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“Kotori and I would talk about it all the time. How we would always run into trouble when we were with you… No matter how much we tried to stop you, once you set your heart on something, you wouldn’t listen to anyone.”

So I might’ve kinda rewrote the first chapter of TFC as a magic AU. And it might’ve gotten away from me a bit.

If there was one thing Neil Josten was tired of hearing, it was how wonderful magic was. Sure, magic was becoming more and more common and researchers were even working on ways to give magic to those without, but that seemed to be a long time off. Instead, Neil had to overhear conversations about how wonderful it must be to be Gifted, about how much good could be done if more people had magic, so forth and so on. All it had ever been to him was a curse. Hell, he had only used his own magic once in the past eight years. The memory of his mother’s angry fingers twisting in his hair the only other time he had tried had made sure of that. A part of him did miss it though, the burning of his blood heating up with each spell and the thrum of excitement he felt at being able to create something out of nothing with just a couple of words. That was what he remembered most. The addictive quality of the watching each incantation create, transform, or even destroy according to his will. It was the only thing he had ever been able to control in his life.

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Have you ever forced yourself to write a fanfic because you love a certain character so much but they’re not a fan favorite so you have little to no content focusing on them so you took matters into your own hands.

when art museums give u mad anxiety and u go with a group of friends thinking youll be fine, but u end up having MAD anxiety all day long and when u get home u throw up due to said anxiety and ur entire family thinks ur drunk which makes u hysterically cry bc ur actually sticking to ur sobriety and ur almost a month sober and ur really fucking trying and u just want someone to be proud of u and not yell at u for once 

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Do you think that there should have been more arcs in Part 1 so that way we could have learned more about the other members of the K12? Also I feel like we lost our on world building moments too.

Kishimoto wanted to do a mission based storyline originally, but instead SJ forced the tournament storyline, which eventually became the inciting incident to one of the two (IMO) overarching themes of the series: bringing Sasuke home. (The other was “becoming Hokage [and realizing what kind of Hokage he wants to be]”. In the ending both superficially succeeded, but failed in spirit.)

I think SJ were right that a tournament turned out to be cool as hell, and who knows, maybe that’s why the manga really took off and if they had let Kishi do the original plan, Naruto wouldn’t have become the powerhouse that it became. But I think one or two more missions would have been good. But I would say that they would more need to be focused on Team 7 development pre-exams, actually.

 @thatshinobilife points out that part of the reason why the Sasukeeeeeeehhhhh montages always include the same five moments is that’s all there is. Like, the bonds between the original team 7 would have been more meaningful with more times. In a world where Studio Pierrot could be trusted with writing (/Don LaFontaine voice), then yeah adding in more arcs to do this would have been a good thing. They did try to add in more arcs in the period between the end of the exams and Sasuke scarpering, but #1 that’s a really awkward time in the manga to be saying they’re going on missions, and #2 they were really stupid, or at least that’s how the synopsis looks (I haven’t watched much filler tbh).

In terms of adding in more about the other Konoha 11, that would be good, if only because I want more of Naruto interacting with his peers like this:



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My coming out (3 yrs ago)
  • <p> <b>Mom(after telling her I'm pan and my sister having comed out as bi the previous year):</b> I can't have two gay daughters!<p/><b>Me:</b> well your in luck cause I'm not a girl either *finger guns*<p/><b>Mom:</b> but statics say only 1 out of 5 people are gay!<p/><b>Me:</b> okay... But how can you have truthfull statics if people are still in the closet?<p/><b>Mom:</b> *sighs* Fine but I'm not paying for flags.<p/></p>

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So there's a lot of arguments about not feeding wildlife. Does that apply to all wildlife or just to predators? Would it be wrong to feed birds or squirrels, or just things like bears that could hurt someone?

