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Headcanons about Stonathan's height difference.

•Jonathan wanting something from a high cabinet in the kitchen but he can’t reach it. He spends 10 minutes jumping and climbing on chairs to try and get what he wants. When he finally gives up he asks Steve to help him out and Steve doesn’t even have to stretch his arm to reach it.

•Jonathan trying to give Steve a kiss goodbye when he goes to leave his house. But he can’t reach his lips so he gets on his tip toes to do it.

•The same type of kiss but instead of Jonathan having to struggle. Steve grabs him by the waist and lifts him up to give him a peck on the lips. Jonathan is oozing shyness by now.

•Wearing each other’s shirts to bed, Steve’s shirt looks like a dress on Jonathan and Jonathan’s shirt looks like a crop top on Steve.

•When they hug Steve’s chin rests on the top of Jonathan’s head. Jonathan buries his face into Steve’s neck and they just stay like that forever. Jonathan loves the smell of Steve’s strong cologne. Steve loves the simple feeling of somebody caring for him enough to embrace him.

•Steve carrying Jonathan on his shoulders when Jon sees something like a bird in a tree and wants to take a picture of it.

•Joyce wanting pictures during Christmas of the two love birds. So Steve has to bend down to match Jonathan’s height.

•Sometimes Jon has to stand on something to look even remotely as tall as Steve in pictures.

•Steve and Jonathan getting into an argument and not talking for a few hours. Jon gets bored not hearing his boyfriend’s smart remarks or flirty pickup lines so he tries to apologize. Steve is too pissed to even talk so he keeps his back turned towards Jonathan. Not knowing what else to do, Jon steps behind the tall figure and raps his arms around Steve’s torso. He rests his head on the boy’s shoulder. This usually makes Steve blush and they’re good by the end of the day.


•Steve giving Jonathan the nickname “Shorty.” and Jon takes offense to that and calls Steve “Green Giant.”

guys as much as i love zimbits and how totally whipped jack is for bitty, you gotta remember how important shitty is to jack, too

  • shitty has always been there. i see these posts all like “bitty is the only person jack can be himself around” and i just?? no?? 
  • jack and shitty met just a year after jack’s overdose. at that point in time, jack had no one. his parents loved him but there was still so much pressure. kent and him weren’t speaking. and now here he is, in this brand new place, knowing absolutely no one 
  • being mentally ill and alone is not a good combination, either. it’s easy to get lost in your head, to go right back to harmful behaviors or even to start new ones 
  • but then shitty came along. shitty, who was loud and funny and who everyone loved. who didn’t give two shits about what others had to say. who was as outwardly passionate as jack felt inside 
  • and i don’t know how they became friends exactly, but I bet they just gravitated towards each other naturally (or, more accurately, jack followed shitty around until he took pity on the guy and asked if he wanted to hang out sometime) 
  • jack isn’t good at making friends. he’s quiet and awkward and likes watching history documentaries more than going to parties. he’s got his moods, and he’s not exactly the friendliest person. 
  • but shitty doesn’t care. he sees jack for who he really is, sees how hard he’s trying to find his place again. he doesn’t care about his name, doesn’t care about his past or the scars it left.
  • and jack just. he can’t believe this. he can’t believe he’s found someone who is willing to love him, even though he thinks he’s too fucked up for anything like that again. 
  • they grow really, really close. shitty gets weirder, jack opens up more. jack learns to be more friendly with others, but even as he makes friends with the other boys on the team, it’s nothing like what he has with shitty. 
  • because shitty is his best friend. and jack is shitty’s. they’ve seen each other laugh and cry and stoned while being but-ass naked (well, that one is mainly shitty) 
  • they probably have like. so many inside jokes. there will be a pair of broken sunglasses on the counter and they’ll just look at each other and bust up laughing and everyone else is just like. u guys okay.
  • imagine how many bad nights shitty’s helped jack through. how many times he’s been the one to hold him after a game, after the media takes another hit at jack. how shitty will lay with him or offer him a joint or even just ramble on about who knows what until jack can think straight again 
  • and same with jack, too. jack’s probably indulged shitty and spooned with him when he cries about his family. told him it doesn’t matter, they’re obviously shit if they can’t treat shitty right. lets shitty yell and punch and just lose it when it gets to be too much. 
  • and oh god the platonic flirting!! jack probably has such bad body image from growing up as a not-very-pretty chubby kid with actual model parents
  • and shitty just totally annihilates any bad feelings, loudly claiming things like “jack zimmermann’s cheek bones could cut glass. seriously. i had to get 4 stitches last time i touched his face.” and jack never says it but he loves it so much okay 
  • and don’t even think for ONE second keeping his relationship with bitty from shitty isn’t killing jack inside. I bet he’s the first person they tell. Because Shitty is Jack’s better half, the person who’s been there for him through everything, and the fact that he can’t share this new wonderful thing with him is torture. 

