: Who would've thought? The bravest kunoichi blushing like that...
  • Temari *still blushed*: Shut up! You should look at yourself right now! *smiles widely*
  • Shikamaru *pretends not to care and extends his hand to her*: Let's go, then.