With birds & squirrels specifically, and depending on what you’re putting out, IMO, it’s okay. Some people would disagree & push for no feeding wildlife at all. The reasons I say it’s probably fine:

- Both birds & squirrels don’t typically become dependent on just one food source. With birds especially, I remember seeing a study that showed they will adjust easily with other food sources if a human-provided feeder goes empty. (I’m sorry, I can find a source later if someone requests such - I’m exhausted, but wanted to answer this before bed.)

- Most songbirds & squirrels are less likely to become actively aggressive or destructive if the food source goes dry or changes. They also don’t have pose as many serious health risks to humans/domestic pets (that’s not to say they pose NO threats).

- It helps remind people to take time to appreciate nature.

Some considerations that I think should be taken into account if feeding birds and/or squirrels:

- Make sure the food is healthy & appropriate for them. I had a family friend that was putting sunflower seeds out for their squirrels. A great treat! Much appreciated by their yard squirrels! …The squirrels got FAT. Sunflower seeds are okay in moderation, but not as a never-ending banquet. For birds, different species come to different seed mixes & may need specialized feeders, so that takes a bit of research. If you feed hummingbirds & orioles, make sure the food you put out is safe and make sure you’re changing it regularly because it can make them sick if it goes bad. We cleaned & changed our hummingbird & oriole feeders daily in the summer at the wildlife rehab.

- Keep in mind that there still IS the possibility that squirrels may become overly used to people & come too close. They are still wild animals and they pack a good bite. Do not encourage hand feeding or your direct presence with food, especially if you’re in a public area (college campus, etc.) where there are other people around. They can also seriously injure dogs if a dog goes after one & actually grabs it. 

- Take a look at what other wildlife you have in the area. You may well attract some less welcome guests if you’re putting food out - raccoons, skunks, potentially coyotes, bears, etc. 

- Last thing I can currently think of that isn’t really a reason to NOT do it, just a thing to keep in mind - if you have a bird feeder out, there is a possibility that you may end up with bird-eating predators hanging out. IMO, it’s a good idea to discourage/drive away outdoor/feral cats away from your feeders. They have no business hunting birds. 

But you may also end up with natural predators like Cooper’s Hawks (depending on your location). This is normal & just something to deal with. I’ve heard of people (especially older folks) getting really upset about hawks going after their pretty songbirds, but it’s just kind of part of nature. And it IS illegal to harm or kill the hawk, so it’s really not advised to try & do anything about it. (I had an elderly guy tell me about how he used to kill hawks going after his bird feeder birds at one of my first solo educational programs and I was at a total loss for how to respond without just yelling at him. It sucked!)

Oh, and a last note - WATER is especially helpful for a lot of wildlife too, and not a lot of people think of it! Especially in the city & in the winter, water can be a very scarce resource, so having a safe watering station for your local wildlife can be super appreciated. And again, make sure you’re keeping it clean so it doesn’t become a potential danger to them.

Crazy ass weekend.

I’ve been putting off posting about the events of this weekend because it was all really overwhelming, but whatever.
On Friday I was having severe chest pain and my heart was racing so I went to the ER. They ran SO many tests, I was admitted, they drew blood every 3 hours, kept baby on a monitor and gave me like 6 bags of fluid. 🙄
I was on strict bedrest and even after 24 hours of laying down my heart rate was still above 120.
The cardiologist came in and spoke to me, after reviewing all of my tests. And he told me that, essentially my pregnancy was putting way too much stress on my body, and my heart was working too hard to support two people. The only cure would be delivery.
Then I spoke with the on-call OBGYN (because of course my doctor wasn’t available.🙄) and I asked him why I was staying pregnant if the cardiologist said that it was risking my health, when I’m already 36 weeks anyways? Like, if I went into labor right now it wouldn’t be an issue. And he basically told me “your health is not my issue, only your baby’s.” and that because baby was not in distress, they would not induce me. So I said okay that’s fine, what are we gonna do about me though? Like what can we do to fix me? And he kinda just shrugged like “not my problem”. I was SO mad at how rude he was. There was more to this exchange but it honestly just angers me so I’m going to omit that. 😒
I see my regular doctor on Wednesday. I’ll see if he has any advice for me. 🙄