tldr; platonic relationships are consistently overlooked and undervalued and shitty and jack have been in love long before bitty came along

Rant time: Taekook

I’m about to go on a long rant about Taekook. So if you’re not a taekook/Vkook shipper please spare me. Recently, a lot of people (including Taekook shippers) complains about their lack of interactions and how they’re so dead and not close anymore. Even I hated on big(s)hit for a while for not letting Tae and Kook do stuff together. But now I wonder why? Why is that Vkook are not paired together much for while? Especially because if Bighit wanted they could’ve used Taekook for fan service considering they’re one of the most popular ship of BTS and Tae and JK are two of the most popular members. It’s not like Tae and Kookie doesn’t get along in real life so why not put them together in Bangtan bombs and more photo shoots and pair them in mvs and stuff? I even noticed that often whenever Tae and Kookie does something, it gets edited out from the actual episode/clip. For example, a lot of their Bon voyage moments were not in the episodes itself but in behind the scene stuff that a lot of people probably don’t watch. Honestly, I’m nobody to insinuate anything but as a big Vkook shipper, I just really wonder sometimes. Especially when they have some really intimate moments caught on fancams that are just hard to explain. Like what the heck is going on here. Hello. Excuse me. And don’t even get me started on their stares. They stare for so long, it’s not even funny. I think I read somewhere that “eye contact for more than 6 seconds means sex or murder” and frankly, I don’t think they wanna kill each other as of yet. Lmao.

On the other hand, I have noticed few times Kookie can’t even look Tae in the eyes and blushes so much around him. For example, during Bon voyage when they did the dumb and dumber thing and Kookie made eye contact with Tae and like looked away so fast and Tae’s lil blush/smile. Also, recently when Jimin said to make the “Saw Jungkook” expression with the wand and JK was like “why do you have expression like that for me?” and again both blushed. Another one is during the fansign when Tae held Kook’s hand/confronted him after the feeding chips incident, Kookie couldn’t even look him in the eye and blushed so hard. I’m sure Tae was blushing too though we couldn’t really see his expression.

Also recently, did you see the way Kookie cried when Tae was speaking about his grandma. I mean I’m sure he loves all his hyungs and would tear up for them too most likely but those big tears were no joke. He kept his head down the whole time too. It also reminds of me the time during Bon voyage when Tae and Jin had that fake fight over the lost passport, if you notice Kook’s expression. He looked like he was gonna cry or something. And that iconic Taekook moment when they had that backstage fight and Yoongi pushed JK’s hand from Tae and JK walked over to the other side. He looked like he was gonna cry soon. Basically, I mean everything related to Taehyung (his pain, fights with him etc).. everything related to Tae affects Jungkook so much. I’m yet to see that kind of reaction from Kookie for other member.

I would also like to add that some Vkook shippers are so worried because they think they’re not close anymore and Tae is friends with Minho/Bogum and god knows how many other men. But do you seriously think Tae would ever choose any of them over Kookie. Like calm down. Tae and Kook grew up together. They live together. Work together. See each other 24/7. THEY ARE FREAKING FAMILY. No other friend can replace Kookie’s place in Tae’s life. He loves Kookie in whatever way you see it (romantic or not). I know some people think Tae does not love Kook as much or it’s one-sided crap. But I am a firm believer that Tae loves Kook more than he shows. He truly cares for him and tries his best to protect him. Remember that one time he looked at the camera and said he’ll protect the maknae. It’s because Tae is always so goofy and cute, I think some people don’t take him seriously and don’t think Tae cares like that for anyone. But I believe Tae has a really serious side that gets affected when Kookie is hurt and he secretly cares for him.

