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Do you know any fanfics with Eren as a chef/cook or just really good at cooking? The only ones I know are 'Eat Your Heart Out' by ItsClydeBitches (one of my all-time favorites) and 'Critical' by SlayerEnfiniti (also good but incomplete since 2014 ;;). Also, if you know any with Levi as a chef because those are impossible to find. I'd appreciate any help! Thank youuu <333

I loved Critical. It was one of my favourite fics at the time it was posted, so I was really gutted when I realised it wasn’t being updated anymore. Sad times. Anyway, I’m going to post EYHO for everyone else separately, but here are some Chef!Levi fics for you. I don’t really know any that are Chef!Eren, but I will queue some fics where he’s just generally good at cooking.

me and you, at the end
Summary: Eren decided to start anew in another city. While he’s there he meets Levi who has no filter whatsoever when it comes to talking about shit and sex.

Oui, Chef!
Summary: Levi is a Michelin-starred chef and owner of the restaurant Trost. Eren is the well-meaning but not-so-effective kitchen hand who might like his idol a little too much.

A Series of Sweet Events
Summary: Fresh out of prison and ready for his second chance at life, Eren Jaeger proceeds to finally do the one thing he’s wanted to do since he got out two weeks ago: go to the park. The spring winds were brisk, the sunlight was bright and warm, but his dog, Yvaine, did not want to agree with the good weather. After yanking the leash from his friend’s hands, Eren’s dog takes off and plows right through a picnic of a group of strangers. Eren could only sit and watch in horror while his dog destroyed the get together. As part of his parole was wearing an electronic monitoring anklet and the radius he was given would not allow him to cross the road. Luckily his friend and sister were in tow and collected his dog but that didn’t stop of the men from the picnic from walking over to him with a deeply furrowed brow….and was that almost a smile?
     After the sudden, disastrous meeting Eren is captivated by this man and offers to make it up to him. How? Well he doesn’t know exactly since the man refuses. Eren, however, is not giving up. Whatever it takes, he wants to take this man out. Somehow he’s managed to enrapture him with a simple conversation and Eren knows that it isn’t one-sided.


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It's a crock of BS Disney trying to spin about china and rotten tomatoes. I speak French and too a browse of the francophone (both European, Canadian, and a few African) movie reviews and user reviews specifically. It's the same thing. Even less of the critics liked it, though some did, but I'd say user reviews are on par with what we're seeing here. Chinese audiences really just don't get it? Bots really are dragging it down? A small group of entitled fans are all that's bothered. Sure Disney.

I love how they resorted to insulting China, the second biggest movie market in the world (set to be #1 by 2020), because the “entitled fanboy” excuse doesn’t hold water there.

Accept it, Disney: TLJ was bad. Cut loose the people responsible (looking at you, RJ and KK) and pray that JJ can save you from your own mismanagement of this franchise.