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I imagine Hange got too nervous and too drunk and of course Levi is too fucking romantically awkward to understand subtlety so it was a disaster

but they both know already so whatever (they’ll just wake up in the morning and pretend the entire conversation never happened anyway)


@ TD Garden, Boston | 07/03/2012

I’m not putting art out there first and thinking, ‘I wonder if this is going to help people.’ My motivation is that I’m stepping out first. I’m saying, ‘I don’t get this, I need help, I have fallen short of understanding the point.’ If that helps people, that’s good. It also helps me to be able to say that.
—  tyler joseph, ap magazine (april 2013)

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makoto + smiles

↳ specially for unkonageki​, Happy Birthday Fede! ♥ (23.2)

A Certain Romance(Acoustic)
  • A Certain Romance(Acoustic)
  • Arctic Monkeys
  • Straighten The Rudder
A Certain Romance(Studio Acoustic)
from Straighten The Rudder

"Don’t you know, oh it’s a funny thing you know
We’ll tell them if you like
We’ll tell them all tonight
They’ll never listen”


Have you ever been in a genocide? I have. 

The Tenth Doctor in front of the TARDIS

I love that sticky-up hair and those mournful doe-eyes.

Happy Tennant Tuesday (or whatever day it is when you happen to stumble across this post)

Conversation I just had with my dad
  • Me:Dad, do you remember Naruto? The manga I followed for seven years?
  • Dad:You made me buy all the volumes.
  • Me:Yeah this one. Well, it's over. It's been a week now.
  • Dad:It's over? How did it end, he killed the hero?
  • Me:Nah. He resolved one of the main conflict... ish. And he did a flash foward to see all the heroes as parents.
  • Dad:Well a normal ending then.
  • Me:As normal as marrying a girl he talked with 3 times instead of the girl he said he loved for the 15 years of the manga publication, who married the hero's best friend who abused her. It was bullshit imo.
  • Dad:You mean, like Han and Leia in Star Wars?
  • Me:Nah. Like, he tried to kill her multiple times just because she was annoying him.
  • Dad:..... He's a friend of the hero but he's a bad guy?
  • Me:... To make it easy, it's the most complicated character. He was more or less an antagonist but he was the hero's bestfriend. He was blinded by revenge and after the first part of the manga, he runs away and tries to accomplish it by cutting his bonds with his friends. Then the manga is basically about how the hero is looking for him.
  • Dad:That's cool, a good story about friendship then!
  • Me:Yeah, two soulmates. Don't look at me like that, they are called Soulmates in the manga.
  • Dad:In my time it wasn't a word we use for friends....
  • Me:Well I don't know, just as fact the hero gets excited when he learns that he's compatible with his friend because "only wind can save fire from dying" or how he did a panic attack when he thought his friend was in danger.
  • Dad:..... Are you sure they are not gay? Because I think the two girls got screwed here.

Happy 34th birthday,Joseph Gordon-Levitt !

Jonathan Toews and Viktor Stalkberg skating together into the sunset towards Corey Crawford after the WCF Game 1 win vs. L.A. on 6/1/13.

He finds her out on the balcony. Jackie popped out for groceries to make for dinner, mumbling something about a shepherd’s pie long owed. They’re all quiet, subdued, in the wake of their return to the right universe. Jackie seems shell-shocked and on the edge of breaking and he thinks he’ll confine himself to the TARDIS tonight lest he overhear her crack. That seems too private a thing for the relationship they have.

 Rose retreated after she cried herself out and he let her, tinkering to keep himself busy, but when he emerged Jackie was leaving and she was nowhere to be seen. He made tea and went to look. The flat is small and it only took a moment to see her silhouetted by harsh street lamps

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i had a dream that we could fly. 

There is so little light from the warmth of the sun.

So this is part 2 to “I woke hard. I woke heavy.” if you haven’t read that yet it can be found here

This is significantly shorter than the first part and I apologize that it’s taken this long for me to finish it. But I think I’ve finally gotten it to a point where I don’t completely hate it. I’m a bit nervous to post this as I’m feeling like part 1 is a hard act to follow, but hopefully you all will enjoy this part as well.

It looks like there will be around 6 or 7 parts to this AU I’ve got going on. And it looks like each title will come from a James Vincent McMorrow song off of his album “Post Tropical”. Highly recommended, it’s full of complete tunes. This weeks title and song rec is: 'Outside, Digging’. 

Also, I just wanted to say thank you for all of the likes, reblogs, kind comments, and overall support everyone has given me. Honestly, this fandom is the best fandom that I’ve ever had the honor of being a part of. I’d give you all lots of hugs and chocolate cookies if I could (or whatever type of cookie is your favorite.)

tagging these lovely folks who asked: thecrushingblack madfatty thehousefinch tzmufasa arashian-emu @snazzy-fit

if you’d like to be tagged as well for the upcoming parts, just let me know :) 

Anyways, hope you enjoy.

It’s been two hours since they forced him from the hospital and Finn hasn’t said a word. He knows it must scare them, but he can’t bring himself to care.

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