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Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! Novel - Chapter 7

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This is actually the final chapter of the novel (the afterword just has some comments by the author etc). Hope you enjoyed - still can’t believe this translation actually happened!

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I just got home from NärCon (after staying at Louise’s house for the night), and I was planning on writing a longer post about it, but now I realize that I don’t have the energy/don’t know where to start.

But it basically boils down to this: Meeting people was great, the convention itself was awful. I am extremely let down by the event, and I seriously doubt that I’ll return next year. I’d also like to encourage other con-goers to boycott NärCon from now on, there are other, cheaper conventions in Sweden that actually give a shit about their attendants.

I’m frustrated by what seems to be a war between LGBTQUIA+ sexualities.

While we ask for equality and representation we trample other sexualities when they ARE represented.

This is exactly what the LGBTQ+ communities struggle with against ignorant heterosexuals.

The tendency of the straight communities seems to be that they do their best to erase our representation. All of us.

This is what we fight for.

And yet, I see our communities fighting against one another, erasing one another. Why?

One is not greater than the other. Why not support each other and equalize us all?

We’re mad at heterosexuals for telling us we can’t like our same sex.

And yet I hear all sides telling bisexuals they can’t like both? Or that pansexuals can’t like all? Or that asexuals can’t be real because sex is a natural instinct, they just haven’t had good enough sex, and/or something’s wrong with them? Because you could choose, right? We all chose this incredibly difficult lifestyle, right?

So many of us never cried ourselves to sleep at night wishing we were ‘normal,’ wishing this was easier, right?

Demanding an increase of representation for LGBTQ+ communities should NOT mean erasure of heterosexuality representation, either. Believe it or not there are heterosexual allies out there who support us as much as they can because they see what we go through. They empathize. They fight for us too.

Why erase them? Why hate them?

We would become the enemy we’re already fighting against. “They did it to us first,” is not a reason to commit the same wrong. It would be an endless circle.

Why attempt to triumph over the others, to be the lone victor? You know what it’s like to be the odd one out. Don’t become the enemy. Don’t pick up their traits. We can be better than that. We can be better than the hateful ignorance we receive. We don’t have to be ignorant.

Ignorance fights what it refuses to understand.

random-senpai asked:

Unny are you okay? Do you need anything? Because I just read a whole thing on a man fucking a tomato, and I worry if the thirst has hurt your sanity.

Oh I’m just hella tired and saw that request and thought to myself, Why not? I haven’t done anything really stupid all month and I might as well end it on a funny, albeit strange, note. 

But I’m okay xD I keep on grinning because it’s the stupidest and weirdest thing I ever wrote, but I’m totally sane and okay. 

Side note: I have people from my religious organization visiting and they were in the same room as me when I wrote that. My mum and dad are here too. 

Give Me Your Burden (Soap Mactavish x Reader)

The world was numbed by the smoke of his dying cigarette. The night was somberly cold against his skin. After killing what was left of that cigarette, Mactavish leaned against the door leading back inside the base.

Soap’s hand closed around the door knob and he let himself practically fall inside. In a resigned manor, Soap lazily kicked the door shut. His calloused fingers rubbed his eyes as the Captain groaned.

It hadn’t exactly been an easy day on the field. There was great lost for little gain. The events had set Mactavish on a rigid edge.

You could tell that the mission had taken its toll on the Scotsman as soon as he returned to the base. He had acted stiff and hurried in all of his dealings. It was uncharacteristic of his naturally relaxed and mild tempered attitude. It was easy for you to realize that he had been masking his distress all day.

Peeking over to the sound of a door closing, you see Mactavish enter.

“What are you still doing up?” you inquired, trying to get a conversation from the stressed soldier.

Mactavish’s deep blue eyes found you sitting down on a couch with a book nestled in your hands. You clearly hadn’t been sitting there all along- it was obvious by the fact that you actually looked up from your book when he came back in. Soap crossed his arms over his chest before giving you a shrug.

“Thought I’d get a smoke ‘fore going to bed,” he said. “What about you? You shouldn’t be up.”

“Seems like it’s harder to fall asleep when you actually want to,” you admit. Soap chuckled bitterly, nodding in agreement.

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[ How long do you have to be in mutuals with somebody before it’s appropriate to go to their ask box and loVINGLY PUNCH THEM IN THE FUCKIGN FACE because I ] 

do you ever like wish you could be temporarily semi-majorly hurt so that people would be gentler and quieter and kinder to you

im about 99.9% sure im a fictive of alois by this point

i am so tired of being followed by virus blogs like i want real followers who will interact with me and reblog my stuff not ones who will give me viruses if i click on their blog and send me messages about playing “a game they made”

i just want someone to just… like me romantically without being a creepy 30 years-old white dude who makes stupid, offensive and shitty jokes. 

or rather… I want at least once that my crush to like me back.