And to Taekook antis, if you have read this far avoiding the warning at the beginning, please don’t leave nasty comments about how Taekook shippers (including me) are larries and shit, if bighit won’t give me any Taekook than I’ll even look into their breathing pattern and eye movement to find a moment. Don’t be a cockyass bitch just because your otp have a lot of moments now. And if you’re one of those sane, and level-headed person that are not into ships, then please appreciate taekook as friends/hyung-dongsaeng and don’t think people that ship them in a romantic way are any less than you. Everyone has different preferences. Thank you everyone, have a nice day. AND TAEKOOK RISE AGAIN SOON.. BEFORE THIS DROUGHT KILLS ME.

Yuri!!! On Ice is a breath of fresh air

Generally, sports anime have this certain formula. 

High School Kids + National Title (and sometimes some batshit insane moves that can’t be done in real life), basically. 

But Yuri!!! On Ice? A breath of fresh air that broke down boundaries like a wrecking ball. 

It’s very limited that you see adult protagonists in a sports anime, but here we have Yuuri Katsuki, twenty-four, generally relatable. He has anxiety, he has self-confidence issues and the anime staff addresses each of his issues in such a real and relatable way that I almost forgot it was anime. 

The progress of their relationship? The pinning? The awkwardness to the confidence? To the tender looks of just unwavering love and support from both Victor and Yuuri? What I love most is that both Victor and Yuuri are adults and through the season, we’ve seen them talk in their relationship like adults. We didn’t get that frustrating misunderstandings (granted we were given cliffhangers of death twice).  I’ve never seen anything so beautiful especially in a sports anime. 

The skating? Per-fucking-fect. I love how it was just figure skating and not some add on moves that can’t be done in real life. I love how it was realistic down to the last detail. How we all (to some t ) got our representation. 

So yeah, am I in love with Yuri!!! On Ice? You bet I fucking am. 

I can breathe because Yuri!!! on Ice wasn’t what I expected, it was more than my expectations and I am pleasantly surprised. I didn’t think I could love something as much as I did with Yuri!!! on Ice And as much as I hate to compare myself to Victor, he’s right. It gave me life and love. 

Well done Kubo and Yuri!!! on Ice staff. 

Thank you. 

The Signs As Questions That Keep People Up at Night

Aries: Is finding purpose in a purposeless existence really even worth it?

Taurus: When you are nearing death, will you be able to face it knowing you’ve done all you could or will you face it with regrets and childlike fear?

Gemini: Are you prepared for how much it will hurt when your love leaves you?

Cancer: What will you do when your parents die?

Leo: When your pet dies, will you be strong enough to be there to comfort them?

Virgo: Is what you have chosen to do something that you will actually succeed at?

Libra: Which of your friends will die before you tell them how much you love them?

Scorpio: Will you ever stop hurting?

Sagittarius: Do you think that, broken as you are, you could be a parent and love a child unconditionally?

Capricorn: do u eat ass

Aquarius: What would your friends and family say and do if you died tomorrow?

Pisces: would you fuck Bowser but like if, you had to eat his ass first which i mean is a bit of a deal breaker for some but

Inktober Day 17: Battle

This is partially a commentary on the nature of mental illness, but this post by @multsicorn is also relevant.

no offense but tbh i would probably fight the girl who blew off smol steve in the beginning of catfa like ik bucky is one heck of a dreamboat but listen to me. smol steve was such a catch??? like here u have this genuinely whole hearted lil muffin who is attractive as to heck and yet???? only 2 ppl fell in love w him at that time???? sorry sounds fake to me????? and ig rly the jokes on her bc he literally becomes captain america but still??? how did more people not fall in love w him??? why did so many ppl sleep on pre-serum steve????